Owner Laughs As Gordon Throws Up In The Toilet | Kitchen Nightmares

Thank Nino that red velvet was there.
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  • I tryed this meal here 1 day later i was throwing up every 00.1 sec

    Luka DogooLuka Dogoo3 hours ago
  • Even my dog wouldn’t eat that

    Amelia LowdenAmelia Lowden15 hours ago
  • Those "chitlins" look like throw up, with cat shit on top 🤢🤮😷

    Don P.Don P.18 hours ago
  • 0:03 Wtf?

    DarklingGolemDarklingGolemDay ago
    • I hope she is being sarcastic. PLEASE

      Oshe ShangoOshe ShangoDay ago
  • Me: see sh+tiles Also me: whiskers (my cat don’t judge) are you a god and somehow teleported over there and threw up a brown wet hairball in Gordon plate!

    Jordan MorochoJordan MorochoDay ago
  • Those things on top look like two turds

    Ava’s WorldAva’s WorldDay ago
  • I would be afraid to eat that cake after throwing up

    5ANA5ANADay ago
  • All Gordon’s fault. I wouldn’t even eat a burger at McDonalds if cooked by a black dude or lady. They don’t practice proper hygiene.

    Aj RAj RDay ago
    • That's ridiculous to even suggest, because their mother made that velvet cake properly and she is Black. Don't be an asshole.

      Oshe ShangoOshe ShangoDay ago
  • 2:18 *smooch* Wow.

    Brendan DownumBrendan DownumDay ago
    • @Oshe Shango Of course there is nothing wrong with it, I think it is very wholesome and sweet. I'm glad he enjoyed her food. I think some of Gordon's moments like that are funny but it seems you lack a sense of humor.

      Brendan DownumBrendan Downum22 hours ago
    • Nothing wrong with kissing an old lady on the cheek. She's old enough to be his mother. It's a sign of respect and unconditional love. What did you want him to do? Fist bump her?

      Oshe ShangoOshe ShangoDay ago
  • Gordon has seriously something up with old ladies and children

    yolpa 1234yolpa 1234Day ago
  • What episode is this ?

    Cat AsmrCat Asmr2 days ago

    ZartyxZartyx4 days ago
  • gordon’s kisses be so moist 😂😂😂😂

    Ryan DroubiRyan Droubi4 days ago
  • Owner laughs as NINOOOO shows picture of him laying a dead mouse infront of the entrance.

    1DarkAndroid18171DarkAndroid18175 days ago
  • When shes laughing you can tell internally shes saying: *Oh $h!t oh $h!t, oh $h!t*

    Ihsaan MiahIhsaan Miah5 days ago
    • Her crying sounds like laughing.

      Oshe ShangoOshe ShangoDay ago
  • The only good thing is Mama Mary's desserts.

    Ella McCuskerElla McCusker5 days ago
  • I want some red velvet cake now-

    Dead SilencexDead Silencex6 days ago
  • Did you all noticed that gordon always like the foods of mums😅

    Disaster GamingDisaster Gaming6 days ago
    • NOT all the time! Some of the episodes, the moms were crazy.

      Oshe ShangoOshe ShangoDay ago
  • Chitterlings in the microwave 😬👀🎈💀

    Susan DunnSusan Dunn7 days ago
  • "If we get one out of three, we might be all right" Me taking my SAT test

    AnitaLuvsBeautyAnitaLuvsBeauty7 days ago
  • And I'm the only one who thinks ( and probably people or going to call me racist I don't care..) that it's really rare to find a good restaurant owned by African american....

    frank hermofrank hermo7 days ago
  • Finally, some good fucking food

    Ayan MusheerAyan Musheer9 days ago
  • Shally-: i am the best cook Granny-: hold my cooking experience

    savage playersavage player9 days ago
  • slavery ended in the south, there is absolutely no reason for people to still eat chits.

    JJ10 days ago
  • i thought he would chitlins as shitlins

    YoungMad LadYoungMad Lad10 days ago
  • The one time someone opened a container of "chitlins" inside their home to clean and cook, I had to go outside and lie down in the fresh air. My knees were weak and stomach queasy. For anyone who let those pig intestines pass through their lips and down their digestive tract, you are one strong and mighty being. I commend you

    Eka P. WildflowerEka P. Wildflower10 days ago
  • Thank Nino that the red velvet was there!

