The REAL Story of the Pilgrims - JonTron

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Director, Writer, Editor - Jon Jafari
Director of Photography/Line Producer - Sergio Emilio Torres
Gaffer - Michael Shayne
Editor - Andrew Reynoso
Production Designer - Lynell Vinuya
Junior Editor - Lewis Bown
Narrator - Lewis Bown
JonTron Remix by Tom Ryan




  • Me: Gets an ad for raid shadow legends straight away Jon Tron: I kNoW yOuVe HeArD aBOuT raId shAdoW leGenDs.

    Tg gamezTg gamezHour ago
  • The thing is my school district teaches all of this to you in 5th grade and you also learn about Jamestown

    Brennan ArmstrongBrennan Armstrong2 hours ago
  • Remember when the gaming content on Jons channel was more than Raid shadow legends ads? I fucking hate mobile games, yes i am blaming them for no more game reviews.

    roflcopterkklolroflcopterkklol5 hours ago
  • If you didn't know about Jamestown, or the fact there were other colonies long before them or pretty much most of this information, you either went to a shitty school or didn't pay any attention in class.

    bitfreakazoidbitfreakazoid7 hours ago
  • You son of a bitch after all these youtubers telling me to play Raid I’ll try it now

    SkullySkully10 hours ago
  • ok what was that man? i love your videos 😂

    JustinJustin11 hours ago
  • Imitating Squanto he sounds like Johnny cash

    Zachary GratschmayrZachary Gratschmayr13 hours ago
  • things I've had to say to my cat: "GO LICK THE FLOOR IN THE DINING ROOM, I'M TRYING TO WATCH JONTRON"

    HappyDementor67HappyDementor6715 hours ago
  • Bro mad nostalgia from the filthy frank gentlemen’s guide music @ the end

    ethanodonethanodon18 hours ago
    • @10:09

      ethanodonethanodon18 hours ago
  • Damn y'all dont learn about Jamestown? I thought all American schools learned about them and Roanoke, not just Virginia schools

    Carlos Avila-ibarraCarlos Avila-ibarra19 hours ago
  • Jon reversing "Ok Google" really made my day.

    Box CometBox Comet21 hour ago
  • I lived in iceland as a kid because there was a big aluminum smelting plant. They school they made for all the English speakers taught Jamestown

    simple mansimple man22 hours ago
  • “It was kool aid” “What did I say?” “Cyanide” “Yeah, the cyanide was in the kool aid, what do you think the kool aid killed them?”

    Cole LaBonneCole LaBonne22 hours ago
  • Plymouth Crag: Where our forefathers spawned. HAHAHHA

    grinningtiki220grinningtiki22023 hours ago
  • Jamestown was just a tiny colony that would never grow into anything

    Firebolt LovegoodFirebolt LovegoodDay ago
  • You forgot to mention the part where the pilgrims killed the Natives.... Who showed them kindness.... REAL kind folks those pilgrims were....

    _Data_Drain__Data_Drain_Day ago
  • I'm sure why I still come back

    bowser369bowser369Day ago
  • 6:15 Leiden is alsp the German word for Suffering no Joke

    PlatigxPlatigxDay ago
  • I love hearing Jon talking about my home country of the Netherlands

    TheFnafGuyTheFnafGuyDay ago
  • raid is shit

    diamondhawk2 the wings of legendsdiamondhawk2 the wings of legendsDay ago
  • Jontron I love you but raid shadow legends can stick their head where the sun doesn’t shine

    Brandon B. RichBrandon B. RichDay ago
  • jon tron Be TeAchEr at me SchOol

    MR SPACECAT 1980MR SPACECAT 1980Day ago
  • Jon: Why is it in a cage? Also Jon: Dude, you could literally just steal it...

    Skarn22Skarn22Day ago
  • “Not bein’ anle to practice their ratical faith in peace” *Best contradiction ever, hands down lol*

    Tha ShaolinTha ShaolinDay ago
  • I live where Jamestown is located

    MooseBoyoMooseBoyoDay ago
  • As an Australian and not knowing really anything about American history of it's founding, except from the Adams Family movie at the Christian camp Thanksgiving play thing, thankyou for this little bit of history.

    Caitlin MillarCaitlin MillarDay ago
  • 1:59 wait did he just walk on water?

    JustAGenericYoutubeChannelJustAGenericYoutubeChannelDay ago
  • Most. Original. Quality. Content. Serious. No joke. You are one of the last True Old Ones Of USproject Past.

    StrayTulpaStrayTulpaDay ago
  • As someone who grew up in virginia, we learned about jamestown every year

    Jacob MayJacob MayDay ago
    • I grew up in New Jersey and we learned about Jamestown

      Shreyas MusukuShreyas Musuku18 hours ago
  • Pretty sure Jamestown is pretty common knowledge, did no one on the jontron team see Pocahontas?

