Rick and Morty Season 4: EVIL MORTY Rising? | Ricksplained

Is Rick and Morty Season 4 hinting that Morty is transitioning into a more cynical, Rick-like, EVIL Morty?
In this episode of #Ricksplained, Erik Voss and Tommy Bechtold welcome to the show special guest ECHO KELLUM, recurring voice actor on Rick and Morty and Curtis Holt from Arrow on the CW. The panel discusses the behind the scenes process that makes Rick and Morty unique among other animated series, and some clues you may have overlooked throughout these past three Season 4 episodes that might point to Morty's moral decline.
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  • I think it was evil morty this whole season 4

    It'sTimeToPlayNowIt'sTimeToPlayNow19 days ago
  • Its a orgy dragon

    Brian MontesBrian Montes20 days ago
  • When they flip morty.. i would love it to be close to Star Wars episode 3 parody. Turns out Rick found this Morty and deemed him good. Then when he turns "You were supposed to be the chosen one!... but now your a shit stain and i gotta kill ya"

    Chocolate SwirlzChocolate Swirlz20 days ago
  • And he cut his i and he build a robot I and put I patch

    super Felipe Studiossuper Felipe Studios20 days ago
  • What is evil Morty is c137 Morty but on the future

    super Felipe Studiossuper Felipe Studios20 days ago
  • Get a life

    Ammoura RedaAmmoura Reda22 days ago
  • All I want to do is watch a full episode of Rick and Morty not here f****** someone like you talk about the bloody thing you put any track

    Ammoura RedaAmmoura Reda22 days ago
  • I will be back

    Justin X.Justin X.22 days ago
  • I think he can become in evil morty because he is te morty More morty

    Nata. BarrioNata. Barrio25 days ago
  • none of the death crystal's deaths showed anything about evil morty.

    Matt5746Matt574627 days ago
  • I’d like for more morty’s to become like me And of course I am upraising what are you a moron?

    Evil MortyEvil Morty28 days ago
  • *plumbob?* plumbob

    Grandy 230Grandy 23029 days ago
  • or there can be an episode that is almost based on time travel

    Tyler ChiuTyler ChiuMonth ago
  • I’m pretty sure a lot of this season 4 is them trying to tell people to chill out an stop taking it so serious an just have fun with it.

    85gbod85gbodMonth ago
  • They didn't discuss the topic at all....

    KirotamaKirotamaMonth ago
  • I'm pretty sure the people over at adult swim aren't gonna to continue on evil morty's story anytime soon, which is pretty sad in my opinion since I really want to know the logic behind evil morty.

    Thomas _ TKThomas _ TKMonth ago
  • Oh yeah the kid that wanted to save the snakes that attacked him and bite him none stop is totally becoming evil

    CatgirlCatgirlMonth ago
    • Sab W oh oof

      CatgirlCatgirl29 days ago
    • Catgirl this was clearly released before that episode was

      Sab WSab W29 days ago
  • Imagine Rick vs Morty

    WillWillMonth ago
  • Why would evil morty rise, he already exists in this present time line, not a future one or an unknown one. Or are you saying all morty's are destined to turn into evil morty and why should tht version of morty be the one all morty's are headed toward

    Cherry_ BoyCherry_ BoyMonth ago
  • Theory: All Morty’s are destined to revolt against the ricks. That’s why rick is always so mean to him: either the ricks know the mortys are going to revolt or ricks are just unaware of the revolt (similar to the cloaking rule from season 1) and it’s just ricks being ricks

    Harry WilliamsHarry WilliamsMonth ago
  • I believe this theory. Evidence is all there.

    Kid From 21 Jump StreetKid From 21 Jump StreetMonth ago
  • Peep that COADM Flannel 👀🔥

    Gustavo GutierrezGustavo GutierrezMonth ago
  • We need Rick to just abandon him again

    Sean KavSean KavMonth ago
  • geez 2 sponsores

    A Google UserA Google UserMonth ago
  • Mr. Terrific !!!

    alex salgadoalex salgadoMonth ago
  • Sell out 😤

    Little ThoughtsLittle ThoughtsMonth ago
  • Did people forget about the vindicators?

    I’m BatmanI’m BatmanMonth ago
  • It's not true that they have always avoided time travel. In the pilot episode where Rick went to the advanced dimension when he came back he said he spent a lot of time with a lot of fun with a lot of young ladies but he was only gone for a few seconds. The only explanation is that he time traveled back. I've always assumed that when writing the pilot they hadn't made the decision to have the portal gun not be a time travel device yet.

    Dustin GraybillDustin GraybillMonth ago
  • Meh, he's still lawful neutral. He has his one goal and is still gunning for it

    OrigamiOrigamiMonth ago
  • They spent forever just laughing at Mr. Goldenfold's screams and barely mentioned the episode. What happened to the in depth analysis and pointing out hidden jokes that I subscribed for?? Was this episode too disturbing to analyze?

    Rainbow BunnycombRainbow BunnycombMonth ago
  • This is the Origen

    larry silverlarry silverMonth ago
  • I think that Morty is actually a clone of Evil Morty and Rick uses the mind blowers to prevent Clone Morty from turning into his original Morty. I doubt Rick would pretend to be the grandfather of a Morty from another universe; a clone is the closest thing to the original. Plus as we are seeing this season, Morty is no longer following his wishes and growing resentful; possibly exactly like Evil Morty.

