Skillet - Hero (Official Video)

The official video for "Hero" by Skillet from their album 'Awake'.
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  • First time since 10 years, feels like traveling in time

    Johnny WalkerJohnny Walker9 hours ago
  • I remember hearing this on svr 2010 and final found this song

    Washot915Washot91513 hours ago

    Eliuneto OliveiraEliuneto Oliveira14 hours ago
  • Listening to this song on April 1st, 2020 thinking about all of our doctors, nurses, and everyone in the medical community all over the globe putting their lives on the line to save others from a pandemic.

    Mia GreenMia Green16 hours ago
  • 👍

    Bulbasaur 999Bulbasaur 99917 hours ago
  • HERO

    bektaro challengebektaro challenge23 hours ago
  • Привет, дорогой русскоговорящий друг. Не знаю как ты меня нашёл в этой куче иностранных, странных комментаторов, но я очень рад что ты смог это прочесть. Ну, а если серьёзно, то слушай Skillet и отдыхай.

    Nicola NotNicola NotDay ago
  • Legend man

    lori westtedddylori westtedddyDay ago
  • Smack down vs raw 🥶

    Tyler EvansTyler EvansDay ago
  • SVR 2010 in 2020 anyone?

    Eythyn HobanEythyn HobanDay ago
  • Who are the 40.000 "people" that disliked this?

    Lux MorLux MorDay ago
  • i'm a hero.,-.-. in 4/2020

    OMEGA GttzOMEGA GttzDay ago
  • Is there anyone on 2020

    Saulo MiguelSaulo MiguelDay ago
  • Please, stop asking if anybody is listening in ____ year

    A Guy That ExistsA Guy That ExistsDay ago
  • Хм... Есть ли русские любители скиллета?

    Мастерская сериаловМастерская сериаловDay ago
  • Smack Down vs Raw 2010 song

    Okan KckOkan KckDay ago
    • Dude nostalgia

      I_uze_haxI_uze_haxDay ago
  • Hi from 2020.

    Mihan fileMihan fileDay ago
  • Who else has this song on their list of favorite songs ever

    RhexxRhexxDay ago
  • This shit is so cringey.

    LadiesMan804LadiesMan804Day ago
    • Shut the hell up

      【๖ۣۜRose】【๖ۣۜRose】Day ago
  • Algum brasileiro ?????

    Two FiresTwo Fires2 days ago
    • Eu!

      Luanna Martins MagalhãesLuanna Martins Magalhães2 days ago
  • türk var mı?

    berk çetinberk çetin2 days ago
    • İm here knk :D

      dasdsaddasdsadDay ago

    Mr gamingMr gaming2 days ago
  • 10 fucking years...

    Malchik ggMalchik gg2 days ago
  • OMG

    ZADAR 777ZADAR 7772 days ago
  • official

    Leandro PomaLeandro Poma2 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="22">0:22</a>

    Drew Michael 2005Drew Michael 20052 days ago
  • You're not the only one who watches this in 2020

    Paweł PaluchPaweł Paluch2 days ago
  • THANK YOU !!!

    Bodya 69Bodya 692 days ago
  • 10 YEAR 😢🤔

    STEVESTEVE3 days ago
  • maymun suratlı erkek

    serkan ogulserkan ogul3 days ago
  • i love this musik

    Barnens PaddaBarnens Padda3 days ago
  • I think it was wwe raw?

    MAGNUM ماگنومMAGNUM ماگنوم3 days ago
  • Я вас очень любим вас

    Максим ЕвсаМаксим Евса3 days ago
  • 2020

    jaypee renosjaypee renos3 days ago
  • Fantasy

    Kristóf BorosKristóf Boros3 days ago
  • We're all heroes...when, where and how. God bless 😇 all us first responders

    Drew PoolerDrew Pooler3 days ago
  • Wwe ???

    D PencilD Pencil3 days ago
  • This song is dedicated to all the doctors, police and firefighters who work every day to keep us safe from the Coronavirus.

    Worms524Worms5243 days ago
  • Linkin Park - Papercut

    willshinodalpwillshinodalp3 days ago
  • Jesus IS the hero they're singing about.

