Reacting To My Own Birth

NOT GRAPHIC. Safe to watch at work. Safe to watch at home. Safe to watch on a first date. Not safe to watch while driving though. I'll call the Po Po on you if u watch while cruisin.
Please show me YOUR birth! I'd love to see it.
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  • Instantly cried at your dad's singing. Oh my gosh

    TaraTara10 hours ago
  • kywet awwww

    Bice PortinariBice Portinari12 hours ago

    StinkyStinky12 hours ago
  • It's my first time seeing a mom giving birth to Micarah *with chewing gum.*

    Catherine Lopez Citi Global Sales ConsultantCatherine Lopez Citi Global Sales Consultant12 hours ago
  • I watched all your videos in 3 days and now I really want to sew everything I wear forever! Love your energy and I saw Micah's videos and you are so right about him being so smart and talented! You've such an interesting and engaging family! Love and hugs from India❤️

    Debadrita GuptaDebadrita Gupta15 hours ago
  • Micah really said *hug* *S H O V E*

    BryedabryeBryedabrye15 hours ago
  • Micah really said *hug* *S H O V E*

    BryedabryeBryedabrye15 hours ago
  • Micarah Tewers, I love the clothing you make!😍 have you ever heard of violet evergarden??? You should try to make a full costume of the character violet evergarden 😃

    Jack NobodyJack Nobody17 hours ago
  • Give us original content ! No one : Micarah : Reacts to her own birth ! Haha We love you Micarah ! Thank you for making us laugh all the time 🧡

    yesyzameyesyzame17 hours ago
  • micarah: * was literally brought into existence * micarah's dad: look at that beautiful parking lot

    hen kohen ko17 hours ago
  • There watching honey I blew up the baby I think I’m not sure hmmmm anyway hiiiiiii

    SpicyBow 74SpicyBow 7418 hours ago
  • Are you still working on that gramma project? Cause imma dm you my favorite picture of my gramma

    Carrie LaoCarrie Lao19 hours ago
    • Its a blue baby

      hen kohen ko17 hours ago
  • NEVER CLOSED WHY THEY NOT GIVE US OUR WISDOM TEETH TO WATCH ANOTHER VIDEO (fun fact, I was watchin’ that video in speed 2x ‘cause it was so slow, when I opened this, Micarah started like: heekcofjdbxhhee de befhcjne fxibee e bith )

    _xXSimoXz__xXSimoXz_19 hours ago
  • Yo this nurse is so fucking rough my god!

    Ashley GillespieAshley Gillespie20 hours ago
  • Your dad is sooo sweet and wholesome, your family is amazing

    Educated WaffleEducated Waffle22 hours ago
  • I’m a little late but Happy Birthday Micarah

    Educated WaffleEducated Waffle22 hours ago
  • Can you make belles dress next? She one of my fav princesses and I feel like it would be fun to watch!

    Ari ProductionsAri Productions23 hours ago
  • im in love with your dad

    Luisa FernandaLuisa FernandaDay ago
  • You should recreate looks from "Hello, Dolly!"

    Lil PotatoLil PotatoDay ago
  • I'm just gonna watch this again, don't mind me.

  • Nurses have to do an apgar score at certain times. That's why they do that. They also are kinda rough because the lungs are full of fluids and need it out. Everything done was done correctly and purposefully.

    Kris HKris HDay ago
  • Wow this makes me wish i had a sad ://

    •Sewcute••Sewcute•Day ago
  • Why did I click on this

    Macy PMacy PDay ago
  • AHH I wanna find a pic of one of my grandmothers and send it to you but I dont wanna make an instagram... please make an email for fanmail! (I finally subscribed after watching for a month, you rock!)

