Surprising Austin for his 28th birthday... **Emotional**
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  • Your are super family

    Solmaz KAYINSolmaz KAYIN10 hours ago
  • Yeah i will

    Rosey RedRosey Red10 hours ago
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    Chisom AmadiChisom Amadi10 hours ago
  • Awww Elle is the best sister and daughter anyone could have 💕💕🥰

    Shamnam OmarShamnam Omar10 hours ago
  • Ok imma be honest i did not know austin was in his 20's I thought he was in his 30's or something

    its bellaits bella11 hours ago
  • Can u put chef will I'm vids more often

    Tiffany ChavezTiffany Chavez11 hours ago
  • Happy birthday, Austin.

    Valeria MongeValeria Monge12 hours ago
  • Austin:Capri sun no we don’t drink this anymore Capri sun:Am I a JoKe tO yoU

    shirley toledoshirley toledo12 hours ago
  • Happy birthday AUSTIN

    Maria SterlingMaria Sterling12 hours ago
  • Whats the name of the intro song?

    Shantell Anette DelgadoShantell Anette Delgado12 hours ago
  • he is a NOT WORTH FOR U

    Reina RobloxReina Roblox12 hours ago
  • done

    amya murrayamya murray13 hours ago
  • Elle is soo cute and helpful😍!

    Anna BrittonAnna Britton14 hours ago
  • Haaaappppyyyy birrrttthhhhdddaaaaayyyyyy

    Märta ErlandssonMärta Erlandsson15 hours ago
  • elle is damn cute and pretty

    Aarushi NegiAarushi Negi15 hours ago
  • Happy (belated) Birthday!

    Linda FitzgeraldLinda Fitzgerald15 hours ago
  • catherine's so sweettttttt, just imagine someone made your own kind of drink.

    red blackred black15 hours ago
  • Happy Birthday 🎉🎁🎂🎊

    Jnice 14Jnice 1416 hours ago
  • Elle is such a big girl now!💜

    Holly MajorHolly Major16 hours ago
  • does anyone else think that Austin looks just like his mom.....just me ok. :-)

    bakgametsi mackbakgametsi mack17 hours ago
  • So you wanna tell me Elle this whole time thought her dad was 5😂😂😂😂it's nice being a kid

    Memory MulengaMemory Mulenga17 hours ago
  • 😇😇😇😀

    Farren YonFarren Yon17 hours ago
  • Happy birthday

    Richard AckerleyRichard Ackerley18 hours ago
  • Am I the only one that was watching Elle open Austin’s second gift before he could get to it & then she noticed he was reading the card again so she started putting the tissue paper back in the gift so fast😂😂😂

    JosephineJosephine18 hours ago
  • Me and Elle have the same birthday may 28 birthday twins! And Gemini’s !

    Unique kayUnique kay18 hours ago
  • Me I want to try one

    Mandy HancockMandy Hancock18 hours ago
  • Happy birthday To uuuuuuuu i love u soooooo Much

    Katie HawKatie Haw18 hours ago
  • Ok but am i the only one who thinks that alaïa doesn’t really look like moana more then Elle used to?

    LifewithajaLifewithaja19 hours ago
  • Plz get back in shape after baby #3 like you were b4 alaïa

    Queen GabbyQueen Gabby19 hours ago
  • my berthday is november 18th im turning 11

    hayden porterhayden porter19 hours ago
  • my birthday wish is to meat the ace family i cant cuz coved19 im so sad

    hayden porterhayden porter19 hours ago
  • no one: catherine: i like to keep it simple also catherine: buys a frikin rolex

    Rani ShahwanRani Shahwan19 hours ago
  • Austin : no no Capri Suns no we don’t do Capri Suns anymore we do silly juice

    Alex GarciaAlex Garcia20 hours ago
  • If you guys wanna sell Austins drink at a store tell him to do a commercial about it so everyone in the world can see it and would like to try it

    Alex GarciaAlex Garcia20 hours ago
  • AH OMG the cutest i saw with Alaia and her crop top

    Tanaysia BrathwaiteTanaysia Brathwaite20 hours ago
  • Me and aliáis outfit is killing me

    Lays WorldLays World20 hours ago
  • Never seen anyone more excited to see juice than Austin 😂

    SoaR TempoSoaR Tempo20 hours ago
  • I love youuuui ace family 🥰

    Crystal MercadoCrystal Mercado21 hour ago
  • Oh my God I’m bout to cry I love you guys OK so guys my name is Victoria this is my dad account

    Franswa SimmonsFranswa Simmons21 hour ago
  • Belated happy birthday!!!! So cool presents... just love it all

    Ningrod VlogsNingrod Vlogs21 hour ago
  • NAYR

    Naryah PayneNaryah Payne21 hour ago
  • Why do austin look 23

    Jabriah KimbleJabriah Kimble21 hour ago
  • Forgot to say congratulations Catherine

    Nevaeh PeavlerNevaeh Peavler21 hour ago
  • Call me I my number is +18638456931

    Nevaeh PeavlerNevaeh Peavler21 hour ago
  • You started from the bottom line and now you guys are on top I'm still here since from the start luv y'all all Ace Family!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤

    Ysabel GarciaYsabel Garcia22 hours ago
  • How can people dislike this amazing video ☠️

    Jada StewartJada Stewart22 hours ago
  • It makes me a little sad ya'll sometimes seem to be careful about what you guys are saying. I hope you guys still enjoy doing USproject and are happy!

