Texans vs. Chiefs Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs

The Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.
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  • More than a month later I still watch playoff game more than I do the Super Bowl because playoff games were more exciting of course and they played a big role getting into the Super Bowl 54 and the Kansas City Chiefs played a great and exciting playoff games and of course the Super Bowl similar to the playoff games but less winners point Go Chiefs come on 2020 Season

    KC-CHIEFS-MVP-15KC-CHIEFS-MVP-157 hours ago
  • im embarassed to watch this and im not a fan of either team

    Diego FernandezDiego Fernandez20 hours ago
    • then why are you watching?

      Starfox2009100Starfox20091008 hours ago
  • Am I the only one that realized that JJ Watt was getting manhandled

    RicoRico23 hours ago
  • Everyone talking about Sorenson being the star here, don't forget about Schwartz the right tackle, dude handled Watt and anyone else they threw at him all day/all playoffs. Guy is a beast.

    Tyler TTyler TDay ago
  • Texans: "How crazy of a comeback do you plan on putting into action? Chiefs: "Yes."

    Paradoxical JoyParadoxical JoyDay ago
  • I hate Kansas City chiefs i hope next year they don't win the Superbowl 55 in Tampa Bay Florida

    Addarius FrazierAddarius FrazierDay ago
    • @Addarius Frazier Not as long as old man Roethlisberger still is active lol

      Starfox2009100Starfox20091008 hours ago
    • Pittsburgh Steelers will win Super Bowl 55 Tampa Florida

      Addarius FrazierAddarius FrazierDay ago
  • this game was better than the SB

    Lamar Jackson JrLamar Jackson Jr2 days ago
  • 51-7 run. Unreal

    BrocktheBoxer PupBrocktheBoxer Pup2 days ago
  • Texans:We won’t pull a Falcons Mahomes:Hold my ketchup

    Matthew JosephMatthew Joseph2 days ago
  • we had them in the 1st quarter not gonna lie

    karbaonakarbaona3 days ago
  • That will never get old. 7 consecutive TD drives, wow

    Dan PaulDan Paul3 days ago
  • When JJ Watt’s picture was on the milk carton this game. He was M.I.A.

    XftbllplyrXftbllplyr4 days ago
  • I’ve never seen 6 million views on a football game!!!

    Deaven SnyderDeaven Snyder4 days ago
  • Best game ever

    Brian StevensBrian Stevens5 days ago
  • 2 people split a dollar KC: Yo I got 3 quarters Houston: Sorry, only got 1 quarter

    iamtheone andthebestoneiamtheone andthebestone5 days ago
  • I forgot to ask JJ do you and your brother need a ticket to the Super Bowl

    Danny BurkeDanny Burke5 days ago
  • They Got Bragging Rights For Real!@!!!!!There Good!!!Chiefs!!!

    Ivalina PasseIvalina Passe6 days ago
  • Patrick Mahomes play against the Lions this season helped him prepare for this game because they ran the exact same defensive formations against him and the trick was to keep scrambling to your right because there's nobody on the quarterback

    Pumpin GeorgePumpin George6 days ago
  • I don't care what anyone says, the Chiefs comeback In this game was incredible. Sorenson read that fake punt from the beginning. The muffed return was awesome, right into the hands of the chiefs.

    Patrick StovallPatrick Stovall7 days ago
  • at the begining

    R.I.P kobe BryantR.I.P kobe Bryant7 days ago
  • the chiefs beat the 49ers but now they loseing by the texans

    R.I.P kobe BryantR.I.P kobe Bryant7 days ago
  • Best game of the 2019 season

    FrankZx14FrankZx147 days ago
  • Come on why Texans lost come on now!

    Hung NguyenHung Nguyen7 days ago
  • VIdeo starts at 4:16

    StarlinerStarliner8 days ago
  • 5:56 - When you know karma is against you.

    Ludvig BorgaLudvig Borga8 days ago
  • What do you expect from the Oilers

    Kay FabeKay Fabe8 days ago
  • I just hare how the chiefs dropped the ball like the whole first quarter

    WireCan SamWireCan Sam8 days ago
  • every Texans fan during the super bowl That could have been us

    Spencer DugganSpencer Duggan9 days ago
  • Remember the shoot out between Jarred Geoff and Patrick Mahomes last season? 54 - 51 i think was the final score. That was a hell of an awesome football game. Pat Mahomes learned a lesson there. Now he is MVP and champ.

