The life of wheat! Which is your favorite food made from wheat?关于小麦的一生,你最爱吃哪种面食?

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包子 凉皮 肉夹馍,麻花 面条 烤面筋…
As a child, I always expected the sound of “Ding-ding-tong” from Vendors selling rock maltose candy.
And grandpa would malt the wheat on his own to hand-pull maltose syrup for us.
From a handful of grain seeds to a basketful of wheat is a cycle of life.
Malt can turn into maltose, straws into hats, and flour into all divine combinations:
Steamed buns, cold jelly noodles, Chinese pork burgers, fried dough twists, noodles, and roasted gluten ...
What a treasure crop wheat is!

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  • what was this thing she put in water at 14.00

    MiA MorgenlärmMiA Morgenlärm3 hours ago
  • Hi, I like Chinese food especially BAOZI there are many Chinese restaurants in here and a lot Chinese peoples too, they are always correct and nice peoples that I like ...bye

    moon upmoon up3 hours ago
  • بصراحة مبدعة

    لمار ابوسيفلمار ابوسيف3 hours ago
  • How do you make the hat strips ?🤔

    Laura FarhatLaura Farhat4 hours ago
  • Two weeks after quarantine started in my country she was the first thing that came to my mind, I tried to find the good things about it so I started to plant my own veggies and some small fruit trees (I don't know if that was right, English is not my first language so, I apologize) now I have some strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes, cellery, small onions, carrots and other things waiting to be harvested :)

    Hector RiveraHector Rivera4 hours ago
  • hi

    QQ VNQQ VN4 hours ago
  • 小麦的前世今生,看了很感动!谢谢子柒带给我们的岁月静好!辛苦了!

    vivi jingvivi jing4 hours ago
  • The Chinese are great, the white people goverment must hate you

    henry 11henry 115 hours ago
  • Faforitkku ...yg d tunggu"

    sri yunaniksri yunanik5 hours ago
  • Those seitan skewers 🍢 and the bao 🥟 have my mouth watering. 💗💗💗

    NiKi KuRiToNNiKi KuRiToN5 hours ago
  • 농사도잘합니다

    사영탁사영탁5 hours ago
    • Có vn o đây k

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy4 hours ago
  • She so pretty... love it

    nor siahnor siah5 hours ago
  • اكثر شيء احبه في حياتها هو عدم وجود رجل ينغص عليها العيشة

    fati fatifati fati6 hours ago
    • 没有你做不到的东西,太厉害

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy4 hours ago
  • The best of USproject! Beautiful!!

    Hyru -》Hyru -》6 hours ago
  • I love your videos, those beautiful landscapes, the flowers in your garden, the food that you prepare all your crops, everything you do is wonderful, thanks for showing us what you do Thank you very much

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  • One of my Favorite

    Never StopNever Stop7 hours ago
  • صح يشتغلون ويتعبون بس كلشي مثالي مو مثلنة العرب كلشي دمار وتحطيم نفسي

    Baian emadBaian emad7 hours ago
  • muhtesem

    Yasemin Acer BürkükYasemin Acer Bürkük7 hours ago
  • what is my like abone amrica lizpi gril she good my last gun my is plahts my is two

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    Aom DaisyAom Daisy7 hours ago
  • Que orgullo del bueno de esa madre tener una hija como esa

    william marin soliswilliam marin solis7 hours ago
  • Wheat is the Indians' main food....... Roti our breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.... Which is made from wheat flour..... Hey u r great inspiration for Indian...m from North East India... Great work...

    Upasana SarmahUpasana Sarmah8 hours ago
  • I love the way she does everything. Stay blessed love!💓

    Maria NawazMaria Nawaz8 hours ago
  • 没有你做不到的东西,太厉害

    hongting guohongting guo8 hours ago
    • 还好菜刀是买的, 不是她打铁自制的 :)

      Lei MengLei Meng3 hours ago
  • Có vn o đây k

    Đại Sơn lureĐại Sơn lure8 hours ago
  • What actually that she CAN'T do??

    mochi's mirenmochi's miren8 hours ago
  • 这个视频简直太美了,让生活有阳光的感觉!谢谢子柒!有人知道蒸包子时候下面放的那个叶子是什么叶子吗?

    Suvda’s Life StyleSuvda’s Life Style8 hours ago
    • Suvda’s Life Style 一般是竹叶、芭蕉葉、或若無只好用包菜葉、白菜葉等等。

      WhatABeautifulYetSaddenedWorld Isn'tit?WhatABeautifulYetSaddenedWorld Isn'tit?4 hours ago
  • she looks so beautiful anyway

    DanhiDanhi8 hours ago
  • 牛逼

    紅模仿i紅模仿i8 hours ago
  • "What's your favorite food made from wheat?" Uh, bread?

    oh wordoh word9 hours ago
  • I love dexter

    maha saudmaha saud9 hours ago
  • Hope I have a chance to see you and have a picture of you personally. I am forever be your avid fan.

    Vel MorieVel Morie9 hours ago
  • Mam Liz, love all your videos and I kept watching it. Here from Dubai but Filipino OFW. I am so elated with all your videos from time to time and i even watched it repeatedly. My stress reliever. You are my Idol. Keep safe.

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  • Comparing to this time the rest of videos she showed before more hard work And very originally like she only doing all things but this time I felt little duplication like some one else doing and she just putting hand at the last . She made bamboo Farniture And the corn 🌽 video And the sugar cane she was making jaqry She only use to plag from farm all things And she make very nice night lamps also She make clothes sleepers for her grany everything I felt very original

    tanu tanutanu tanu9 hours ago
  • Người con gái tuyệt vời

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  • This video make me feel peace

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="574">9:34</a> was the purest sound i’ve heard

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  • eat so much food , faty food but i m surprised how she maintainted her figure ?/

    lokendra rawatlokendra rawat10 hours ago
    • lokendra rawat Asian ppl normally do. However the Easterners usually r fat in thier internal organs not under the skin or belly like the Westerners which r more obviously. Either way, both r not good for health.

      WhatABeautifulYetSaddenedWorld Isn'tit?WhatABeautifulYetSaddenedWorld Isn'tit?4 hours ago
  • I can't say anything seeing you are so perfect. You are a beautiful natural princess. always success. I hope you and your grandmother always healthy.

    Haryu LasmyHaryu Lasmy10 hours ago
  • Her mom would the happiest person on earth.....not to mention idk if she's still der but I hope and pray she still exist....

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  • YOU shoulld make a video about you and your grandma eating poop and drinking pee.

    Vincent Mui the gamerVincent Mui the gamer10 hours ago

    Vincent Mui the gamerVincent Mui the gamer10 hours ago
  • 子柒真的真的厉害了 USproject好像中国人比较少一点😂

    C. FC. F10 hours ago
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    เสิด อาไพโสเสิด อาไพโส10 hours ago
  • Ur food looks so delicious. Please give the name of ingredients you use in the video. So that I can try making your dishes. Lots of love India.

    Pramita GurungPramita Gurung10 hours ago
  • @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="413">6:53</a> Kindly Please show us How to make this simple useful machine ... Many Thanx

    Naval RathodNaval Rathod10 hours ago
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