Stephen A. Smith: This is why Eagles should sign Antonio Brown? | First Take

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  • Max is funny ... fos!

    FeelingLikeAMillionEntertainmentFeelingLikeAMillionEntertainment6 months ago
  • I usually agree with max but come on man they r making themselves look bad because they don’t like wentz 🤔🤥🤥🤫🙄

    John McJohn Mc6 months ago
  • This to 😂😂😂😂

    Steven NealSteven Neal6 months ago
  • NOBODY should sign AB i repeat NOBODY. guys like him make the whole league look bad. Is he really that much more important than other elite receivers? Nah. Let him join kap and other spoiled brats who arent in the nfl anymore.

    Sebastian SingerSebastian Singer6 months ago
  • 215 stand up 🤞🏻

    CALFEXECALFEXE6 months ago
  • I'm enjoying the debate, the passion, both points of view. I want to know from stevenay, what do u think it is? U said over and over what it's not and max is wrong. (Max, you're wrong and I am going to tell u why...") but u r not offering an alternative theory. So according to u stevenay, the eagles Should be better, they shouldn't BE dropping passes. Max is taking a guess but u r just saying no you r not putting anything out there for other ppl to judge. ("Thats ridiculous!") Foles gave philly something special(almost did it twice). Randall McDaniel Cunningham, jaworski, McNabb couldn't do it. If they had let the often injured Wentz's go and kept Foles, they could have gotten a bunch of picks 4 wentzy and start looking 4the next Carson Wentzeslaus. Their record shows that they really wouldn't have lost anything. Hind sight is 20/20. They really thought Wentz was something that he is not. He looks great on paper, wins games once in a while. The leadership is just not on point, for whatever reason. Maybe growing up in north Dakota or Wyoming he didn't learn how to relate to ppl who r growing up in the inner city? Idk, but it is Fascinating! First world problems, right?

    reginaldino enchilladareginaldino enchillada6 months ago
  • Antonio can get hired back collins can't????? Really???!!!!!

    kb productionskb productions6 months ago
  • White boy is a moron needs to be fired talkin psyco-semantic crap in football. Blame the QB because the receivers can't catch crabs in a whore house. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    John PetersonJohn Peterson6 months ago
  • MollyWood

    Cultivar RiquezasCultivar Riquezas6 months ago

    Diante LoweDiante Lowe6 months ago

    Refi BayuRefi Bayu6 months ago
  • Jackson & AB 😆 sure that works with softy Wentz

    H BH B6 months ago
  • Stephen A Funny ash 😭😂

    BREEZOBREEZO6 months ago
  • He should go back to the patriots.

    Jmontana1017Jmontana10176 months ago
  • Let’s go AB come back !

    Corey ReederCorey Reeder6 months ago
  • Max you know NOTHING about football just stick to boxing

    Anthony GonzalezAnthony Gonzalez6 months ago
  • Lets Go!! 🦅🦅🦅Sign AB #Birdgang

    SaikoSaiko6 months ago
  • Stephen A is 100 right!!!!

    Michael GayMichael Gay6 months ago
  • Lol this might be Max’s worst take

    Brandon DBrandon D6 months ago

    pearboii IIpearboii II6 months ago
  • Max turned the whole conversation dumb as 💩

    Jimmy DeanJimmy Dean6 months ago
  • So they not catching passes because he’s a bad leader 🤔🤔🤔 Max trippin

    D. DavisD. Davis6 months ago
  • Hey, I’m 6’7 210, sign me, I’ll play

    Cory WilsonCory Wilson6 months ago
  • Who the hell is Robert Craft. A fukn trick. Max act like that is his Master.

    King RouxKing Roux6 months ago
  • You've got it all wrong, stop that nonsense. Antonio Brown should sign to... A mental health facility.

    Petit LouisPetit Louis6 months ago
  • AB has transitioned into a full blown nut job. Once he tried to intimidate the woman by using pictures of her children is flat scary. If he does not turn it around he will be in jail.

    Jim HollywoodJim Hollywood6 months ago
  • Get her ass off the show she is useless

    Blankman J5Blankman J56 months ago
  • Yoo, Max tripping 😂🤣😂🤣

    Mareo WainainaMareo Wainaina6 months ago
  • How can Stephen A say this man should be signed when he has allegations of rape

    Joshua GonzalesJoshua Gonzales6 months ago
  • They was catching Nick Foles balls [😕pause]

    Etron HattonEtron Hatton6 months ago
  • Max Kellerman with the worst take everrrrr!!!!!

