The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James

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  • I saw someone today at primark wearing your shirt

    Martyna JaniszewskaMartyna JaniszewskaDay ago
  • Your Swedish lol

    Axel spelarAxel spelarDay ago
  • Make a face cam

    Axel spelarAxel spelarDay ago
  • Why haven’t TheOdd1sOut bin posting???

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  • May 27 is my birthday no lie XD XD

    story time_ boystory time_ boyDay ago
  • Pls up load

    Not Swat guyTTVNot Swat guyTTVDay ago
  • Y los subtítulos? :"c

    Sergio MartinezSergio MartinezDay ago
  • I'm sad its been more then a month since you made a video sorry that I'm complaining but you are my favourite USprojectr BLS

    Katie ButlerKatie ButlerDay ago
  • *me when I see the funko chamberlain in the video* OMGIHAVEALMOSTALLOFTHEDARKCHRYSTALPOPFIGURESAAAAA

    Aimee WAimee WDay ago

    Random PlayzRandom PlayzDay ago
  • Where the new stuff I need more James pls I need more pls

    Jennifer HathcockJennifer HathcockDay ago
  • I live in California and uhhhhh I like your videos and I am subscribed HELLO

    Annie ClarkeAnnie ClarkeDay ago
  • James please upload more

    SodaCanMan 123SodaCanMan 123Day ago
  • U haven’t posted a vid in a decade

    Thunder FilmsThunder FilmsDay ago
  • Make a vid on COPPA

    Team uprisingTeam uprisingDay ago
  • Who noticed that James coloured Netflix wrong the N was red and outside it was black

    gilberto neto valverde martinsgilberto neto valverde martinsDay ago
  • I a big fan! Next weekend I buying one your plushies at gamesstop

    Tracey DearTracey DearDay ago
    • Cuz I watch your videos and I subcribed

      Tracey DearTracey DearDay ago
  • Today I had a weird dream that James blackmailed me

    Aurelija VaičiulionėAurelija VaičiulionėDay ago
  • Hey theodd1sout guess what? I was searching my room and i have the locked in a dungeon card of neopets

    Playful GuardiansPlayful GuardiansDay ago
  • Did you know that there is a game of this coming to switch

    Goom BuddyGoom BuddyDay ago

    Jefrey KnightJefrey KnightDay ago
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  • Elmo?

    Ryan ShirleyRyan ShirleyDay ago
  • Mr beast

    creepy gamercreepy gamerDay ago
  • Has Un video en Español

    Vania CuetoVania CuetoDay ago
  • I dought James will see this but I just went to game-stop to get an e shop card and I Say they had the odd1sout plaushies. I got it and it was really good😀

    You can know play as LuigiYou can know play as LuigiDay ago
  • Like this to make James make a video on video games

    PeeEmKay 15PeeEmKay 15Day ago
  • There is a game of the dark crystal coming out in February

    Llama ToastLlama ToastDay ago
  • Arent you making vidd

    Vance gaminVance gaminDay ago

    Nick ZhaoNick ZhaoDay ago

      Nick ZhaoNick ZhaoDay ago
  • Why are the Skeksis looks like Plague Doctors??

    Junior JamesJunior JamesDay ago
  • *Sam,* *I know your busy fighting in WW3, but...* *Have you subscribed to the Odd1oneout?* 😦 😟 😅 😀 😉 *yes I have*

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  • 4:44 Fnaf Lore In A Nutshell

    Bon The Shadow DemonBon The Shadow DemonDay ago
  • James There is a russian USproject channel that earns money with all your hard work he just translate to russian

    Tyson GamesTyson GamesDay ago
  • When do u make a new video? It’s been a month and a half

    Brooke FerraiuoloBrooke FerraiuoloDay ago
  • 👋

    Abraham VasquezAbraham VasquezDay ago
  • they’re making a dark crystal turn based RPG called The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics

    Dumb IdiotDumb IdiotDay ago
  • omg post plz :{

    Kirklin PettitKirklin PettitDay ago
  • May 27th is my Bday!

    Aleem AhmadAleem Ahmad2 days ago
  • Rick Perry

    Aidan BachimAidan Bachim2 days ago
  • On the Nintendo switch

    Barnes family storiesBarnes family stories2 days ago
  • Do you know this movie is gonna have a game

    Barnes family storiesBarnes family stories2 days ago
  • it is my beath day to day in i got a oddisout plush

    Drayden AceDrayden Ace2 days ago
  • I woke up singing Life is Fun

    Rhodee GonzalesRhodee Gonzales2 days ago
  • J - just a - a m - man e - eating s - sooubway 🥪😂 [Not my idea☁️]

    Vom Chaosclan Sibirische KatzenVom Chaosclan Sibirische Katzen2 days ago
  • I hate Shrek

    Jacob's AnimationsJacob's Animations2 days ago
  • There coming out with a dark crystal video game

    dannyv218dannyv2182 days ago
  • I Started The Dark Cristail Seires After the Vis

    Christopher HarrisChristopher Harris2 days ago
  • Make a gaming channel for all kinds of games maybe start playing your favourite game for your first video please read me P.S. I LOVE YOUR VIDS

    Sigmund Riemond TadlasSigmund Riemond Tadlas2 days ago
  • I really want to watch this show with my friends I bet they will love it!

    Michael GrayMichael Gray2 days ago
  • Hey James is your younger sister single?

    WilliamRogers&TheExceptionalContentWilliamRogers&TheExceptionalContent2 days ago
  • 0:26 James: aRe U sUrE aBoUt ThAt? That is the most thick American accent I’ve ever heard

    5hun-4-B3rry5hun-4-B3rry2 days ago
  • *(wHeRe iS oUr tEaChEr paRt 2 jAmes?)*

    Aeron TablacAeron Tablac2 days ago
  • Whens your next vidio

    Tux_Fox_YTTux_Fox_YT2 days ago
  • I have watched all of your vids

    Thomas TraceyThomas Tracey2 days ago

    Katsuki BakugouKatsuki Bakugou2 days ago
  • Aghura is mystic

    Je1ly.beannnJe1ly.beannn2 days ago
  • James:how many lore's are there Me:oh james you forgot lexi lore

    Dwayne LavadoDwayne Lavado2 days ago
  • Where, a new video bro? P.S. I,m Russian and I like see your videos on original language)

    Анастасия КонстантиноваАнастасия Константинова2 days ago
    • And...... Umm.... And what?!

      Анастасия КонстантиноваАнастасия КонстантиноваDay ago
    • It takes 1 month to animate, Voice, Write the Script!

      TrustSoupTrustSoup2 days ago