Real Doctor Reacts to DOC MCSTUFFINS

You have been hounding me to watch this rockstar of a Doctor in action and boy is Doc McStuffins an absolute legend of a Doctor! This was surprisingly fun to watch.
Shoutout to the homie Z-DoggMD!
Check out his review here:
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Doc McStuffins / Real Doctor Reacts to Doc McStuffins . If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction series please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv show you'd like for me to review next. I love you all!
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  • is it true that after a doctor washes their hands they use their elbows to close the tap? my old school nurse told me that

    XFXF PlayzXFXF Playz2 minutes ago
  • I used to think it was Doc McMuffins. I’m not proud ok

    Ebony The PoodleEbony The Poodle36 minutes ago
  • Why do I feel like you'll be watching this atleast ONCE off camera

    SaraSong2653SaraSong2653Hour ago
  • Omg I miss watching this... I'm 11 so boo hoo

    Teztco MTeztco MHour ago
  • why are proude of doc. mcstufins congrats the creators

  • Me and my sis watched Doc McStuffins a lot and we love it. I'm like, yes. She ain't a doctor, she's a toy engineer. The only way she is a doctor is because she talks to the toys.

    The Spanish ArmadaThe Spanish ArmadaHour ago
  • Mmmmmmmmm no

    Luna playzLuna playz2 hours ago
  • He said dino

    Anthony tellezAnthony tellez2 hours ago
  • Please review the show Call The Midwife!! Season 4: episode 6 is a good one with actual medical issues and not just midwifery. 👍🏻👍🏻😄😄

    Dana ParkerDana Parker2 hours ago
  • the voice actor for the blue dinosaur is the voice actor for Choji in Naruto, just needed to say it

    RhythmicChip SarahRhythmicChip Sarah2 hours ago
  • *watches 10 minutes of a grown man watching a toddler show*

    Alex OstrzenskiAlex Ostrzenski2 hours ago
  • **you ruined my childhood!1!1**

    NotSkunkNotSkunk2 hours ago
  • Who else watched this show when you were kids 👇🏻👇🏻

    Marhian MagosMarhian Magos3 hours ago
  • 2:17 You called him a dinosaur(he is a dragon)

    Marhian MagosMarhian Magos3 hours ago
  • Wtf

    Julia BarnesJulia Barnes3 hours ago
  • Oi

    ΛƧΉ 2ΛƧΉ 24 hours ago
  • I actually use to love this show as a kid.

    Weekends ForevaWeekends Foreva4 hours ago
  • This is too cute and pure. I have been blessed

    Maura HarmsMaura Harms4 hours ago
  • Okay but who does Mike think needs to have the concept of a second opinion explained?

    Daniel BachiuDaniel Bachiu4 hours ago
  • Do pt.2

    Life of VickyLife of Vicky5 hours ago
  • I have the same birthday as Doctor Mike

    PenneyponPenneypon5 hours ago
  • I love how he's so serious

    Bear VlogsBear Vlogs5 hours ago
  • Just laughing at your reaction..🤩😂🤣

    Ocean DreamerOcean Dreamer5 hours ago
  • dinosaur? do you mean dragon? 😂

    • yenaax uwu •• yenaax uwu •5 hours ago
  • She is

    Rani TateRani Tate6 hours ago
  • Why did he look so absolutey depressed when the sick jack in the box appeared

    Ashley KeimAshley Keim7 hours ago
  • Nostalgia hit me like a train when I saw the title

    Galaxy's AdventuresGalaxy's Adventures8 hours ago
  • im in my careers in health class and when he said itis i was like THATS INFLAMMATION YO IM LEARNING THINGS IN HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    annie odearannie odear8 hours ago
  • ... wait how is this kid show so accurate...

    I’m a YetiI’m a Yeti8 hours ago
  • This is by far the best reaction video you made

    Keilyne SzulmanKeilyne Szulman8 hours ago
  • 2:16 HE'S A DRAGON!!

    skully317skully3179 hours ago
  • I remember this show was my childhood 😂

    ChocolateChipCookieChocolateChipCookie10 hours ago
  • oh my god.. i forgot.. this show..

    maya kmaya k11 hours ago
  • Dr Mike:Shirto Gear Stucking Syndrome DocMcStuffins: Can’t pop-itec Dr Mike: No! Hers is better then mine!

