Three Aussies React to Toilet Paper Wall Challenge

Hi guys! Welcome to our very first video on our new channel! Here we challenged 3 very unruly Aussies to jump over a tower of toilet paper . Watch to see how they handled the challenge...
PS: don’t worry, no toilet paper was wasted during the making of this video :)

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  • I love dogs 🐶 Subscribe for 10 years of good luck. Also to beat JR to 100k subscribers.

    SypherPKSypherPK6 days ago
    • My name is J.R. soooooo Sub to me?

      FishyFishFNFishyFishFN12 hours ago
    • Do ur dogs leave a lot of fluff everywhere as I’m thinking of getting a Aussie?

      OxineryOxinery15 hours ago
    • U should get a gopro and put it on the dogs if u want its just a recommendation

      Idont KnoweitherIdont Knoweither18 hours ago
    • Peak of USproject content

      Kcaj -_-Kcaj -_-Day ago
    • SypherPK ok

      FootballmanFootballmanDay ago
  • OK I get it you’re rich

    calvin hillcalvin hillHour ago
  • This is like tucker except with Aussies. Just what I need. Nice job sypher

    MR.CAKE on switchMR.CAKE on switch3 hours ago
  • awwwwww so cute but when are you gonna upload the next video sypher?

    Jawad g4merJawad g4mer6 hours ago
  • This funny

    EPIC boysEPIC boys10 hours ago
  • fuck this guy, now hes trying to make money off his dogs..

    Jaime DuqueJaime Duque11 hours ago
  • How do u guys have that much toilet paper

    Zachary KubiakZachary Kubiak12 hours ago
  • 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕤𝕠 𝕔𝕦𝕥𝕖

    TheWeirdo StuffsTheWeirdo Stuffs15 hours ago
  • If this channel get any bigger know I was here when this channel hade 100 subs

    DarkBlurYT-DarkBlurYT-18 hours ago
    • Your dogs are the best sypher 😉

      yasio boloyasio bolo15 hours ago
  • As an Aussie owner I guarantee these dogs are soooooo loyal and so playful especially with other dogs

    iKnapziKnapz21 hour ago
    • SYPHER is such a good person , and i never do this but i am suscribed and liked:) , luck and love bye

      yasio boloyasio bolo15 hours ago
  • Make more uploads on this channel

    Edwin LopezEdwin Lopez22 hours ago
  • Weird how this is from the guy who makes fortnite commentary’s/ gameplay

    PlasmaPanda -_-PlasmaPanda -_-22 hours ago
  • I have a couple of Aussies myself. they are so intelligent and adorable

    Owen HawkinsOwen HawkinsDay ago
  • U are set on toilet paper lol

    John BrownJohn BrownDay ago
  • This is the best channel i have watched in years

    Fishy ClanFishy ClanDay ago
  • So cute Syph!

  • Is it me or does the owner of these dogs sound and look like sypherpk?

  • Who else didn’t know this was pks channel until you saw the comments?

    dog gamerdog gamerDay ago
  • I feel like I'm being flexed on by someone with alot of toilet paper

    Jeremy WhitlowJeremy WhitlowDay ago
  • They so cute:)

    Xlord And i oopXlord And i oopDay ago
  • This got 87k subs. Nice.

    shayy vlogssshayy vlogssDay ago
  • Yuna tho she’s so funny 😂 😂😂

    Gaurav RamasaniGaurav RamasaniDay ago
  • May I have some paper rich one

  • :D

    Goofy GooberGoofy GooberDay ago
  • I do this with my dog too. Her high score is level 4😂 She's a smol dog

    sehhi vootysehhi vootyDay ago
  • SYPHER is such a good person , and i never do this but i am suscribed and liked:) , luck and love bye

    • SypherPK Really Flexing his toilet paper out here

      sehhi vootysehhi vootyDay ago
  • Your dogs are the best sypher 😉

    Lucas MurphyLucas MurphyDay ago
  • Akio has some mad hops

    Ben HenwoodBen HenwoodDay ago
  • like and u wont be gay for life

    Jayden DaleyJayden DaleyDay ago
  • Lovely dogs

    Leo17706099 waiteLeo17706099 waiteDay ago

    Prestons PizzaPrestons PizzaDay ago
  • The Karens are pissed everyone hide

    Dirdy DanDirdy Dan2 days ago
  • All I’m wondering is where can I get some of that tp

