The SNYDER CUT of Justice League is Officially Happening!

After fans petitioning, tweeting #ReleaseTheSnyderCut and a great many debates about whether or not it will or can, it was announced today that Zack Snyder's cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE is coming to HBO Max! Here are my thoughts on it.
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  • This guy gets it about the internet

    steven bakersteven baker7 hours ago
  • 😏

    Drathan NakeDrathan Nake8 hours ago
  • Ok

    everything is awesomeeverything is awesome8 hours ago
  • Snyder Cut = More Money Cut

    TopoChicoTopoChico9 hours ago
  • good or bad I would watch it..most directors don't get a chance to show their vision but Snyder definitely deserves it.. unlike some directors that shouldn't being making certain movies at all if they're gonna say "fuck you" to the loyal fan base I'm talking about you Rian Johnson you asshole.

    Jonathan AcostaJonathan Acosta9 hours ago
  • your hair looks really fucking good, jeremy. 👌🏼

    tankbxytankbxy10 hours ago
  • FROM THE DIRECTOR OF BATMAN V SUPERMAN ...oh, never mind then.

    willyoliowillyolio11 hours ago
  • It is 2020! Of course this is gonna bomb just like everything else happening this year

    Show TownShow Town11 hours ago
  • I'm in the minority on this one, but I don't give a shit about the Snyder Cut. He's one of the most overrated filmmakers today IMO

    Richard BriggsRichard Briggs12 hours ago
  • Can still the the justice league dark apocalyptic war pleaseeeeeeeeeee

    unice sawmhalunice sawmhal13 hours ago
  • So he's going to suck worse

    Abhi KAbhi K13 hours ago
  • I'm feeling the hair, looks good

    Kate LopezKate Lopez14 hours ago
  • Snydercut = Schrodinger's movie

    Sharar ZamanSharar Zaman15 hours ago
  • Well to be fair, a lot of people thought it was done and ready for release, which is why so many fans complained that it would take a year.

    A.R. WolfwoodA.R. Wolfwood15 hours ago
  • So, instead of a disappointing 2hr movie, were going to get a disappointing 4hr movie, and have to subscribe to a streaming service to watch it. Only in Bizarro world is this even possible.

    Cybercowboy115Cybercowboy11516 hours ago
  • i knew this announcement was imminent a few weeks ago. I'm going to over hype it for myself, can't wait.

    R VR V17 hours ago
  • Why anyone 'll be interested in this? I loved Snyder previous work but, for fucks sake, he made BvS! He needs to be has far away from DC as possible!

    Federico AguirreFederico Aguirre18 hours ago
  • Hell yeah!!! Josstice league broke my heart, so happy this is happening!

    nick fitchnernick fitchner19 hours ago
  • Agreed. Whether good or bad, let Snyder finish and show what he had envisioned.

    Jon McIntireJon McIntire19 hours ago
  • No point the movie is still shit

    GgGg19 hours ago
  • I don't like Zach Snyder's work, There I said it!

    0penthaugtz0penthaugtz20 hours ago
  • Seriously?! Wow

    FlynnTheRedheadFlynnTheRedhead20 hours ago
  • So many people are going to be disappointed. Propably.

    ColabussColabuss21 hour ago
  • what the folks who said "the snyder cut doesnt exist" ALWAYS DENIED was that Zack Snyder himself stated the snyder cut exists. THE MAN WHO MADE THE MOVIE SAID IT EXISTS AND people still said it doesnt. thats how STUPID people are.

    Tow Dow 3Tow Dow 322 hours ago
  • That David fincher drop, Awesome!

    Ishpreet Singh ArnejaIshpreet Singh Arneja22 hours ago
  • I'm a fan of what Batman V Superman TRIED to do. I'm not saying it was a great movie, but I liked the direction the DCEU was going and I thought eventually the quality of the movies would be pretty good. But then WB freaked the fuck out at the reaction of their movies and tried to 'marvelize' them and to me they have been absolutely terrible since trying to be more light hearted other than Shazam. I'm looking forward to this and I even hope it ends o some cliffhanger that will probably never get resolved cuz Snyder was supposed to make a part one and two of Justice League.

    Kyle MelendezKyle Melendez22 hours ago
  • Holy shit dude, you need a haircut

    A. GA. G22 hours ago
  • I can’t wait. But why didn’t they do there own dc app

    MoviesWithJoshMoviesWithJosh22 hours ago
  • I truly hope the fans of 'Man of Steel' and 'Dawn if Justice' are able to apprecite this and that Zack is able to provide some sense of finality or at the very least "completeness" to his own "unique" vision of the DC universe. If only such an opportunity could be afforded to every film, TV or comic creator out there.

    Conlai BlackConlai Black22 hours ago
  • People are still going to argue even after it releases. Just about whether it was good.

    James DeanJames Dean23 hours ago
  • Hate to be that guy, but I don’t see how it could be much better.

    Cliché OriginalsCliché Originals23 hours ago
  • Yey! Lets watch a slightly altered version of a bad movie

    Tom BachxoglouTom Bachxoglou23 hours ago
  • That was the best editing, EVER! You should do that back and forth with yourself again on other reviews. It killed it!

    Darren ADarren ADay ago
  • Coronahair is causing Jeremy to slowly evolve into his true form: Keanu Reeves .

    UnderheldUnderheldDay ago
  • Long haired Jeremy Jahns is starting to look like Tom Pelphrey

    GotDogsTVGotDogsTVDay ago
  • what hppnd with tales of the comment section ???