    PurpleLuvBug 17PurpleLuvBug 173 days ago
    • True

      PacifistPacifist2 days ago
  • WWE SVR 2010

    IO GAMINGIO GAMING3 days ago
  • everyone who dislike doesnt know what goo music is

    Aidan HoutsAidan Houts3 days ago
  • Mkes me think in the doctors working in this pandemia

    Gustavo CoreyGustavo Corey3 days ago
  • 2020 ❤🤘

    Jp AraújoJp Araújo4 days ago
  • _2020?_

    Артур ИзмаганбетовАртур Измаганбетов4 days ago
  • Wwe 2010

    Gabriel AugustoGabriel Augusto4 days ago
  • I cant stop replaying this song

    Giannis AntetokounmpoGiannis Antetokounmpo4 days ago
  • I remember this song from my first wwe game it was 2007 version i think

    deadly sindeadly sin4 days ago
  • I can say i'm still listening to every song of Skillets no matter how old I am. Think I was 15 and i'm 25 now, a long journey through school with you guys pretty much. Love You Guys Heaps!

    Jay ShadowJay Shadow4 days ago
  • heroبطل

    dania doghmoschdania doghmosch4 days ago
  • Coronavirus?

    Piero RoquéPiero Roqué4 days ago
  • Counter Strike 1.6 one love! [Hero and Daymos]

    Vlad BlazeVlad Blaze4 days ago
  • What Fuck You

    Evren mahmut DiricanlıEvren mahmut Diricanlı4 days ago
  • Almost a decade but this song still relevant, fighting pandemic and we are heroes.

    imran hazimimran hazim4 days ago
  • This song gives me a nostalgia trip when i played mech assault 2 lone wolf

    KVM LXKVM LX4 days ago
  • Cómo se llama la de la batería ??

    ReadySniper34ReadySniper344 days ago
  • Why I think I listened this song? Somebody else?

    pablo calatayudpablo calatayud4 days ago
  • Krl, eu escutava muito essa musica quando era pequeno e sempre queria dar um de Kid Buu tlgd kkkk ★2 0 2 0★ Hero!

    Wagner PazWagner Paz4 days ago
    • True

      Cristi BordeiCristi Bordei9 hours ago
  • 🇺🇸😎👍

    Walter JonesWalter Jones4 days ago
  • I'm a soldier in the US Army who is about to be deployed to help stopping the spread of the corona virus. This song is very encouraging for me considering this is my first deployment

    General Zin drakenGeneral Zin draken4 days ago
    • Man, you are a hero

      Originalnut FacesOriginalnut Faces3 days ago
  • Dinlediğim en güzel muzikler arasında

    Selçuk İşlerSelçuk İşler4 days ago
    • :D

      dasdsaddasdsadDay ago
  • Песня Герой 👍.

    Никита СимоновНикита Симонов4 days ago
    • Согласен 🤘

      Nicola NotNicola NotDay ago
  • anddy ronaldanddy ronald4 days ago
  • The song that started it all. Just seen my fourth concert less than a month ago with my daughter. The band has forever changed my life.

    G PG P5 days ago
  • i love skrillet hero i need a hero

    maria vidalmaria vidal5 days ago
  • me gusta

    maria vidalmaria vidal5 days ago
  • Anyone else watching in 2020??

    Exclipsia_Exclipsia_5 days ago
  • Тут 228 млн просмотров А у оригинальной версии, выложенной на самом канале Skillet - 13 млн

    Montage RiseMontage Rise5 days ago
  • this is a song that predicted that in hard times we need our hero Jesus

    Brice grimesBrice grimes5 days ago
  • Essa musica e top mais slc

    Diego abreu66Diego abreu665 days ago
  • 2020 anyone?

    Alex FedorenkoAlex Fedorenko5 days ago
  • *2020 medic ITS Hero*

    Od1NNOd1NN5 days ago
  • Anyone 2020???

  • I heard this song when it came out and I've been to there concerts and I still love them ❤❤

    Hailey HeinemannHailey Heinemann5 days ago
  • Ya me dijo lo siguiente en la primera parte y en mi caso se lo que se puede decir que no se puede ser la gente con que me jorby de un dia me siento muy bien en la misma y no he visto 67 minutos y que se que me siento como

    Yanci HernandezYanci Hernandez5 days ago
  • Una vez se le pregunte si es posible encontrar el mismo nombre de una chica de la edad de 88 minutos de una persona con la misma pareja o

    Yanci HernandezYanci Hernandez5 days ago
  • Ri43kem

    Yanci HernandezYanci Hernandez5 days ago
  • WWE

    Lucas BelemLucas Belem5 days ago
  • Right now in this situation of the world the song really match.hope every one stay safe from covid 19

    Priyam ChatterjeePriyam Chatterjee6 days ago
  • I came to know this song from wwe

    Priyam ChatterjeePriyam Chatterjee6 days ago