Seafood Boil with Kayla from Nicole TV

Join me and special guest Kayla from Nicole TV. Y'all she is hilarious! We had a great time gettin' down on some seafood. Check out Kayla and follow her here:
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Artwork by Paris L. Wilson




  • Kayla she is so 😂😂😂

    XxBlixed_omqXxBlixed_omq19 hours ago
  • Pls more viedeos with Nicole tv

    rxm daxrxm daxDay ago
  • Yes

    queen squad pattersonqueen squad pattersonDay ago
  • This video trigger my fight or flight response. My anxiety was FLYING the whole time; I was so terrified of a nail getting caught on that shell or some shell getting stuck under there or a gem getting ripped off, and the MESS of those nails- Yall girls are brave I couldn't do all that with nails that nice.

    Wild PariahWild PariahDay ago
  • Damn, you literally interview the best people! ❤️

    Toni GrayToni GrayDay ago
  • Ugh 2 of my favorites!!! 🤗♥️

    Liz GLiz G2 days ago
  • That claw movement kayla did in the be had me cackling like a witch

    Catrina DCatrina D2 days ago
  • I love Kayla!

    Tamica MosleyTamica Mosley3 days ago
  • She’s my twin 😍❤️❤️💕💕💕💕 I love you kayla

    Gooby GanggGooby Gangg3 days ago
  • So you telling me her name ain't nicole but kayla?

    btchbtch4 days ago
  • I just watched that fight video kayla put them paws on that girl 🤣🤣

    Taryn StudiesTaryn Studies4 days ago
  • Nicole tv , I’m like who the hell is kayla lol

    Chosen WarriorChosen Warrior4 days ago
  • Out of all that crab she picked up a egg😫😷🤢😬

    Cayla PriceCayla Price5 days ago
  • BLACK WOMEN are obsessed with wearing a WIGS or some kind of fake white women's hair... What about Combing your own hair.. it's deep seated psychological issues

    James Tidwell Jr. MDJames Tidwell Jr. MD5 days ago
  • Do lobster boil

    YBN_ JORDANYBN_ JORDAN5 days ago
  • Am I the only that think bloves looks like an older version of Nicki Minaj

    Saul 38Saul 386 days ago
  • She is a child

    James LeavellJames Leavell6 days ago
  • Move like a snake🐍🐍

    zytavion_thomas_king thomaszytavion_thomas_king thomas6 days ago
  • I think every mukbanger should have a series where they shoot with one of their subscribers. Cause y’all food be looking good asf and we want some too 🤤

    Aisha YassyAisha Yassy7 days ago
  • I know the song Move Like snake.

    Latoya TaylorLatoya Taylor7 days ago
  • She stuffs food in her cheeks and then stuffs more in her mouth

    ee7 days ago
  • Kaylah from my cityyyy!! She’s from birmingham alabama just like mee 😌💕 periodddd🥰😍

    Reesy CuppReesy Cupp8 days ago
  • Sis when is the next one I’m hungry 😂😂

    Evelyn MathisEvelyn Mathis8 days ago
  • Love you kayla 😘😂🥰

    sexythang90kcsexythang90kc8 days ago

    AyannaSlay aAyannaSlay a9 days ago
  • 27:10 ...laugh 😁

    Single TishSingle Tish9 days ago
  • That deshae video was world wide. 🇰🇪

    Single TishSingle Tish9 days ago
  • This girl is famous... This video is the most watched ...

    Single TishSingle Tish9 days ago
  • بناات ابي قنااه اللي على يساررر بالله😭

    إيلڤِن.إيلڤِن.10 days ago
  • I’m a new subscriber and I love watching blove put down some food!

    TaJuan AndersonTaJuan Anderson10 days ago
  • I like kayla!

    TaJuan AndersonTaJuan Anderson10 days ago
  • “What chu throw me inna locker for “😭😭😭

    Kaharie SanfordKaharie Sanford10 days ago
  • Hi blovelife me and my family love you so much

    It’s your girl Da’RiyaIt’s your girl Da’Riya11 days ago
  • Loved this collab !

    Chrys StyleesChrys Stylees11 days ago
  • Why is this video now popping into my screen I’ve been waiting for thisss moment bruh😑😂

    Tanisha GuerrierTanisha Guerrier11 days ago
  • I love her talks 😍 y’all should tune into my channel featuring some dope readings 🤩🔮

    Star’s Divine Table TalkStar’s Divine Table Talk11 days ago
  • I am From Montgomery

    Laquita GuydenLaquita Guyden11 days ago
  • I like her motto of "no new friends." these days it's important to know who for you and who not 🤷🏾‍♀️ especially when you become successful.

    amber_denise 88amber_denise 8812 days ago
  • How old is Nicole?

    The BeautyThe Beauty12 days ago
  • اريد المساعده وهذا رقمي 01029680738

    محمودراضي محمود كاملمحمودراضي محمود كامل12 days ago
  • I think she would be good at doing teen comedy. Just like she's sitting here chatting with Ms. B. She's very funny, moreso than the female comedians that actually does stand-up.

    Ms. Mary MooreMs. Mary Moore12 days ago
  • Amen

    ChixFNChixFN12 days ago
  • I have a feeling cardi b will be up next kz cardi love sea food boil and so does Blove💕💕💕

    Shukri HusseinShukri Hussein13 days ago
  • عربيه وكلشي ماافتهم بس اباوعلهه😂❤️

    يقين علييقين علي13 days ago
  • تف

    شياكا ِشياكا ِ13 days ago
  • I love you KAYLA♥️♥️♥️❤️😩

    Tuda SanaaTuda Sanaa13 days ago
  • Cross eyed flop stream Tusa and yikes

    SMPFSMPF14 days ago
  • Kayla is so beautifull wow and so funny

    was goodwas good14 days ago
  • hot cheetos are made outta cardboard.

    The Queen_KARBThe Queen_KARB14 days ago
  • I though she blew up bc of that Ponytail tutorial.

    Jay JayJay Jay15 days ago
  • “Brunt like YoungBoy “ 😂😂😂ahhh she got jokes

    ThatgiirlStormThatgiirlStorm15 days ago
  • Please get WHERE WE BOUT TO EAT AT on here B Love PLEASE

    Yetta CarterYetta Carter15 days ago
  • I been with her since day one

    thee shay tribethee shay tribe15 days ago
  • Biggest fan of both of yall

    Life of GorgeousLife of Gorgeous15 days ago
  • she keeps on making face expressions when she eat seafood 🦞 and while bloves not looking

    Gabrielle PhillipsGabrielle Phillips15 days ago
  • Nah that’s too much food.... and all the shell fish...

    Arianna LìArianna Lì15 days ago
  • the faces kayla be making is killing me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Antoinette crackheadAntoinette crackhead16 days ago
  • Where does she get that food from

    SxntrysSxntrys16 days ago
  • she's a Meme hahaha

    Bella AlcantaraBella Alcantara16 days ago
  • Blove always forgetting those damn scissors lolol

    Cass BerlinCass Berlin16 days ago