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  • 10:50 I've tried to accomplish what this man has but failed many many times. It pains me to know I have lost this battle. He is truly a mad lad. I salute you *salutes holding back tears*

    Matty BoiMatty Boi18 days ago
    • @octo star how???

      thebo22 raythebo22 ray10 days ago
    • @2EXTREME2008 Uhm, you don't have to be poor. Many to most supermarkets in Europe have this, even the 'richer' stores.

      Aaricia // zeepaardenAaricia // zeepaarden11 days ago
    • @Charbacca 453 Your not serious right

      Doomguy 6 21 3 11Doomguy 6 21 3 1113 days ago
    • Ha Aldi’s gets to suffer

      Arctic Fox FanArctic Fox Fan14 days ago
    • i just need that one quarter man

      LumbrubLumbrub14 days ago
  • The joe thing says: still good friends, always be loyal.

    Jumin Is mineJumin Is mine5 hours ago
  • Oh no no

    A adpocalypse Raider in the Noahsnoah armyA adpocalypse Raider in the Noahsnoah army6 hours ago
  • As a former 7th grader that watched the outsiders I approve of you calling it a good movie

    Waltonmg TVWaltonmg TV6 hours ago
  • Emkay 4:51 it's Minecraft 1.5.2

    Baloonboy 254Baloonboy 2547 hours ago
  • I just realized there are two dudes at Emkay... Opinion Zach

    UniversalUniversal8 hours ago
  • 10:54 the mad lad moment is he rigged the carts where you put a quarter in the slot so nobody steals the cart

    ScrooterScrooter9 hours ago
  • How come nobody noticed the jayne hat on the axe guy? (firefly) he`s the hero of Canton!

    Randal SchattenfalkeRandal Schattenfalke22 hours ago
  • Pfff weakling, failed at 3:20. I ended my suffering at 1am nov 1

    Lord KermitLord KermitDay ago
  • I failed No Nut November literally on the last day at like 11:00

    PumpkinPumpkinDay ago
  • 10:57 They locked the trolley into itself, that's what's happening

    ChasmaHyenaChasmaHyenaDay ago
  • ok so the "shopping cart cup Holder" thing is actually the chain that binds the carts together and so my and my lil bro used to do that and wrap the chain aroun the thingly like that... usproject.info/it/video/pG67q3akw6hkdag

    AG Wolfie NightcoreAG Wolfie Nightcore2 days ago
  • The battleaxe dude from Michigan, did noone else notice the Jayne hat? Of course a Browncoat did that, because he's not afraid of anything.

    Becca VossBecca Voss2 days ago
  • Battle axe

    MrBunanaYTMrBunanaYT2 days ago
  • 10:38 I haven’t used these in years and yet I still have my designated quarter

    Aiden WalkerAiden Walker3 days ago
  • I once took a chair from school. I, in the middle of class was unscrewing the legs so i could take it out easier and SOMEHOW no one noticed

    Super VegitoSuper Vegito3 days ago
  • Emkay: When you turn 21... I'm sorry, is this some sort of american joke that I'm too european to understand?

    Alp Tuna TuncerAlp Tuna Tuncer3 days ago
  • My favorite one in this video is in 6:58 Chonkr

    Jayaratne BatepolaJayaratne Batepola3 days ago
  • GOT OIL? red white and blue is comin for u

    RedRed4 days ago
  • On the one at 10:55, it is not supposed to do that, you must put in a quarter just to use the cart, like at Aldi's.

  • 3:29 "Still good friends. Always be loyal.

    CatchyPompano 49CatchyPompano 494 days ago
  • Ah ha ha A ha ha Ah ha ha

    Jillian DonoghueJillian Donoghue4 days ago
  • 3:34 the last word is loyal. "Still good friends Always be loyal"

    Odd PotterheadOdd Potterhead4 days ago
  • Thanks for the parenting tip

    Dexter NewmanDexter Newman4 days ago
  • K

    C cnd DndjdjjdC cnd Dndjdjjd4 days ago
  • 3:32 I read "Still Sood Juans Alump be loyal!" I have no idea what it means but okay

    · Sakura Edits ·· Sakura Edits ·4 days ago
  • God I love Damien's laugh

    Riddle Me FishRiddle Me Fish5 days ago
  • Uhhh I’m pretty sure 3:00am is the devils hour and 12:00 is witching hour H M

    Whitefang 73005Whitefang 730055 days ago
  • 13:15 its an alien character from lost in space... the 'multiple tails' are his cut off upper body looking for its legs... its a sick fucking piece, goddamn

    Lucas PossnienLucas Possnien5 days ago
  • 2000 kids are not millennials they are generation Z get it right

    Dakota CoeDakota Coe5 days ago
  • Still good friends always be loyal

    Asuna SaoAsuna Sao6 days ago
  • ITS 11/30/19 almost beat NNN

    Lunala Games!!!Lunala Games!!!6 days ago
  • I failed at 12:00:01

    Franklin Delano RooseveltFranklin Delano Roosevelt6 days ago
  • My mom did the same thing with my sister. Minus calling her a horrible daughter. She threw a tantrum when she did at home, and again while at a grocery store. My sister never threw a tantrum since.

    Summer OwlSummer Owl6 days ago
  • I’m to sad to actually laugh at this I’m sorry

    Cramberry-leemon ColaCramberry-leemon Cola6 days ago
    • God damn.. same man

      YourCorvusYourCorvus2 days ago
  • 0:36 There was this rusty table in the back of my class and one of it's leg broke off. My friend brought it home, snd he still have it.

    •[]• YöoMişs Dėmøn •[]••[]• YöoMişs Dėmøn •[]•6 days ago
  • ah yes, the good old shit in the chimney trick 6:34

    FrickFrick6 days ago
  • Outsiders is a good movie, liked the book better. Sodapop is always gonna be my favorite.

    - Cup of Silver Stars -- Cup of Silver Stars -6 days ago
  • 3:12 probably born in Florida

    Fire RavenFire Raven6 days ago

    Dat smol beanDat smol bean6 days ago