    Maisie & GracieMaisie & Gracie12 hours ago
  • Mike, you have a new competitor... DocMcStuffins

    Maisie & GracieMaisie & Gracie12 hours ago
  • QUESTION: Should you really only have 5-6 grams of salt (1 tsp) per day to be healthy?? I read that on a health blog but I obviously people can put inaccurate stuff in their blogs! Going along with that, the person also said *do not* add salt to food. Is this true?? I don't actually add much salt or seasonings most of the time anyway (I'm a pretty minimalist cook with seasonings, I like the natural flavors). But my fam, especially my mom LOVES salt. So obviously I'm concerned for her if this is true haha.

    Genassee CelineGenassee Celine13 hours ago
  • Anyone think the car sounds like mario

    Sugar CubeSugar Cube13 hours ago
  • Imagine calling a dragon a dinosaur when the wings are bigger than the face

    Doughnut the hamsterDoughnut the hamster13 hours ago
  • I watched this when I was little

    Jenz LJenz L15 hours ago
  • Its a dragon

    Thew Bloxy 2Thew Bloxy 215 hours ago
  • And when he was talking about the musculoskeletal i understand everything cuz i got 2 mistakes from my test and i studied rlly hard for that and im rlly proud of myself eye-

    I got BangtanI got Bangtan17 hours ago
  • Okay but that whole series was my whole childhood eye-

    I got BangtanI got Bangtan17 hours ago
  • Oh my god I remember always watching this cringey shizzels

    OmqItsChloeOmqItsChloe17 hours ago
    • Finally, someone admits that it’s cringey. Even though the concept is really nice

      Bryson SirusBryson Sirus9 hours ago
  • Doc McStuffins be like : ur all good Dr Mike be like : wat about his heart and lungs!!!!?????!!! Bro it's called OCD

    Simon TangSimon Tang17 hours ago
  • Watching this cartoon is my childhood sadly i dont watch it anymore,its not that I’m not interested in it anymore but ever since we had a more advanced tv i started watching youtube more than u know ahaha I will watch this again ahaha

    dont search me pleasedont search me please18 hours ago
  • I KNOW THIS EPISODE! I used to watch this show

    Itz FeliscaItz Felisca18 hours ago
  • mom i think i need a check up..

    Anthony SarangiloAnthony Sarangilo18 hours ago
  • i told my parents to buy disney channel cable for my 6 yr old nephew, when in reality I just really want to watch disney , im 22

    Kim LKim L20 hours ago
  • I used to love this show when i was 8 she taught me how to cut up toys

    Princxess JaePrincxess Jae20 hours ago
  • That dinosaur is not dinosaur its dragon

    Jocelyn CagampangJocelyn Cagampang21 hour ago
  • When a grown man gets excited about a cartoon. Lol.

    MCMC21 hour ago

    GaleAway77700GaleAway7770021 hour ago
  • CMy phone battery lasts longer than your r

    Family WordFamily Word23 hours ago
  • Hi Dr. Mike, I'm a new subscriber. I was wondering if I could suggest a new video: one where you read/review medical memoirs, such as "No Apparent Distress" by Rachel Pearson. I read this memoir in my medical humanities class. (IDK if u will read this, but if u do, that's gr8. It's just a suggestion)

    Andrianna LuAndrianna LuDay ago

    Sophie FineranSophie FineranDay ago
  • I love that he’s actually enjoying this

    Kiara LewisKiara LewisDay ago
  • I watched this show with my niece all the time, the one time I called Stuffy a dinosaur my niece got all up in my face and yelled "STUFFY IS NOT A DINOSAUR HE IS A DRAGON"😂

    Destiny WilcoxDestiny WilcoxDay ago
  • This guys smile and eyes just makes me happy...

    memo Amemo ADay ago
  • I had 4 cavities.

    Demi PlaysDemi PlaysDay ago
  • 2:15 um that's a dragon 😬

    Trista uwuTrista uwuDay ago