Remembering Shad Gaspard’s WWE career: WWE Playlist

A collection of the most entertaining moments and best matches of Shad’s career in WWE as a member of Cryme Tyme alongside JTG.
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  • Yeah, after they completely indulged, WWE and Shad, in stereotype excess. Total ignorant stuff all the way around, in a sick world.

    TallSomeoneTallSomeoneHour ago
  • R.i.p 🕊

    Jirair JacksonJirair JacksonHour ago
  • I'm not one of those Conspiracy people but can anyone tell me what that tattoo says on sha shoulder blade it has the eye 👁 of houras and we all know what that mean and Hollywood uses that alot and it very popular today but i can't see what it says above the eye i see a D i just hope he didn't tattoo a devils eye or worship any satanic idols cus this brother seem to have a beautiful spirit and he save his son at the last min and didnt panic that was the power of Yah with in him and the most high said it was his time it sad that he gone but i pray that Yah took him to a better peaceful place then this may Yah bless his family and wife i will keep them in my prayers all Praise to YAHUSHA HA MASHIYAHKH 🙏🏿

    Hebrew KingHebrew KingHour ago
  • Had them wearing timbs in the ring bru

    JoelJoelHour ago
  • Rip brother we gona miss this is a tough one for the black community in wwe.

    Hebrew KingHebrew KingHour ago
  • Shad is a thru hero

    matheus bedinmatheus bedinHour ago
  • Rip Shad, made a lot of good memories

    Ian Villegas23Ian Villegas232 hours ago
  • Rip Shad, Vicsera, and Lance

    J.M.O 1000J.M.O 10002 hours ago

    DD2 hours ago
  • Money money

    Andrew RochaAndrew Rocha2 hours ago
  • But y 2020 be treating us dis bad taking all our legends what did we do wrong 2020 as we welcomed u good and now ur keeping us in the houses like prisoners, RIP shad

    Mercy MaryMercy Mary3 hours ago
  • Damn this one hit different. Rest peacefully brother

    Chasity ToneyChasity Toney3 hours ago
  • He also single handedly prevented an armed robbery from happening. Rest in paradise Shad, you are a true hero.

    Robb DarkRobb Dark3 hours ago
  • God no 😭 I just found out Shad die, they one of my favorite tag team of all time. I love seeing these guys wrestle they were funny as he'll and very entertaining. RIP my Brother we love and will miss you, you will never be forgotten.

    Kazuma The Great PlayerKazuma The Great Player4 hours ago
  • Rest In Peace to this Great Father.

    WHISKEY OPS on PS4WHISKEY OPS on PS44 hours ago
  • He just died today

    Austin AguonAustin Aguon5 hours ago
  • *Most underutilized wrestler in WWE history. WWE needs to honor him with proper respect in Hall of Fame!*

    Ali The KonquerorAli The Konqueror5 hours ago
  • Rip shad your a real hero for saving your son and stopping that robbery a few years ago you are also a true legend

    The_golden Food_ytThe_golden Food_yt6 hours ago
  • Rip shad rip lance Cade rip big vis

    saulski90saulski906 hours ago

    Shivamsingh ghelothShivamsingh gheloth6 hours ago
  • RIP 😕

    Andrea MarthaAndrea Martha7 hours ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a> is that the Viking Raiders?

    Jeremy SterlingJeremy Sterling7 hours ago
  • Man I wanted to see Cryme Tyme vs Street Profits 😢😢🙏🏿

    MecHe 12MecHe 128 hours ago
  • RIP Shad and Lance Cade

    Thiago FerreiraThiago Ferreira8 hours ago
  • when wwe used to be great RIP

    Elisha DeanElisha Dean8 hours ago
    • Rip shad. You were funny athletic guy u went out a hero.

      fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh7 hours ago
  • Met them years ago at a house show. Sweetest guys ever. So sad. Rest in paradise . died a hero

    Kayla christinaKayla christina9 hours ago
    • angels home

      fouoii gyhhfouoii gyhh7 hours ago
  • choise to die for the son R.I.P

    מארק ליכוביץמארק ליכוביץ9 hours ago
  • Rip shad

    Da SunDa Sun9 hours ago

    Sultana RaziaSultana Razia9 hours ago
  • Cryme tyme. I wonder if people would approve of that name in today’s world lmao

    luis uribeluis uribe9 hours ago
  • Shad is a Hero He was a great person..... Rip Shad

  • Very tragic Rip Hero.

    TDOTDO10 hours ago
  • Not only did this guy save his son he also stopped an armed robbery. He knocked the gun out of a intoxicated man and restrained him until the police arrived. Talk about a true hero! He put others safety for his own.

    PrincessAries86PrincessAries8610 hours ago
  • Te vamos a extrañar❤️

    Usuario del Planeta TierraUsuario del Planeta Tierra10 hours ago
  • Loved cryme tyme they were one of my favorite tag teams rip Shad 🙏❤️

    Allure SearlesAllure Searles10 hours ago

    théocanalthéocanal10 hours ago
  • Rip to the best wwe superstar rip shap your family loves you rip😭😢

    Blanca HolderBlanca Holder10 hours ago
  • RIP Shad CRYTYME was lit , JTG and Shad 💯 I wish Shad didn't pass away 🙏

    Shawn D. DawkinsShawn D. Dawkins11 hours ago
  • Rip 😔😔😔😔😔😔

    15sec WhatsApp status Tamil15sec WhatsApp status Tamil11 hours ago
  • May Shad rest in peace a true athletes taken too soon i loved his time in wwe as part of cryme tyme they were amazing together rest in peace bro gods called another of his angels home

    Raymond Lewis WatsonRaymond Lewis Watson11 hours ago
  • Rip shad. You were funny athletic guy u went out a hero.