    Alex BolongaitaAlex Bolongaita9 days ago
  • When Jim Nantz says, “It’s Hardman!” During the return and hearing the crowd, the tears begin to flow!

    Mohammad ShukairMohammad Shukair10 days ago
  • Hardman gave them a boost of momentum with that return

    Mark SchmidtMark Schmidt10 days ago
  • Along with the KC Chiefs!

    Ruben GutierrezRuben Gutierrez10 days ago
  • The Houston Texans and the Baltimore Ravens will be the Super Bowl favorites next season.

    Ruben GutierrezRuben Gutierrez10 days ago
  • KC= King of Comebacks

    C2DAJAYC2DAJAY10 days ago
  • Bill O’Brien is a hack!

    Brennan McKinneyBrennan McKinney10 days ago
  • That was the best comeback I ever seen.

    MythicalMythical11 days ago
  • Texans: we can score 24 points in 1 quarter. Chiefs: we can score 28 points in 3 minutes

    Joe MamaJoe Mama11 days ago
  • Good work Chiefs didn't think you had 4 quarters you proved us wrong

    Chris The RockChris The Rock11 days ago
  • We won an entire season and superbowl with comebacks yall lol

    n9ne-_-balln9ne-_-ball11 days ago
  • 6

    Tamar HalpernTamar Halpern11 days ago
  • That's why the Chiefs are the super bowl champs

    Walter StokesWalter Stokes12 days ago
  • This was a damn good game

    Walter StokesWalter Stokes12 days ago
  • The Chiefs need to find a way to resign Watkins

    J RJ R12 days ago
  • Chiefs vs Texans : wanna see us come back Chiefs vs Titans : wanna see us do it again Chiefs vs 9ers : let’s do it again

    HeyStopIt EthanHeyStopIt Ethan13 days ago
  • The title should be renamed to how to blow a 24-0 lead in less than ten minutes

    Mark PetosaMark Petosa13 days ago
  • imagine getting reverse blown out

    EclipseEclipse14 days ago
  • Chiefs be like: “Let them score 24 and we’ll actually try.”

    Ahlam ThabataAhlam Thabata14 days ago
  • 13:42 *shattered glass* Stone Cold music starts

    McLovinMcLovin14 days ago
  • Andy Reid in the 1 quarter let them have their fun

    Landon GottschalkLandon Gottschalk14 days ago
  • 24-0

    Carlos EstradaCarlos Estrada15 days ago
  • How bout them chiefs 🐐

    Anthony WithersAnthony Withers15 days ago
  • It's worse than when the falcons choked bc the Texans allowed a 24 or comeback in 5 minutes the falcons allowed a comeback within 1 and a half quarters

    Aidan WestAidan West15 days ago
  • ㄷㅋ

    ki hki h15 days ago
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  • I like the Texans, but honestly I wanted someone to take down the 49ers more and I don't think the Texans or the Titans would have been up for the job.

    Steve JSteve J15 days ago
  • Fans: it’s ok, the chiefs have 3 quarters to come back Chiefs: *We only need 3 minutes*

    landslands15 days ago
  • Even tho they were losing by 24 points, the KC fans never lost hope . Now I know why they say that Kansas City Chiefs have the best fans in all sports. Congrats to KC from Lafayette Louisiana 👍🏾

    les antoineles antoine15 days ago
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    Bartos RobertBartos Robert16 days ago
  • Nobody gives credit to the Chiefs, guess not that many people like them. But remember, they have a really good QB, have more playoff experience now. Next season is going to be lit.

    Frank J. RiosFrank J. Rios16 days ago
    • KSH172 almost nobody picked the 49ers lol

      ItsJulianItsJulian16 days ago
    • KSH172 chiefs were the favorite to win in the nation. there’s a map graph and everything

      takenbysleep21takenbysleep2116 days ago
    • ItsJulian everyone picked 49ers to win on game day

      KSH172KSH17216 days ago
    • Nobody gives them credit? Bro what? They just won the Super Bowl and were the favorites? And everybody knows Mahomes is the best in the league 😂

      ItsJulianItsJulian16 days ago
  • Score: 24-0 Mahomes: Ok I'm done warming up.

    Alex DeckerAlex Decker16 days ago