    Andy BarcaAndy Barca6 months ago
  • I agree with all but it's like if u argue with wife or husband before work u might mess up on accident during work so I agree with max

    David MDavid M6 months ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> 😳 Straight facts Max! This segment was painful to watch thanks to this insanely hot take!

    S.i.C BeatsS.i.C Beats6 months ago
  • Max STFU

    Tone JTone J6 months ago
  • I’m sorry... the Philadelphia Eagles most certainly did not beat the Minnesota Vikings. In fact, they lost by 18... They literally said that the eagles beat the Vikings on national television... Wtf are they talking about 😂

    Michael HendersonMichael Henderson6 months ago
  • AB is a cancer and a racist

    T P TT P T6 months ago
  • WE WILL GLADLY TAKE AB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fakefree KPFakefree KP6 months ago
  • I'ma eagles fan and lm tired of watching them receivers. I'd be willing to try anything.

    tyrone harttyrone hart6 months ago
  • Max has no idea what he's talking about and actual players are saying otherwise and he's still being obstinate. Then he rides with foles and forgets that the first time foles left the team the eagles.. guess what... Lead the league in WR drops 🤣

    Richard KaneRichard Kane6 months ago
  • The other guy is so right. Deliberately dropping passes puts their job in jeopardy

    Anita WilliamsAnita Williams6 months ago
  • Max say some dumb ass shit....

    steven lowesteven lowe6 months ago
  • Now the Miami dolphin need some help😂

    Odessa LandryOdessa Landry6 months ago
  • Stephen A yells too fckn much. Super annoying.

    Joe OlveraJoe Olvera6 months ago
  • Soooo I guess the receivers hated mcnab too

  • Hey Max... they were catching the ball in 2017,when wentz was a candidate for the mvp. I was with max until he came at wentz. Smhh they just stink this year.

  • quit it nobody should sign that garbage

    Berto ABerto A6 months ago
  • came for Eagles talk and ended up seeing the biggest beef between Stephen and Max 💀

    generation stupidgeneration stupid6 months ago
    • Fuck a teleprompter these are freestyle battles of football news

      David HammondDavid Hammond6 months ago
  • smh I’ve literally been saying everything stephen a said in this video yet people disagree heavily with my statements. y’all people need to be LESS STUBBORN and argue like adults.

    generation stupidgeneration stupid6 months ago

    generation stupidgeneration stupid6 months ago
  • Stephen A vs. EDP445 😂

    210Jay210Jay6 months ago
  • it could be t.o. all over again

    Vincent AcquistaVincent Acquista6 months ago
  • I’m starting to think Max is being told by the producers to make silly arguments to amp up the show. He used to be way more intelligent in his arguments but nowadays he just says some of the most stupid things just for hot takes.

    Facts OnlyFacts Only6 months ago
  • Does max remember what ended the eagles season last year?

    MR.DALEKMR.DALEK6 months ago
    • I don’t think he does. Alshon dropped a ball that was in turn intercepted on a game winning drive that sealed the game for the Saints. Oh and Nick Foles was the QB. Max says anything for a hot take.

      Facts OnlyFacts Only6 months ago

    Chris ShanklinChris Shanklin6 months ago
  • Lmao I thought AB was in school

    Chris ShanklinChris Shanklin6 months ago
  • That's some passive-aggressive female s*** are they checking wentzs phone too?

    Eddie 3:16Eddie 3:166 months ago
  • Eagles should sign AB but by sign by the hour, every hour he signs new contract for the next hour even in the middle of a game.

    Mop headMop head6 months ago
  • Max you sound really crazy

    Tyree MackinsTyree Mackins6 months ago
  • I've noticed the same thing sure they would rather play for foles

    Titan FitnessTitan Fitness6 months ago
  • How is sending the text and addressing the issue with the girl such a big deal?

