The Atlantic Records Story - The Independent Years - Hip To The Tip - Copyright Edit

First and last shown in April 1995. A great documentary on the history of one of the greatest record labels ever.
I had to edit it due to copyright claims. Hope this stays up this time!




  • Profiles in Pittsburgh Billy Eckstein was born on the North Side of Pittsburgh and then went to Homewood where he grew up. My Dad was good friends of his family and his grandmother on the North Side. He had a Record Place on The Hill District. Brother Billy Eckstein, put his Music Together and also was at the Crawford Grill # 2 where My family ran it Gus Greenlee and the Robinson family. Music was so much a part of my life and still is today. Thank you Atlantic record company amen

    Nora ParkerNora ParkerMonth ago
  • Profiles in Pittsburgh The Clover Group, Came to the Savoy Theater in the Hill district. My sister and brother went to see them in 1952. My dad detective Eugene Parker had to close up when the music was over. My sister was able to meet them along with my brother Joe Parker. These were great days and my dad always make sure they were able to get to their cars or two train or bus station to get home. Love Atlantic label. Amen

    Nora ParkerNora ParkerMonth ago
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  • thank you!

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  • sorry it's "mercy mercy"

    raphael roussoraphael roussoYear ago
  • ho those Stax arrangements ! can you hear the little guitar on "have mercy"?!! i thank you trillion times people for movin' heart and soul the way you did and putting good on earth !!

    raphael roussoraphael roussoYear ago
  • how i love "searchin'" by the Coasters ! the Spencer Davis group did a fine and exciiting version of it.

    raphael roussoraphael roussoYear ago
  • " it captured the sensibility of the whole world" .why ? just because those black versions are highly superiors to all the crap copies some music industials gave us . how do you explain that Lavern Baker (bless her ) can make me cry like a baby by singing such happy tunes ? am i a depressive character ? no she has the voice , she has the tone, she has the "grain", she has everything it takes to touch your deepin' soul . how come an artist accepts to steal another artist's work? tihis terrific documentary 's replacing things to where it's at . Thanks to all those musicians that changed the world and to you that posted this .

    raphael roussoraphael roussoYear ago
  • Thank you so much for posting this. Aretha made me cry.

    Kerry TwiggKerry TwiggYear ago
  • thanks

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  • This is by far one of the best documentaries ever shown!! My father is Billy Mitchell, the lead singer of the Clovers! I hope that other ppl will watch and enjoy this serious piece of musical history!! Thanks again!!

    Robert MitchellRobert MitchellYear ago
    • Hello, You don't know how many times, over the years, I've watched that Blues Revue video of The Clovers performing "Lovey Dovey" and "Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash" with your father on lead. I've got to add my appreciation and thanks for his talent (to you) which will live on forever. His style was so cool! It is a real privilege to be able to pass this on to one of his family members. I wish you and yours the best for the coming holidays on through 2019!!!

      FevertoriumFevertoriumYear ago