    Jamie DeBruinJamie DeBruinDay ago
  • Your lips don’t look fake lol and i like your editing. Wish the birth of my child had been so easy lol i also only got to hold him for like 2 seconds before they took him to do all that stuff. My mom somehow got a picture though and we both look miserable 😂

    Katrina DKatrina DDay ago
  • Your dad might be the sweetest man on earth

    BlueyBlueyDay ago
  • Its a blue baby

    Sky ASky ADay ago
  • Love your videos and always enjoy when your lovely family is involved ... human and animals ❤️👍🏻 blessings from Germany to you :)

    GraceTurner86GraceTurner86Day ago
  • A uni- nostril..omg... so funny.

    sgussysgussyDay ago
  • Anyone else notice how Micarah's dad looks like the generic 90s dad with the mustache and glasses and everything? I feel like he'd say "no, I'm dad" 😂

    JoannaJoannaDay ago
  • "what are you gonna do? Fax me?"😂😂

    VictoriaVictoriaDay ago

    zoowtjuhzoowtjuhDay ago
    • I’m sorry but I paused the video at the beginning and you… look like a drunk rich girl. Another awkward paused moment.

      JoannaJoannaDay ago
  • You're amazing

    GaiadottirGaiadottirDay ago

    Fl0ricssFl0ricssDay ago
  • No ones gonna talk about how her grandma was like, you're not even gonna cry, are you? And Micarah was like, I would never cry with you grandma and then she looked up

    Autumn MitchellAutumn MitchellDay ago
  • Dang Micarah your dad can sing! 😮

    G MG MDay ago
  • There's water coming out of my eyes when your dad sang. This is too pure.

    Hannah AbrilHannah AbrilDay ago
  • You should get a new rv

    World of 3dWorld of 3dDay ago
  • I’ve got cancer

    jujuayzjujuayzDay ago
  • I was born in the 1970s, I have no idea about my birth and probably have only seen 5 infant pics of me! Different world nowadays!

    mkptrsnmkptrsnDay ago
  • in your next video make yourself chef Boyardee

    Aidan OwensAidan OwensDay ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="729">12:09</a> Omg is that child a tree? 😂

    Sarah FloydSarah FloydDay ago
  • Hi

    Mady BMady BDay ago
  • Well happy belated birthday!!😊🤗🥳🎊🎉

    Chrbiel Keisha villarChrbiel Keisha villarDay ago
  • The ointment thing that was put on her eyelids is erythromicin ointment, it is commonly given to newborns in order to prevent them from contracting sexually transmitted infection. Though it looks like the nurse is slashing her lids, it was actually greatly done. However, I've never seen someone so chill while giving birth. haha

    Ana BolismAna BolismDay ago
  • I had no idea you had more siblings

    Im shookethIm shookethDay ago
  • future: nope, we're still in quarantine...

    Fiona YangFiona YangDay ago
  • I’m sorry but I paused the video at the beginning and you… look like a drunk rich girl. Another awkward paused moment.

    Adolpha SelrahAdolpha SelrahDay ago
  • This video is fake. The baby is a paid actor

    ariaariaDay ago
  • We share the same birthday ;) !!!!

    Brenna ConwayBrenna ConwayDay ago
  • My parents lost all the footage of my birth (I was born May 31st 1995) I wish I could’ve had a chance to watch it 😔

    Miranda GrandeMiranda GrandeDay ago

    DemonicbeanDemonicbean2 days ago
  • OoOooOoOf

    Blueberry99Blueberry992 days ago
  • I almost cried when her dad sang for her

    Reanna ManskerReanna Mansker2 days ago
  • I am in the future at the moment and you can leave your house. This is really beautiful though. There are no baby pictures of some people. Great coverage! Bravo to all.

    MyOneBlack FriendMyOneBlack Friend2 days ago
  • First off: Your dad has a great voice! No reason to hate singing in front of people. Second: I am pretty sure your mom was talking about an epidural catheter....which would totally explain why she was soooo chill during delivery! I would bet that she had had non-epidural deliveries before (at least once, if not for all 3 of your siblings) and was super impressed by how much easier it was with the epidural and wanted everyone to know about it.