    Arjun ViswanathanArjun Viswanathan2 days ago
  • Cute

    Tyler KeneppTyler Kenepp2 days ago
  • Aghhhhhh there sooooooo cite

    Tyler KeneppTyler Kenepp2 days ago
  • My bro Sypher been flexing on us 😂😂😂

    Momcilo StojanovicMomcilo Stojanovic2 days ago
  • Ooo that’s where all the tolet paper whent

    Ki UDKi UD2 days ago
  • I was in first 10k subs

    Lauren LeeLauren Lee2 days ago
  • How to flex toilet paper

    WapthesoupWapthesoup2 days ago
  • This was absolutely incredible ❤❤❤

    PatrickMLGpro 8PatrickMLGpro 82 days ago
  • hi

    MAX MuellerMAX Mueller2 days ago
  • SypherPK Really Flexing his toilet paper out here

    Araceli Torrez-SantosAraceli Torrez-Santos2 days ago
  • He just flexing on us like that

    Logan WoodallLogan Woodall2 days ago
  • Awww the different colored eyes are so cute

    KentanagoKentanago2 days ago
  • i have a dog her name is elsa

    Bryson RichardsonBryson Richardson2 days ago
  • This is where all the toilet paper went

    Sick LegendSick Legend2 days ago
  • Awwwwwww there so cute

    Silverbullet YTSilverbullet YT2 days ago
  • Wow wtf is wrong with youtube

    HeadingToHellHeadingToHell2 days ago
  • Sphypher ur so funny with the text I cant stop laughing I really like you it helps me through these times when my dad died of coronavirus thank you

    Stanz FNBRStanz FNBR2 days ago
    • Wait are you serious that's terrible wish you the best

      Yo FaZe_bladedamageYo FaZe_bladedamage18 hours ago
  • So cute!

  • We didn’t get a house tour, but we did get a view from the hallway. Lol

    Rock girlRock girl2 days ago
  • Great

    Rupa BaulRupa Baul2 days ago
  • or course

    Hunnyxx.Hunnyxx.2 days ago
  • Likes

    Hunnyxx.Hunnyxx.2 days ago
  • Plz make dog maze

    Hunnyxx.Hunnyxx.2 days ago
  • The dislikes where from other dogs that couldn’t jump the toilet paper

    zǝʌɐɥƆzǝʌɐɥƆ2 days ago
  • What I’ve learned from this vid, sypher won’t be running out of tp anytime soon

    Trevor StumpTrevor Stump2 days ago
  • This is so good

    VyperVyper3 days ago
  • The real flex ain’t the dogs it’s the toilet paper

    Anthony CampanellaAnthony Campanella3 days ago
  • why dont u show your face

    SaviSavi3 days ago

    Vo1tzy FNVo1tzy FN3 days ago
  • Sypher we've got u

    Adam MahmoodAdam Mahmood3 days ago
  • Lemme come over to your house your stacked on toilet paper

    Clap ChrisClap Chris3 days ago
  • Lol cringe but cool

    Clap ChrisClap Chris3 days ago
  • Like my dog (logo)

    Ernie CapanErnie Capan3 days ago
  • i like the textboxes

    Gabriel AvilaGabriel Avila3 days ago
  • here before 100k subs

    Damian ChavezDamian Chavez3 days ago
  • the future and what await us.

    Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknown3 days ago
  • Hes is just Flexing whit his toilet paper bruh hahah jk love the vid

    AlenAlen3 days ago
  • Aiko has hops

    MrTacoCraverMrTacoCraver3 days ago
  • Is this where all the toilet paper went?

    Lil JahLil Jah3 days ago
  • I was one of the first 1k subscribers of this channel

    DivyaDivya3 days ago
  • Aww so cute treat them well and have good day I used to have a do then it died

    Nintendo_ Bot233Nintendo_ Bot2333 days ago
  • So this is where all the toilet paper has gone..

    Philip AgiusPhilip Agius3 days ago
  • Adorable

    C MillerC Miller3 days ago
  • at least we know sypherpk has enough toilet roll

    Jim SmithJim Smith3 days ago
  • Yuna: The smart one Aiko: The loyal one Aegon: The lazy one that always wants to sleep

    Bullet_ZebraBullet_Zebra3 days ago

    Savatagew manSavatagew man3 days ago
  • We didn’t get a house tour, but we did get a view from the hallway. Lol

    yasio boloyasio bolo3 days ago
    • This feels so weird considering it’s syphers channel I was expecting a whole different vibe

      yasio boloyasio bolo3 days ago
  • I mean I'm not really watching this, just supporting Sypher because like why not, your Sypher Pk.

    Ali FayehAli Fayeh3 days ago