Ryan Upchurch & Katie Noel "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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  • This is one of those songs that cause a boom in births 9 months from now 😉

    Joe ButterJoe Butter14 days ago
    • Yas

      Jess lynnJess lynn21 minute ago
    • @Fenny Tall OH Yes She IS and Fuck you for doubting them They have Every right just as anyone else does to be happy and I for one DEFINITELY AM. I freaking love their music and he is Lucky to have a sexy woman like her.

      Michael WutrichMichael Wutrich10 hours ago
    • Shit..church trying 🐔

      Rocket SunshineRocket Sunshine13 hours ago
    • Awesome song and my lil girl loves both yall music and caint to see what yall come out with next also thanks for being real

      Stacie Billy FullerStacie Billy Fuller14 hours ago
    • Lol facts!!!

      R RahhR Rahh2 days ago
  • Am I the only one that noticed stitches was in the video

    farmer dannyfarmer danny10 minutes ago
  • Who ever dissed her in the comment section the cowboy song big facts look at my picture got something for ya 💯 704

    Aaron ChoateAaron Choate12 minutes ago
  • Love it!

    Mrs Adkins2014Mrs Adkins2014Hour ago
  • Stay away from her

    Kathen SimonsonKathen SimonsonHour ago
  • This song and vidja is adorable Skin! I've never heard Katie sing before. I just found her in this. She's really, really good!!

    countryboyLEOsupportercountryboyLEOsupporter6 hours ago
    • Ryan Upchurch Holy 🤬! Hey Church!! Thank ya brother!! Hey can we talk in private? I write remixes with law enforcement lyrics and I really want you to read some!! I'm CountryBoyLEOSupporter on Insta and Twitter. I can message ya either place. Advise which one! 🤘

      countryboyLEOsupportercountryboyLEOsupporter5 hours ago
    • countryboyLEOsupporter thanks bubba 🤘🏼

      Ryan UpchurchRyan Upchurch5 hours ago
  • I’ve probably listened to this about 100 times today! Love it!

    John TarverJohn Tarver7 hours ago
  • Damn must suck having a girl that can sing and rap better then you..

    Chris RussellChris Russell7 hours ago
  • Was a little skeptical about this just because any longtime upchurch fan knows he’s been with his girlfriend since like before rolling stoned (don’t quote me). But I just watched this video again again and came to the bright conclusion, Your personal life is no ones business but yours. Do your thing Ryan!. Been a fan since I heard your bars on raise and eat cornbread. Your a dope lyricist and definitely the future, all your shit is relatable stuff too. For people who really “STAY IN THE CUTS” aight bro🤟🏼

    pnwexplorerunnerpnwexplorerunner8 hours ago
    • pnwexplorerunner thanks bubba 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

      Ryan UpchurchRyan Upchurch5 hours ago
  • I just can't get enough of this song church and katie from Idaho bro keep this shit up you both make a badass couple

    Robert IrishRobert Irish9 hours ago
  • I like you when you're shit talking bro this is corny tbh lol

    Broken SilenceBroken Silence10 hours ago
  • If you like upchurch go to upchurch-fans.my-free.website/

    Bobby StephensBobby Stephens12 hours ago
  • love this song guys

    Joshua ZicklerJoshua Zickler12 hours ago
  • Love the song and love those two together.

    Cody WillisCody Willis13 hours ago
  • He might not be one of them buddies after that 😂

    Michael WilliamsMichael Williams13 hours ago
    • Michael Williams 😂😂😂😂😂

      Ryan UpchurchRyan Upchurch5 hours ago
  • Shes "bi"... but shes full on gay.. lol I smell cap!!

    Crystal SmithCrystal Smith14 hours ago
  • Jason aldean type beat

    Dusty RichterDusty Richter15 hours ago
  • Upchurch hasn't failed me yet ‼️. I've been into his music since his song Tonight. Tell me who does it better?

    Justin CrewsJustin Crews15 hours ago
  • I'm in love. Lol

    samantha schultzsamantha schultz16 hours ago
  • And my girlfriends treat me bad

    pay ballpay ball16 hours ago
  • 😭😭🔪

    pay ballpay ball16 hours ago
  • No I don’t no one cares about me and I want to kill myself

    pay ballpay ball16 hours ago
  • Hey Ryan u have to come to Seattle u talk about how it inspired u come over to the west coast u got tons of fans over here u to Katie

    Tommy RebleTommy Reble16 hours ago
  • Everyone bow down to the new King and Queen of the South ♔❤ ♕ Wish I could love this a million times ❤

    Kerri_LunaWolf_ MKerri_LunaWolf_ M16 hours ago
  • I always play this. It also helped me break the ice with a girl that I was wanting to talk to.

    Kenneth PotterKenneth Potter17 hours ago
  • Yall are a cut couple

    Jordin BoydJordin Boyd18 hours ago
  • This one gives me chills great job you two keep it up ..

    Wesley MathisWesley Mathis19 hours ago
  • Awesome song upchurch. Got it on repeat

    Texas ClaytonTexas Clayton19 hours ago
  • Dang bro you got yourself a nice girl

    Garrett FosterGarrett Foster19 hours ago
    • Garrett Foster thanks brotha 🤘🏼

      Ryan UpchurchRyan Upchurch5 hours ago
  • Please do a Johnny and June remake ♥️

    prestonpetersonamandprestonpetersonamand19 hours ago
  • LMfao white people be like this is dressing

    Ro\_\_Ro\_\_20 hours ago
  • good job curch

    Luke ShawLuke Shaw21 hour ago
  • best artist ever heard

    Luke ShawLuke Shaw21 hour ago
  • Awesome we want more

    PpaP EntertainmentPpaP Entertainment21 hour ago
  • I heard the song hey girl, hey boy for the first time yesterday and this song described my relationship perfectly. I love it and it really connects with us. I can't wait for my guy to listen to it tonight when we head out. I love the story yall tell in this song. Yall look so happy here too! You can definitely feel and hear the connection with yall in how you sing together. AMAZING 😍😍😍

    Sabra CurtSabra Curt21 hour ago
  • I seen it coming when they did the queen south song

    True_ EliteKingTrue_ EliteKing22 hours ago
  • Oh my word!!!! So, all the downed thumbs is for all the hatters. Damn! you'all need a life. I was in love with this the whole time. This girls is hot, an I really hope church an her are together cause they are on fire with voice an vibes. love this.

    Alexis MuellerAlexis Mueller22 hours ago
  • Can't get enuff of this song💯☝👊👌

    Amy MooreAmy Moore22 hours ago
  • Damn good song

    Kevin HawkinsKevin Hawkins22 hours ago
  • when is the wedding you all should do a mud wedding where everyone brings their trucks and four wheelers and dirtbikes hell yeah #RHEC