    John CarrollJohn CarrollDay ago
  • whatevsr it is, its pretty good

    oh yeah yeahoh yeah yeahDay ago
  • Mr.Morales said i will remember jamestown until i die

    Indigo FlowIndigo FlowDay ago
    • *PTSD insues 1607!*

      Indigo FlowIndigo FlowDay ago
  • welp im never going to stop being dutch so you keep making fun of me its all the attention im going to get

    coldfrost doddecoldfrost doddeDay ago
  • Its History! so the funnies thing to me is its a longer video because its boring thanks jon for "more" content

    Cups on my earsCups on my earsDay ago
  • Someone worked hard to make everything on the that table and set that table just for Jon to destroy it with a book

    Jacob PourchotJacob PourchotDay ago
  • Best history lesson ever.

    LeXxXLeXxXDay ago
  • Are you saying that “This Is America Charlie Brown” is INACCURATE????

    Rn SpurgnRn SpurgnDay ago
  • Jon please I don’t want raid shadow legends oh god oh fuck please dint hurt me

    David SticklesDavid SticklesDay ago
  • Dang Yankees, don''t even realize that, here in Virginia, we spend way too much time learning about Jamestown

    NyanKuribohNyanKuribohDay ago
  • S T O P H U R T I N G M E!

    PoshNoodlesPoshNoodlesDay ago
  • 1:39 Noooooooooooooo!

    ManuelPeDelManuelPeDelDay ago
  • Plymouth Rock used to be bigger, but people kept chipping pieces off to keep as souvenirs, so they caged it off so people would stop doing that

    Zach BrennerZach BrennerDay ago
  • The point of Thanksgiving was to unite all Americans in a sign of togetherness and thankfulness based on a dinner in the 1600's that is well documented to have happened in which the local tribe and the pilgrims shared their food. It was made a national holiday by Abraham Lincoln to unite all people after the hardships of the civil war. It is about the symbol of togetherness. It is probably the most all inclusive holiday there is.

    David LeveringtonDavid LeveringtonDay ago
  • I know about Jamestown, but that’s because I grew up in Virginia

    Zach BrennerZach BrennerDay ago
  • ye no shit that raid is popular, by now every person has seen that ad like 500 times due to them mass advertising waay too much. I literally don't wanna play it because I just know that probs more money went into the ads instead of the game

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  • I really like this type of video. Wold love to see more!

    SandSparrowSandSparrow2 days ago
  • Tisquantum when he sees the separatists: Hello There

    Transformers stop motion brTransformers stop motion br2 days ago
  • Jon in his video thumbnail looks like a chunky Harry Potter with a lifelong butterbeer addiction

    matthew mallowsmatthew mallows2 days ago
  • This video was better than your recent over-produced stuff. Remember we like you more than any props or sets ~ so just do what you genuinely find funny

    PurpleFreezerPurpleFreezer2 days ago
  • I learned this in 5th grade. But Jon is better than any teacher.

    ChaoticProductionsChaoticProductions2 days ago
  • What's funny over Time the rock will be destroyed because the dam power wash it was probably slightly bigger before

  • It's kinda hilarious how he choked on the word "Free" and since free games are pay to win Lmfao

    ᎬᎷᏢᎬᎡᎾᎡ ՏíղᎬᎷᏢᎬᎡᎾᎡ Տíղ2 days ago
  • Done watching the video. So. . . one layer deeper into the spiraling insanity of the mind of JonTron, right? We all on the same page here? I don't f***in' know.

    Curtis LeBlancCurtis LeBlanc2 days ago
  • " _I'm NEVER gunna leave d'Dutch alone!_ " - JonTron

    Curtis LeBlancCurtis LeBlanc2 days ago
  • 1:40 Me: *Sees human Shrek toss a giant-ass book onto the table* Also Me: SomeBODY ONCE TOLD ME!

    Curtis LeBlancCurtis LeBlanc2 days ago
  • who's your copywriter?

    Albert MAlbert M2 days ago
  • Jontron does American history the series?

    Dylan ArmstrongDylan Armstrong2 days ago
  • *all my family eating at thanksgiving* Me:”Grandpa how did they made thanksgiving traditional” *Grandpa smack the book on the table*

    DaxterJack 3DDaxterJack 3D2 days ago
  • Radical Puritans founded America... It actually explains the merciless expansion taking land from the Indians and exploitation of Africans as slaves. How about that.

    MegaReaperkingMegaReaperking2 days ago
  • 3:30 In APUSH we spend a day on the Jamestown colony.

    Nate TurkovNate Turkov2 days ago