    Giovanni VolaGiovanni VolaDay ago
  • Even if it’s bad it’s nice that Snyder’s vision for his “trilogy” will finally come true

    bocoy noiubocoy noiuDay ago
  • Wait why haven't you reviewed "The Expanse " yet ?

    T2F Music StudioT2F Music StudioDay ago
  • Jeremy, you know you wanna do the Apokolips War movie review anyway, c'mon, dewit.

    Raptor JesusRaptor JesusDay ago
  • Snyder Cut Yessss

    Aaron GallowayAaron GallowayDay ago
  • the first clip of momoa looks like a deepfake

    Rohit DieshRohit DieshDay ago
  • God theres no way this is going to be any better than the original

    ForgedHorizonsForgedHorizonsDay ago
  • Jeremy explains the Snyder Cut in 10 seconds...with himself.

    jabezcreedjabezcreedDay ago
  • I wonder how big of a role Darkseid will have in the Snyder Cut.

    Gimp GodGimp GodDay ago
  • Scnyder suchs, but if the sheep are sheep

    its yaboiiits yaboiiDay ago
  • HBO max is not even available in all the countries including mine ....yeah "great way marketing " ...........sure....

    Methlokaijufan97Methlokaijufan97Day ago
  • I wonder if there's any way the movie is going to be any better or any shittier. I only saw the director's cut of BvS and it was dogshit so I don't have high expectations.

    Carlo BissolottiCarlo BissolottiDay ago
  • Snyder cut will be released on HBO max in 2021. Joss Whedon - "Oh Shit".

    DragonDragonDay ago

    LenXyLenXyDay ago
  • MY MAN!

    Scott BernsScott BernsDay ago
  • Wow! Talk about saving a dying streaming service.

    Archibald WhitwerrArchibald WhitwerrDay ago
  • WTF happened to your hair

    alanpk0alanpk0Day ago
  • Does this mean that Ben Affleck will get to film some more scenes as Batman/Bruce Wayne?

    OneLife DentalOneLife DentalDay ago
  • I hope they fix Superman’s mouth

    free foreverfree foreverDay ago
  • nobody care about this because JL is dead and DCEU dead just reboot the franchises

    Nobody is the nameNobody is the nameDay ago
  • *I ONLY WANT MORE BATFLECK !!!!!!!!* *robert trashinson ain’t my Batman damnit !!!*

    Junior GrimesJunior GrimesDay ago
  • Jk simmons got jacked for nothing let's just admit that lol

    anthony cheesmananthony cheesmanDay ago
  • So it doesn't exist since they need 40 million to finish it that's not a finish movie lol

    anthony cheesmananthony cheesmanDay ago
  • this can be a blessing in disguise to create multiple world movies. for one day to have a crisis on infinite earths live action big screen movie.

    David HernandezDavid HernandezDay ago
  • is NO ONE gonna talk about Jeremy's hair??? He literally looks like John wick

    rafarafaDay ago
  • Time for the DC verse to rise Marvel is over superman batman marshaling manhunter wondawoman cyborg green lantern aqura man... even shazaam

    HAWK stringfellowHAWK stringfellowDay ago
  • Unite the league!!!!!!

    HAWK stringfellowHAWK stringfellowDay ago
  • "I hate the Internet" 2020 in a nutshell

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyDay ago
  • Can someone explain to me is the Snyder cut going to be a totally different movie with completely new scenes or moreorless the same movie but with the scenes slightly altered like darker tone

  • Make Solo 2 happen now plz

    TBrusk VersaceTBrusk VersaceDay ago
    • You need a haircut!

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyDay ago
  • I hope this and Sonic doesn't start a trend of people verbally abusing and assaulting movie studios to get whatever they want.

    Christian CarlanChristian CarlanDay ago
  • Ill take a Whedon Cut of Batman v Superman over a Snyder Cut of My little pony ANY DAY. HUMANITY is LOST....

    SENoR Sanchez SPANKSY LongbottomsSENoR Sanchez SPANKSY LongbottomsDay ago
  • Can’t wait to hear that the Snyder cut really didn’t make it any better 😂 I just hope that it’s not a crazy 3 hr long movie that doesn’t add anything but fluff scenes that don’t add any real story.

    Angel ValdezAngel ValdezDay ago
  • I sincerely don't get how people can be excited about something that Snyder makes. Are you all forgetting BvS? That was a "Snyder's cut" and it was BAD, why would he make a good JL movie?

    marcos2492marcos2492Day ago
  • Good or Bad at least this will provide fan service to it’s fullest extent 👏🏻👊🏻 i respect that

    Wimbish WestyWimbish WestyDay ago

    King SharpKing SharpDay ago
  • Now we just need to convince Disney to release the 4 hour cut of Revenge of the Sith. Make it happen!

    Kevin PapacKevin PapacDay ago
  • All I got out of this is that he's not reviewing Justice League Dark Apokolips War.

    Lindsey James BarbarottoLindsey James BarbarottoDay ago
  • I just hope The Snyder Cut is Good I hope 🙏

    Zachary LeeZachary LeeDay ago
  • JJ my man, thank you!!! I’ve heard rumors of this, but didn’t dare believe it until you put it out!

    G MontezumaG MontezumaDay ago
  • Snyder deserves it

  • Digging the Serpico hair😁

    jaqua Williamsjaqua WilliamsDay ago
  • I'm not going to say people can't like this, but I am gonna say: I don't get it

    Boil DerrikBoil DerrikDay ago
  • I really hope this brings back Batfleck!

    Allan VelezAllan VelezDay ago
  • I'm a Marvel and DC fan, but tbh I don't really care about this for some reason

    Antoine ConnorAntoine ConnorDay ago