[SEVENTEEN - Snap Shoot] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 190919 EP.635

- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.635
- SEVENTEEN - Snap Shoot
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청량돌 '세븐틴'
세봉이들을 음계로 표현한다면 '레'일 거예요. 상큼함이 '도'를 지나쳐서 '미'치기 직전이거든요. 'Snap Shoot' 무대!
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  • tan lindos voy a llorar

    dashidashi2 days ago
  • 2分46秒のところの眼鏡の人の名前わかりますか?誰か…

    山本菜都美山本菜都美3 days ago
  • Coups: I'ma bring back our Mansae Era, hang in there boys!

    Focus On IshakeilFocus On Ishakeil3 days ago
  • I cant imagine my life without seventeen

    MyWonwoo LoveeeMyWonwoo Loveee7 days ago
  • Oh my boys are so cute❗This song is very good!I love it very much😍

    MaroCookies712 NMaroCookies712 N8 days ago
  • *The best three minutes and thirty-nine seconds of my life*

    anony mouseanony mouse9 days ago
  • chan we get it im in love with u

    BubbaBubba10 days ago
  • Why USproject provide only one *Like* ? I wish I could press one thousand million *Like* as I could

    Tzyy HanTzyy Han10 days ago
  • I cried

    Tzyy HanTzyy Han10 days ago

    your neighbor kpop drug dealeryour neighbor kpop drug dealer11 days ago
  • Haaaaa

    Mia RasmiatiMia Rasmiati12 days ago
  • I miss Seungcheol :(

    Pau AcostaPau Acosta13 days ago
  • wonwoo is so cute😻💜💜

    Lily Amalia AnandaLily Amalia Ananda14 days ago
  • wonwoo😻🤗

    Lily Amalia AnandaLily Amalia Ananda14 days ago
  • WONWOO IS SO CUTE OMG😭😻💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Lily Amalia AnandaLily Amalia Ananda14 days ago
  • 1:11 i miss my best boi. Hope to see you next month! 😭😘❤️✨

    NN14 days ago
  • LoL Jihoon nailed it

    Yoon MochiphoriaYoon Mochiphoria17 days ago
  • woozi needs to stop denying that he's cute

    Yoon MochiphoriaYoon Mochiphoria17 days ago
  • Ah yes, I’m back here watching this again. No one is surprised.

    Cerys AshendenCerys Ashenden19 days ago
  • JOSH IS WEARING GLASSES- I REPEAT: JISOO IS WEARING *GLASSES* help me its so cute I can’t even function

    Josephine SaharaJosephine Sahara22 days ago
  • Lee Seokmin

    nanda izzananda izza22 days ago
  • me: i don't like boy group with cute concept also me: *watched this video* me: oh my god! i love this concept! how can these guy are so cuteee😍

    Raphita HolongRaphita Holong22 days ago

      Raphita HolongRaphita Holong15 days ago
    • Well svt cute concept is on another level🤙🏼


    Bored PotatoBored Potato23 days ago
  • Jeonghan

    Ezgi EkinEzgi Ekin24 days ago
  • The amount of cuteness that they have 😍 uwu I'm so inlove 😍😍

    Jishii KwonJishii Kwon25 days ago
  • Dark concept? Cute concept? Well Seventeen slay on both 😍

    Jishii KwonJishii Kwon25 days ago
  • sebas moonsebas moon26 days ago
  • SEVENTEEN I love you❤❤

    梨香梨香26 days ago
  • how can they pull off a whole kids concept and make me love ist?! i normally hate cute concepts lol

    Linnéa BasedowLinnéa Basedow27 days ago
  • i died at 2.40

    Izzati SakuraIzzati Sakura27 days ago
  • 2:00 2:00 2:00 2:00

    ちむみんぐちむみんぐ28 days ago
  • Ahhhh Woozi at the end of the dance. That was unexpected 😂

    Cc_ JiminCc_ JiminMonth ago

    army _carat_teumaearmy _carat_teumaeMonth ago
  • Jeonghan mirip Ji chang wook sumpah

    Andut 1980Andut 1980Month ago
  • the most cutest live performance ever

    Vi PhạmVi PhạmMonth ago
  • I love this song so much, and this is one of my favorite seventeen outfits. They all look soo fluffy and soft

    Christine SongChristine SongMonth ago
  • 1:24 Vernon’s smile 😍💕

    No zuo No dieNo zuo No dieMonth ago
  • J E O N G H A N ❤

    Sweet StrawberrySweet StrawberryMonth ago
  • Wonwoo: " I hate aegyo" (saying with cute voice) what a life that should i go through"))

    Kookie'z _UniverseKookie'z _UniverseMonth ago
  • plz save me from cutie Wonwoo😭❤❤❤

    Kookie'z _UniverseKookie'z _UniverseMonth ago
  • i want to be Joshua spectacles"))

    Kookie'z _UniverseKookie'z _UniverseMonth ago
  • wait! Wonwoo too cute for me"))

    Kookie'z _UniverseKookie'z _UniverseMonth ago
  • nobody wants to talk about my boy minghao and his little bucket hat

    hunnylixhunnylixMonth ago
  • 2:40 made me a wonwoo stan

    Olive AllieenOlive AllieenMonth ago
  • Ummm los amo muchO

    Stan LoonaStan LoonaMonth ago
  • I love this song!!! It's really refreshing!!!

    silkexkanamesilkexkanameMonth ago
  • call me biased but chan’s part makes the entire song

    Jennifer DuncanJennifer DuncanMonth ago
  • They are moving like in 2x speed 😂

    Tzyy HanTzyy HanMonth ago
  • I love the pinkish boys so much oh my heart melt they are so precious how can they suit the pink so well Scoups like go back to MANSAE era and Chani that SMILE and Wonwoo POUT and The8 and Hoshi with the adorable HAT and Mingyu and DK in pink HOODIE and Woozi is so SOFT and Joshua wearing SPECS and Jeonghan pretty like real ANGEL I feel tears and Seungkwan is sooooo YOUNG and Jun so BEAUTIFULLLLL and Vernon is PERFECT from hair to toes 😭❤❤❤

    Tzyy HanTzyy HanMonth ago
  • シュアちゃん、、、丸メガネは反則//////// もうッ、、、、、全てカワイイんだからッ。。。

    シュアの嫁になりたいシュアの嫁になりたいMonth ago
  • I think I just caught woozi biting jeonghan's finger for squishing his cheeks .LMAO CUTE UwU

  • Joshua with glasses killed me

    Biển Muối Vô Biên Monsta XBiển Muối Vô Biên Monsta XMonth ago
  • this reminds me of adore u, mansae and pretty u era so much 😭💕 good old timeeeeees

    hoseok sushinehoseok sushineMonth ago
  • Ohh my heart ♥♥😭

    cici widyacici widyaMonth ago
  • 0:27 if you just turn on the english captions...

    UwU강상윤UwU강상윤Month ago
  • aweee❤️😭

    jaz minejaz mineMonth ago
  • Does anyone know bout Jihoon pink shirt? it's so adorable

    Lala NanaLala NanaMonth ago
  • so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Maui RintMaui RintMonth ago
  • jeonghan is surely dangerous eh

    Herni AliaHerni AliaMonth ago
  • i’ll help you guys out -> 2:40

    kpop industry is not normalkpop industry is not normalMonth ago