    Jovanie OrtizJovanie Ortiz11 hours ago
  • They should have JTG show up in the 2021 Royal Rumble

    Nestor VelasquezNestor Velasquez12 hours ago
  • Bring Santino back he was brilliant

    Babes Of WrestlingBabes Of Wrestling12 hours ago
  • They were so cool as a tag team R.I.P Shad

    Babes Of WrestlingBabes Of Wrestling12 hours ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="300">05:00</a> I miss Regal so much he was priceless

    Babes Of WrestlingBabes Of Wrestling12 hours ago
  • They should've had the clip when they sold DX tickets to get into RAW. That was a funny segment.

    Slickjc1Slickjc112 hours ago
  • Ehre!

    Free JannFree Jann13 hours ago

    BeastmodetvBeastmodetv13 hours ago
  • Off topic but I have never seen Morrison hit a starship pain that perfectly before.

    Last Drop FallsLast Drop Falls14 hours ago
  • Shad was never black listed from the company and was a key part of Monday night raw during 2006 -2007 and were also a key part in the Cena JBL feud that was on raw. WWE only black list you if you piss them off and therefore shad was a great talent and deserves the condolences and recognition he is receiving in the wake of his death

    Terp BoyTerp Boy14 hours ago
  • r.i.p.

    dreadghoul23dreadghoul2316 hours ago
  • Rest In Peace you absolute legend.

    Fiction SchmictionFiction Schmiction19 hours ago
  • Rip a legend

    Trick shot manTrick shot man19 hours ago
  • Pretty unfair for someone who wasn't pushed or recognized in his true value while alive... Could have won at least 1 or 2 Team Titles. Cryme Tyme was one of the funniest and most entertaining team gimmicks I've seen in a while. Pretty sure we"ll never see it again.

    Francis NdimbaFrancis Ndimba19 hours ago
  • R.I.P Shad And after seeing this vid, Rest Easy Lance Cade too

    DaevonTheSavageDaevonTheSavage19 hours ago
  • He was a good Man he will be miss

    O’Dell JordanO’Dell Jordan19 hours ago
  • Mannn “Brooklyn Brooklyn” the memories rip shad 🙏🏽

    Justo RuJusto Ru19 hours ago
  • Shad had the spirit squad droppin like flies

    Death row ChefDeath row Chef20 hours ago
  • RIP SHAD A True Hero 🖤

    Mike MirchMike Mirch20 hours ago
  • Rip shad

    stefan williamsstefan williams20 hours ago
  • Did ya notice how wwe is racist asf the skit when they were singing

    Diego VillegasDiego Villegas21 hour ago

    Sandro Illanes Illanes NoaSandro Illanes Illanes Noa21 hour ago
  • Almost lost my life the other day at the beach .. couldn’t imagine what he must’ve gone through rip. 🖤

    PedroPedro22 hours ago
  • RIP.

    STEVE PSTEVE P23 hours ago
  • Yo jtg si no te has dado cuenta

    Test TestTest Test23 hours ago
  • RIP Shad ❤️😥

    Milk NxtMilk Nxt23 hours ago
  • Cryme Tyme is easily one of the best tag teams on the era, and probably the best tag team to never win the tag titles

    NoPulse GamesNoPulse Games23 hours ago
  • Love all their moments was hilarious even that one that they added with v-mac & William Regal who plays a hell of a heel but is very hilarious sometimes got to give him credit

    BigTim That SavageBigTim That Savage23 hours ago
  • RIP Shad. You are a hero and a great man.

    Richy RamosRichy Ramos23 hours ago
  • good.

    Sellavin AtomsSellavin Atoms23 hours ago
  • 3 of these guys are gone, rest easy!!

  • Childhood gone but never forgotten

    Bobby ChenBobby ChenDay ago
  • This man was a true hero and an incredible father RIP Shad Gaspard Thanks for all of the memories 🙏

    hen kohen koDay ago
  • They truly deserve to be brought back and I honestly thought at some point they would it's one of those things that always be said but what will always be remembered as this man exemplifies everything that is what a hero should be. he not only represented black excellence but excellent in humanity period. RIP Shad

    camtolls26camtolls26Day ago
  • Yo as a kid you couldn’t tell me this wasn’t the best thing ever! Rip to shad man

    Devin MervinDevin MervinDay ago
  • R.I.H Shad

    James GoyerJames GoyerDay ago
    • RIP a great man and legend

      hen kohen koDay ago
  • Its honestly a crime they never had a run with the titles

    WubbieWubbieDay ago
  • R.I.P. shad Gaspard 😢😢he was a good wrestler 🕊🕊

    Martin SanchezjrMartin SanchezjrDay ago
  • Shad Gaspard is the definition of a Hero. A good man taken away from us way too soon.

    Ricky MunozRicky MunozDay ago
  • He's a hero. RIP

    ElRadioDJ913ElRadioDJ913Day ago