    Jenny FletcherJenny Fletcher2 days ago
    • Jenny Fletcher You are right about the epidural!! Micarah was my only birth that wasn't natural..and it was sooo different! I was VERY happy to have this experience. What she didn't include in her edit was me repeating over and over, " I can't believe you can have a baby like this!"

      Tewerskids MomTewerskids MomDay ago
  • This is the sign I needed to finally watch my birth as well😭

    Beauty via JaleahBeauty via Jaleah2 days ago
  • you are so cute and hilarious

    Tova HTova H2 days ago
  • I AM BEGGING you do a hand sewn dress 👗 I have a broken sewing machine in getting fixed and I really want u tooooooo

    Lily flowerLily flower2 days ago
  • i teared up during her dads singing :(

    Mik GMik G2 days ago

    Laura OliveiraLaura Oliveira2 days ago
  • You know, I discovered your channel like, three days ago and have binged all of them. You have thus inspired me to get rid of half my clothes, diy the other to make them cuter, finally get in shape, and then make a dress for my father's wedding. I have till like Halloween time to do so. But I want to thank you cause you're really inspiring

    Amia MarieAmia Marie2 days ago
  • Ha, they were watching ‘Honey, I Blew up the Kid’.

    Elizabeth JacksonElizabeth Jackson2 days ago
  • you and my grandma have the same birthday

    adrianna elizabethadrianna elizabeth2 days ago
  • i love all ur videos but this one is my favorite, its the best

    dounia belaiddounia belaid2 days ago
  • I’m with u Micah middle child sucks

    Storm !Storm !2 days ago
  • YO WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY WTFF I just found you like 2 days ago too!🤣 literally already obsessed with your channel so i mean it makes sense 🌸😂happy birthday bish I just turned 20!❤️❤️❤️

    Erica GutierrezErica Gutierrez2 days ago
  • Ok I this made me cry of joy, your fam is so sweet. Would watch “Keeping up with the Tewers” all day anyday

    amena kassoufamena kassouf2 days ago
  • That nurse tho .i think she was very rough.

    Nabeela WisalNabeela Wisal2 days ago
  • I saw that Instagram and I just hit yes because i didn’t hear what you said 😂😂😂😂

    Baby PocahontasBaby Pocahontas2 days ago
  • Your dad should put out parenting videos

    Tyra LaBornTyra LaBorn2 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="717">11:57</a> This pic look like painting

    K AlatwiK Alatwi2 days ago
  • I just realized you look like Catriona, the miss universe 2018

    Jade RVJade RV2 days ago
  • Mannn....I wish I had a video of me at birth

    Genesis OpokularbiGenesis Opokularbi2 days ago
  • Dear micarah, PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS.. I'VE WATCHED ALL OF THEM😭😭 PLEASE GIVE ME MORE!!! All the way from kerala.. with lots and lots of love❤️

    Karthika VinodKarthika Vinod2 days ago
  • For some reason I always thought you and Micah were twins haha thinking that’s where the names came from lol

    Julius TarotJulius Tarot2 days ago
  • Anyone else notice how Micarah's dad looks like the generic 90s dad with the mustache and glasses and everything? I feel like he'd say "no, I'm dad" 😂

    soinhu foitusoinhu foitu2 days ago
  • Your dad is SO GOOD at singing!!!! You can really see how much he loves you ❤️

    AlexisAlexis2 days ago
  • Wow, you have so many subscribers now!!! That's amazing! Cute video! 😊

    Alisa PuvalAlisa Puval2 days ago

      soinhu foitusoinhu foitu2 days ago
  • My mam was trying to cut my nails when I was a baby and accidentally cut the top of my finger off

    xX ItsMillyHannah XxxX ItsMillyHannah Xx2 days ago
    • xX ItsMillyHannah Xx She edited that out...I did the same thing to her! Lol

      Tewerskids MomTewerskids MomDay ago