That Is Why Lionel Messi Should Win Ballon D'or 2019 - Best 2019 Goals - HD

That Is Why Lionel Messi Should Win Ballon D'or 2019 - Best 2019 Goals - HD




  • He has got it again

    Hemant MagoHemant MagoDay ago
  • Football God is Messi

    Shone ShibuShone Shibu5 days ago
  • Stop changing the fucking camera angles

    Zack EZack E7 days ago
  • 0.58 “He can do whatever he wants because he is Lionel Messi” 👍

    prem sasiprem sasi7 days ago
  • He has already done this😅

    Ahmed KsontiniAhmed Ksontini7 days ago
  • Better to go another club, and do it something

    Inba SaharanInba Saharan8 days ago
  • Genius 🙌

    suraj amomsuraj amom8 days ago
  • Simply The best to do it

    Joseph RiveraJoseph Rivera8 days ago
  • GOAT🐑🐑

    Bayu PermanaBayu Permana8 days ago
  • Balon d'Or. LMAO! What a useless fucking trophy. Try scoring important penalties for your country!

    CooManTunesCooManTunes8 days ago
  • Messi holds 50% of the whole Barca team

    justice nketsiajustice nketsia8 days ago
  • ”HE IS DONE IT” MARTIN TAYLER - IDK when was it I knew it from the memes

    Hama_ GamingHama_ Gaming8 days ago
  • super football player 👑👽🏆🥇👏 lionel messi

    fernandus marpaungfernandus marpaung8 days ago
  • Thanks for the original sound

    Usman AhmadUsman Ahmad8 days ago
  • This*

    Jasper VermeerJasper Vermeer9 days ago
  • The Best Quotable Line at the beginning is: "HE CAN! Because he is LIONEL MESSI! He can do whatever (the freak) he wants!!!" SO SO SO TRUE! This man's soccer skills will never be seen again in this lifetime! No disrespect at to the maestros in the form of the mighty Pele and the legend, Maradona! MESSI bring tears to my eyes whenever I watch what he has done in his own lifetime in the Sport of Football! What humility at that! What a Team Player! What a decent FAMILY MAN! The latter makes him even greater than he already is!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!

    Senzo NcubeSenzo Ncube9 days ago
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    karangwa rwigemafredkarangwa rwigemafred9 days ago
  • There is no matter Whether which language or country or tradition The only emoji to describe LIONEL MESSI is the same LEO=🐐

  • I hate the feeling that messi is becoming slower....😥

    BORISH yumnamBORISH yumnam9 days ago
  • this video will make the other fans unhappy hahahaha

    amoypunx vodkabillyamoypunx vodkabilly9 days ago
  • Lo maximo!

    Mariano AparicioMariano Aparicio9 days ago
  • The Messi year of free kicks.. 😎

    Asadullah HamdulayAsadullah Hamdulay9 days ago
  • Poor Messi...He got balloon D'Or because he CAN'T won any trophy for Argentine. Balloon D'Or is only a GIVE AWAY to make him happy.

    Willy HooddWilly Hoodd9 days ago
  • Il mérite le ballon d'or arrêtons de dire n'importe quoi franchement.

    Patrick NgoloPatrick Ngolo9 days ago
  • LIO!!!

    Jas AriohJas Arioh9 days ago
  • Yes ballon d’Or , no Champion, go Liverpool again .

    Circhil EECirchil EE9 days ago
  • This year balon dor will be the easiest to judges

    wishwa agwishwa ag10 days ago
  • Next ballon dor for Messi All ballon dor cup for Messi

    Doğukan TekinDoğukan Tekin10 days ago
  • Gve him a free kick ND he will score 🔥🔥.. A free kick to him is like a penalty 💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️

    joey Tribbianijoey Tribbiani10 days ago
  • Greatest ever!He’s God of soccer

    Arik megrabyanArik megrabyan10 days ago
  • He has win it

    Syed WadoodSyed Wadood10 days ago
  • فکر کردن به اینکه یه روزی بارسا بدون مسی باشه، واقعا آزار دهنده است. 😳😞😶

    MostafaMostafa10 days ago
  • Gta 4 tune nice pick 😂

    Invincible TVInvincible TV10 days ago
  • And he did (!!!)

    Silvestre JoãoSilvestre João10 days ago
  • squash done tell Messi that the 6 is real since money fever song... Messi football is the way the game should be played but u need the team spirit barca have too with players respecting the rolls

    sykly Stevenssykly Stevens10 days ago
  • Ronaldo is way better than damn the ignorant racist Argentines playing for only one team for over a decade making him the best that's nonsense all greats players move to their comfort zone and show how best they are

    Bash BBash B10 days ago
  • Messi es uno de los jugadores más grande del mundo hasta hoy no hay nadie como él,, Messi

    Raul AremanaRaul Aremana10 days ago
  • What can I say messi must stop playing he have no size.

    Bertin NzajiBertin Nzaji10 days ago
    • @Mohamed Kerouf you forgot he is too much to be a player. His quality overpass all.

      Bertin NzajiBertin Nzaji8 days ago
    • Yeah he's too short he must stop playing football

      Mohamed KeroufMohamed Kerouf9 days ago
  • 0:00 Hey Messi, let's go bowling!!!!! 😂😂😂

    Leo de la RosaLeo de la Rosa10 days ago
  • Me : teacher do you know football?? Teacher; Nah Me: do you know Messi? Teacher; yessss.

    Ronaldo33CR7Ronaldo33CR710 days ago
  • mechi the 🐐

    The7mikaloThe7mikalo10 days ago
  • wau അടിപൊളി മെസ്സി 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷💪💪🌹🌹 Frome 🇮🇳🇮🇳👍👍

    muhammed ajmalmuhammed ajmal10 days ago
  • He deserves it


    N.L38 LjN.L38 Lj10 days ago
  • 81 Liverpool dislikes

    AI GALAAI GALA10 days ago
  • 4-0

    Tc extremeTc extreme10 days ago
  • 🐐🐐

    Alberto Meza VargasAlberto Meza Vargas10 days ago
  • The goat messi

    javinho harrisonjavinho harrison10 days ago
  • He is goat of all time.

    Vincent TamangVincent Tamang10 days ago
  • But he did?

    Michael SunMichael Sun10 days ago
  • Who's here after he won it?

    S JS J10 days ago
  • This guy has more 'highlight' goals in a season than most 'legends' have in an entire career. GOAT.

    Lalnunsanga RalteLalnunsanga Ralte10 days ago
  • Legend free kick is the best!!!Messi.juninho.ronaldo.bekham.rnaldhinho.pirlo..recoba.neved.delpeiro.dll

    Rio MariooRio Marioo10 days ago
  • Second to none.

    uiolax1967uiolax196710 days ago
  • Messi won the ballon d'or 6

    Areen ShahAreen Shah10 days ago
  • Messix is a master football in the world 👏

    Hapazoh HusseinHapazoh Hussein10 days ago
  • ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽ 👏

    Lucas VenusianoLucas Venusiano10 days ago
  • Messi is a Cheater player...Only stupid people's support him.

  • His name is Messi but he scores with no mercy... I pray I be able to come to Spain next year for your match.

    Thomson Eva GreatThomson Eva Great10 days ago
  • All his goals is like penalty... I believe that many goalkeeper will be his enemy because of his ridiculous goals every time.

    Thomson Eva GreatThomson Eva Great10 days ago