    Manda May TodayManda May Today22 hours ago
  • I wanna find out how she got that juice made!! 🧐😏

    marie malavemarie malave22 hours ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1271">21:11</a> I will love to try the steak burrito.😋

    KLongaresKLongares22 hours ago
  • I so wanna taste it

    gaming with Olson & Aaliyah master'sgaming with Olson & Aaliyah master's23 hours ago
  • Even though I’m not a fan Happy birthday to Austin 🥳🥳🎂🍾

    Stephplaysgames MunozStephplaysgames Munoz23 hours ago
  • they are sooo sweet and humble people omgggg i love you guys!

    Akella HenryAkella Henry23 hours ago
  • THAT WATCH IS 40,000 DOLLARS !!!!!!!!

    Arianna ReyesArianna Reyes23 hours ago
  • Where did you get those outfits for the baby???

    Karla RiveraKarla Rivera23 hours ago
  • Happy birthday Austin and ele

    Angela AbregoAngela Abrego23 hours ago
  • lol

    Kenzie The QueenKenzie The Queen23 hours ago
  • He’s a cheater

    Saiqaxx ParveenSaiqaxx Parveen23 hours ago
  • I think elle doesn't feel good giving Austin lip kisses anymore......

    Crystal BudhramCrystal Budhram23 hours ago
  • How can people hate on y’all!!! I love y’all so much omg🥺💕💕

    Mckenzie HydeMckenzie Hyde23 hours ago
  • Tell me why I had the exact same balloons

    Yoana VillalvaYoana VillalvaDay ago
  • Happy birthday! 🥺❤️

    Adoptme_bloxburg _freeaccAdoptme_bloxburg _freeaccDay ago
  • My birthday is 15/05 !!!!So close to his birthday omggg!!

    Gacha_ ItzGacha_ ItzDay ago
  • Ik austin went crazy when he seen lai lai in that two piece like he did elle

    sehhi vootysehhi vootyDay ago
  • Elle changing her baby sister at 3 me at 9 not even being abiun to add 2-1 that how you know they a good family

    katheline Garciakatheline GarciaDay ago
    • can i make y’all some brownies people say make the BEST brownies 😁

      sehhi vootysehhi vootyDay ago
  • Oliver mcbroom

    Arianna RiveraArianna RiveraDay ago
  • I can’t wait til I have as many viewers as you!

    Kiara RazoKiara RazoDay ago
  • Love you guys♥️

    Hayley CapaceHayley CapaceDay ago
  • Happy 28th Birthday Austin

    Diya PatelDiya PatelDay ago
  • Catherine: “I have some gifts that are more personal gifts that I’m gonna give off camera.” Catherine: “I’m gonna give him so more personal things that just don’t need to be in the vlog” Watchers: Oh, we catch your drift Catherine😉😏🤣

    Jacob McCainJacob McCainDay ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> Elle is a mood 😂😂😂

    Carly SearcyCarly SearcyDay ago
  • Can your chef cook for me and ma famm😝😝❤️

    Tatianna ReeveyTatianna ReeveyDay ago
  • Showing love from TsmpaFl ♥️♥️♥️

    Nely GonzNely GonzDay ago
  • Elle is getting so big and smart so is alaia 🥰you guys are doing gr8 cathyyy I loved the little talk ♥️

    Nely GonzNely GonzDay ago
  • Ok so i always thought Austins Dad was Catherine's dad because he looks kinda like Ryan like yea or am i wrong

    Alicia ChairezAlicia ChairezDay ago
  • y’all i miss the old intro song

    Kylie KindredKylie KindredDay ago
  • Happy birthday Austin 🥳🧁🎉🥳🎂 I hope you get what you wish for

    Sophia CastilloSophia CastilloDay ago
  • Rii I was like I know y'all see alaia abs I think I spelled her name wrong but oh well

    Tatianna ReeveyTatianna ReeveyDay ago
  • go follow my you tube Channel =)

    Betzy RamirezBetzy RamirezDay ago
  • I hope there son is born on my birthday 🥰🥳 June 23

    Tatianna ReeveyTatianna ReeveyDay ago
  • “so what is it again”😂😂

    golden lyiahhhgolden lyiahhhDay ago