    Maverick BobMaverick Bob6 months ago
  • Nick should have been qb for eagles not wentz they won a dam superbowl with him then let him go

  • We got stomped by the Vikings wtf 😂

    Sizzle 28Sizzle 286 months ago
  • Max sound so stupid it's sad. How TF do these people get on television 🤦🏽‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️

    i wonderi wonder6 months ago
  • Max tell us who threw Alshon Jeffery the ball in that game against N.O in the playoffs

    Gary SuttonGary Sutton6 months ago
  • Max is waaaaaaaay off.... I hope they make a Baby Stephen A and a baby Max K episode off of this🤣😂

    If it's in the Word Then it's in the wordIf it's in the Word Then it's in the word6 months ago
    • If it's in the Word Then it's in the word 😂

      Cory WilsonCory Wilson6 months ago
  • TO 2.0

    ws 2019ws 20196 months ago
  • If we get foles back AB should come

    Kaba FolayanKaba Folayan6 months ago
  • Max Kellerman wants to be Nick Foles BFF soooooo bad he puts his job on the line with takes like this

    David HodgesDavid Hodges6 months ago
    • David Hodges eye*

      J ShugeJ Shuge6 months ago
    • David Hodges nick foles is a better pocket passer Carson wentz is a yes formation quarterback they both have advantages and disadvantages

      J ShugeJ Shuge6 months ago
    • @Kaba Folayan I'm not disrespecting him but anyone that thinks Foles is better than Wentz clearly didn't watch the first of the season

      David HodgesDavid Hodges6 months ago
    • Put some respect on Foles name he won philly they first superbowl

      Kaba FolayanKaba Folayan6 months ago
  • Weren't catching Foles' balls either. Clearly, Alshon dropped the easiest pass in the world against New Orleans to set up the game tying field goal. The Eagles' receivers are just bumbs. Point blank period. Alshon has no room to talk either...

    Abu ShabakahAbu Shabakah6 months ago
  • Max your idiot

    Biil SmithBiil Smith6 months ago
  • Alshon dropped the pass when they played the saints in the playoffs last year so does that mean he didn’t like Nick Foles?

    shizz_ muzeshizz_ muze6 months ago
    • Kaba Folayan the one important pass that got in his head because people really claim the it’s his fault they didn’t get to the championship

      True Savage PlayZTrue Savage PlayZ6 months ago
    • That was one pass though

      Kaba FolayanKaba Folayan6 months ago
  • Ok Max Kellerman is officially a fool

    shizz_ muzeshizz_ muze6 months ago
  • Stephen A. Smith is correct, doesn't matter if you don't like the QB you have a job wich you getting paid a lot of money , do your job no matter what.

    Ivan Chavez OrtizIvan Chavez Ortiz6 months ago
  • We got curbstomped by the Vikings tho lol

    John DoeJohn Doe6 months ago
    • Who are We your not?!

      Todd HenleyTodd Henley6 months ago
  • No no they shouldn't sign him he's a great player but not worth the headache

    John DoeJohn Doe6 months ago
  • They tripping eagles never played Minnesota

    Joe HicksJoe Hicks6 months ago
  • Max just said some bullshit

    Joe HicksJoe Hicks6 months ago
  • First I agree the eagles or Rams should sign AB, especially since PHI grossly downplayed DJax injury and missed on Josh Gordon; that is if you’re trying to win now. They should at least plant the seed to AB to resolve all of just matters ASAP as it would help AB at least for next year. Max was a little punch drunk with that statement and tried retracting some of it. All those WR were balling before (with) Wentz tore his ACL; who stayed in for an additional play to help his team score again. If they don’t sign AB, they need to go heavy on 2 TE base formations since those dudes do catch and can help PHI in the run game. PUT your best players, practicing/performing at a high level by week, on the field.

    mivoriesmivories6 months ago
  • Max K. Needs to get kicked off the Show. Obviously don't know what he's talking about. Carson is Def. A Leader & he will Prove it

    Abm SwagAbm Swag6 months ago
    • @James Newton you must of forgot Carson Wentz started us on that Superbowl run 11-2 before injury. It started with him not Foles. & Foles had a great Finish & was a big contributor but it was the Coaching & Team effort that Got us where we needed to be Not just Nick Foles! Carson's nothin like luck 3injuries compared to luck's numerous amount of injuries. So bad he had to Retire. He's healthy now & is having a 15-4 TD/Int ratio even with these sorry excuse for receivers. GREAT NOW & ALWAYS WILL BE. Do your research on my team b4 you reply to my post. 💯

      Abm SwagAbm Swag6 months ago
    • Abm Swag 0 playoffs wins and came back next yea went 6-6 and foles saved y’all season he Andrew luck 2.0 lots of hype overrated and injury prone 💯

      James NewtonJames Newton6 months ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> 😂😂😂😂

    TigerRaven18 2018TigerRaven18 20186 months ago