    44briggs44briggsMonth ago
  • The Rickest Rick needs The Mortyest Morty

    James SharpJames SharpMonth ago
  • 1 I think Rick is connecting more with his real emotional side on his "completely replaceable companions" and 2 I think morty is starting to understand more and more that hes insignificant. 3 I think that neither of them are super capable of dealing with or fully understanding what these shifts mean 4 I dont think we understand what they're going to lead to either until it happens

    BibiLoviesYouBibiLoviesYouMonth ago
  • Evil morty has already replaced our morty he is waiting now.

    Jesus IbarraJesus IbarraMonth ago
  • Evil Morty is Rick's first Morty. Rick trained him to be smart enough to kill Rick because Rick can't kill himself, but Morty went rogue and left Rick alive to suffer. Current Morty is Morty 2.0, starting with a dumber more caring Morty in the hopes he won't make the same mistakes. Arc closing line, I don't care enough to kill you Rick. Let's go home.

    Angry SantaAngry SantaMonth ago
  • I think morty fiddling with the rubix cube is a sign that he’s getting smarter which intern would make him *functionally* useless to Rick iso I think it’s going to be an arc for Rick where he has to choose between the morty he “loves” or a morty that is still stupid and can thus keep him safe and if he doesn’t pick C-137 morty he could flip out

    Catalyst-ChrisCatalyst-ChrisMonth ago
  • Or whatnot

    VanessativaVanessativaMonth ago
  • I think the difference between season 1 Morty and Morty now is that he grew a spine. He's smarter from experience, he has gained a little confidence and is kinda desensitized. That makes a difference when it comes to time, I'm definitely not the same person I was a year or two years ago so seeing and doing everything Morty has with his time with Rick would differently have a big impact on morals

    Agender Artist16Agender Artist16Month ago
  • 5:51 WHAT!?! Are you saying showers didn't used to make you smell better? Did you used to shower with sewage or what?

    Charles HardestyCharles HardestyMonth ago
  • Bla Bla Bla Product placement Bla Bla Bla You know that we Morty will just say Plus 1 right ?????

    Rene ORene OMonth ago
  • nice

    william mcilroywilliam mcilroyMonth ago
  • Are you The kid from Little Rascals? It's an honest question and I mean no offense by it. I hope so.

    Ronny DarKoRonny DarKoMonth ago
  • Maybe it's coming down to a big Rick vs Morty fight where Rick takes on his Morty and evil Morty ?

    Brogeta BlueBrogeta BlueMonth ago
  • I still think evil morty is Rick original morty and this one is a replacement

    snailorgysnailorgyMonth ago
  • Investing all your hopes and dreams into one of the hottest girls in school is a recipe for awaking the Evil Within *cue the theme song* Da da da daadadaada da da

    Brandon BlazeBrandon BlazeMonth ago
  • bringing up the pilot episode... I thought he couldnt time travel??

    Cheech WhitCheech WhitMonth ago
  • Before I watch the video. I have been thinking that this season is the beginning of the making of evil Morty. Rick has been particularly tough on Morty this season. I think it's the universe where evil Morty was born. Keep this in mind when you watch this season.

    dodgers doon1130dodgers doon1130Month ago
  • This is actually really interesting. I’ve always dreamed of doing voices for cartoons. Lol

    The ElectricianThe ElectricianMonth ago
  • but morty has met evil morty so how can he be evil morty

    evil cool creamevil cool creamMonth ago
  • Morty loosing everthing he dreams of is turning him into a rick mindstate. The only thing is morty is younger and doesnt know how to deal with it. For example rick has science to deal with it but morty has nothing really to believe in? Far fetched maybe?

    dail infurnodail infurnoMonth ago
  • The most unacceptable theory for me😅. Film theory is better.

    Tooth LessTooth LessMonth ago
  • Morty destroyed his original world in season 1 because of the power of boners. Don’t mistake teenage hormones for budding evil sociopaths or Morty would’ve already gone dark side

    HowdyDuty4HowdyDuty4Month ago
  • Or maybe, you know... evil morty controlling a robot rick is foreshadowing for morty becoming rick someday as the cycle continues. Which also then would make sense why they say there will be hundreds of seasons.

    Timo CruzTimo CruzMonth ago
  • Holy Shit My Theory was Right that Episodes of The Season 4 Was Each morty That Died or Missing Becuase Season 4 Has 5 Episodes And The Trailer Said that OG Rick Has 5 Morties

    MagmaLionMagmaLionMonth ago
    • 10 episodes.....

      RenzoRenzoMonth ago
  • Honestly! I don't think Morty will turn evil. Yes, he is changing and developing but we already got the variable of an evil Morty in the infinite universes, my theory is that our Morty is getting smarter and sharper to CONFRONT Evil Morty.

    Arturo FloresArturo FloresMonth ago
  • he just going through puberty lmfao

    michaelmichaelMonth ago
  • season 4 Morty is true neutral. he's losing his lawful just a little bit, as seen is the akira episode

    Mushroom Mods OfficialMushroom Mods OfficialMonth ago
    • Lawful doesn't mean abiding by the laws of others, case in point, Voldemort. They just need to believe that there are many rules that need to be strictly followed (even if the laws are created by themselves).

      KyrakiaKyrakiaMonth ago
  • RIP Ralph WIggum's heart ):

    B0ggs B1nnyB0ggs B1nnyMonth ago
  • I love a lot of Echo's lines throughout the series. "What do I know? That the Third Reich will reign for a thousand years?" right before he starts beating Abradolf Lincler is easily one of my favorites.

    FenrirMFFenrirMFMonth ago