    The NecromancerThe Necromancer10 days ago
  • She laughed i will do the same

    Bloom mingBloom ming11 days ago
  • 1:27 She’s acting as if it’s a good thing. If I had a restaurant and he threw up because of my food I’d go on ahead and shut the place down before you need Gordon Ramsay to get up there and tell you to SHUT IT DOWN 1:42 So.. Is the soul food meant to make him vomit out

    Roblo RobloxRoblo Roblox11 days ago
  • this place closed down not even a year after he went there

    Mary RobinsonMary Robinson11 days ago
  • Funny yoooo he funny asf

    Bmore JD squadBmore JD squad11 days ago
  • The fucks a chitlit

    FF5615FF561511 days ago
  • Momma Mary is so nice and I hope she is happy right now and always will be

    Daniel NevinDaniel Nevin12 days ago
  • 0:05 look at his haircut hahah

    Leon RydinLeon Rydin12 days ago
    • Male pattern baldness is not funny, keep laughing and you might get karma.

      Oshe ShangoOshe Shango23 hours ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Daniel NevinDaniel Nevin12 days ago
  • How people throw up: Bllugggghh How Gordon throws up: Dear oh dear, that's absolutely shit, **cough**

    Great Goblin of Goblin TownGreat Goblin of Goblin Town12 days ago
  • Sockie Norris be like to that chef: *HOW DARE YOU*

    Star DustStar Dust12 days ago
  • It looked like they planned that so Gordon would throw up.

    Nav La God [old]Nav La God [old]12 days ago
  • This restaurant had such potential but zero leadership. That is why it failed in the end.

    William MWilliam M12 days ago
    • The lady must be on that Joker gas, because everything is funny and the chefs are just like um...........

      Oshe ShangoOshe Shango23 hours ago
  • Why are grandma's so good at cooking?

    TenThunder JTenThunder J12 days ago
    • Because they are old school, no coddling when they grew up. If those dishes have a spot of dirt on it, u getting whacked boy.

      Oshe ShangoOshe Shango23 hours ago
  • 1:16 1:21 1:28 1:40

    BashanSandersRockstarchannelBashanSandersRockstarchannel12 days ago
  • On my god that's the most disgusting thing I've seen on KN. Please tell me she cleans them before she cooks them?

    Nicholas PrakashNicholas Prakash12 days ago
  • Episode?

    Beshoy SaadBeshoy Saad12 days ago
  • i see a witch

    Kin Ho Jeffrey KWONGKin Ho Jeffrey KWONG13 days ago
    • I see somebody who needs serious help. Like bruh you are not the Emperor, you are a restuarant owner.

      Oshe ShangoOshe Shango23 hours ago
  • Why is she laughing? I would be inveroused if my cooking sent someone to vomit. None of my cooking has made anyone throw up, ever!

    Vanessa BayardoVanessa Bayardo13 days ago
  • That's not soul food, that shit would send your soul to Hell.

    Snackasmversion2Snackasmversion214 days ago
  • You're laughing..... Gordon Ramsay's in the bathroom throwing up and you're laughing....

    Ahmed HablizaAhmed Habliza14 days ago
  • 2:12 and there it is

    69 *laughter*69 *laughter*14 days ago
  • Shitlins.

    Simone PardeeSimone Pardee15 days ago
  • im not trying to be rude bUt tHe cHiTLiNs LoOkS LiKe sHiT oNtOp oF vOmiT

    Lunatic Loves IcecreamLunatic Loves Icecream15 days ago
  • read the description: Thank Nino the red velvet was there.

    sasaki.sasaki.15 days ago
  • When that lady wanted Gordon to kiss her I was expecting *nope*

    Rasp RemyRasp Remy15 days ago
  • I must be the only one who read the description. Either that or you're all just ignoring the fucking Nino reference.

    Kendra PenderKendra Pender15 days ago
  • Oh the theatrics.

    John DevonJohn Devon15 days ago
  • Hes still eating after that!!!

    amazing pugsamazing pugs15 days ago
  • "Shitlins" lmao

    CrystalWolf 7678CrystalWolf 767815 days ago
  • Bro the elderly warmed my heart 🥺🥺

    Ight imma head outIght imma head out15 days ago
  • Poor Gordon😣

    Jameika McravinJameika Mcravin15 days ago
  • I didn’t know planet fitness served food

    Megan GMegan G15 days ago
  • Chitlins Look Like A Dog Vomited And Took A *MASSIVE* *SHIT* On A Plate

    Low Key ToxtricityLow Key Toxtricity16 days ago
  • 2:40 I’m scared, I went I went I’m scared of Ramsay

    FcGamer_Playz 05FcGamer_Playz 0516 days ago