Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work

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  • I love 5 minute craft

    April LittlesApril LittlesMinute ago
  • Support from india.......

    Ajay YadavAjay Yadav24 minutes ago
  • I you soooooooooooo much so funny soooo beautiful PLZ ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Danika AlejoDanika Alejo44 minutes ago
  • Your dogs are soo cute! A tiny little Pomeranians ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Kevin AbourezkKevin Abourezk58 minutes ago
  • Kit Katz is not gluten free

    Mana GamesMana GamesHour ago
  • I low down the video win the boy was shaking the place container wint he pit it up it was all ready shat.

    Leandro JimenezLeandro JimenezHour ago
  • 0:31 felt that 😂😂💀

    Lyric_daniel69 YTLyric_daniel69 YT2 hours ago
  • I’m pregnant. And it is Jessie’s Jesus

    Lily & Jake AdventuresLily & Jake Adventures2 hours ago
  • why does she film at 3:00

    phi Bphi B2 hours ago
  • I agree

    Hailee SummerHailee Summer2 hours ago
  • Fudge fuchsia

    Moiz ZDMoiz ZD2 hours ago
  • I hate pelled grapes 🍇

    Lorey DumasLorey Dumas3 hours ago
  • I love you

  • 3:45 don’t touch me mike I am pregnant

    Cameron ArredondoCameron Arredondo3 hours ago
  • Uhh anyone wondering, if the popcorn hack did work.. where would the hard piece on the inside of the corn on a cob go? does it just disappear?! 😳😂

    Lil Miss MagzLil Miss Magz3 hours ago
  • Did you diet because you made a video where you called it creepy people I like creepy stuff things and you die I love you I love your videos so OK I hope you have a good life but in your next life don’t do that if you’re dying and I’m not a USproject channel

    Callie HilltonCallie Hillton3 hours ago
  • The police see this: “better watch out for dem preggies.”

    VMan101VMan1014 hours ago
  • She got a big pusse

    Huda AhmedHuda Ahmed4 hours ago
  • She kno everything

    lil Wayne Melendezlil Wayne Melendez4 hours ago
  • Chanel corn

    Shazi DeeShazi Dee4 hours ago
  • Sssniperwolf is funny

    XxdesedaysxX TamezXxdesedaysxX Tamez4 hours ago
  • Yes

    Novel DanielNovel Daniel6 hours ago
  • Omg the woman who used scissors on noodles is hurting me

    Sally KittenSally Kitten7 hours ago
  • It's yogurt not mayo

    Wave JamieWave Jamie11 hours ago
  • "The Melon Hack," Me: Why you putting a chicken in the melon? You just ruined the Melon and yet they probably were like This is totally normal *Wink's*

    Arden4evr664 McgamerArden4evr664 Mcgamer19 hours ago
  • SSSniperwolf:Are you so bad at everything that you can’t even dip a Oreo in milk? Me:yes I am so bad at everything

    Naomi ParNaomi Par20 hours ago
  • I just resently wachaing her video's and I love them so much

    Evelyn RodriguezEvelyn Rodriguez23 hours ago
  • *but Oreos are gluten free*

    Drawing With Tea & CrumpetsDrawing With Tea & CrumpetsDay ago
  • U can make popcorn by it yourself

    Brooke Cronliy. DillonBrooke Cronliy. DillonDay ago
  • sweet corn dont pop

    kenneth voileskenneth voilesDay ago
  • Been watching your channel since I was 6 I’m only 9

    Sabiour CarterSabiour CarterDay ago
  • lol

    Elizabeth WottonElizabeth WottonDay ago
  • The hacks not SSSniper

    Zara WrightZara WrightDay ago
  • U look so cute

    sapna sharmasapna sharmaDay ago
  • Y don't u just remove the corn from the cob and try? LIFE HAKS

    Sinchana NSinchana NDay ago
  • *CoCoCorn*

    Casey ChanCasey ChanDay ago
  • In Australia, Sydney we are allowed to bring snacks in the cinema unlike America

    Tayla ChadwickTayla ChadwickDay ago
  • um i thought you could not eat oreoes

    JT 1201JT 1201Day ago
  • SSsniperWolf: who knew purple grapes were green grapes in disguise Me: I never knew that.

    Queen Angel Sparkle LoveQueen Angel Sparkle LoveDay ago
  • Hiiiii

    Shawn MendesShawn Mendes2 days ago
    • 🐁🍺🎧💻

      Shawn MendesShawn Mendes2 days ago
  • Did you snif the bowl¿¿?? (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

    holly royholly roy2 days ago
  • skinning grapes at 3 in the morning no big deal

    Sherydan WhiteSherydan White2 days ago
  • mom is making popcorn dosent matter because u cant have any~

    Sherydan WhiteSherydan White2 days ago
  • Milk makes ice dumb dumb

    Alieen ZAlieen Z2 days ago
  • Hack for making icecream: is your icecream stick not staying in one place? Get some clear saran wrap or some foil, put it around the cup/mold,then stick your stick into the foil or saran wrap! Then freeze and there ya go! (I have been a fan for years so I thought I would share my most used hack ♡♡♡)

    badjenna 0badjenna 02 days ago
  • SSSniperWolf You use a plastic bag You had to use a paper bag lol Try again next time I believe in you

    Steve Boo ParkSteve Boo Park2 days ago
  • SSSniffer

    Steve Boo ParkSteve Boo Park2 days ago
  • Press if you're Over 8

    Steve Boo ParkSteve Boo Park2 days ago
  • Press my like button if you're 8

    Steve Boo ParkSteve Boo Park2 days ago
  • YoU OffeNsiVeD ME

    Kaitlyn Bell-SaundersKaitlyn Bell-Saunders2 days ago
  • Fry the corn

    Joy ImoJoy Imo2 days ago
  • This don’t work I’m not kidding

    Mary MontelongoMary Montelongo2 days ago
  • ofc it wouldnt work with a chanel bag🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Lexi GidleyLexi Gidley2 days ago
  • totaly lied about the popcrn

    Abdur-Rahman KidsAbdur-Rahman Kids2 days ago
  • SSSniper wolf oh stop being stupid just put it in a fork Me what???

    Abby Gacha LifeAbby Gacha Life2 days ago
  • That was the most disgusting thing ever

    Yo ssefYo ssef3 days ago
  • sssniperwolf: use a plate a bowel use something oh no you use a fork wow me: same it is in for not enough time sssniperwolf: ya you use a fork

    Jessica PinonJessica Pinon3 days ago
  • No good for it

    Ana iris MeléndezAna iris Meléndez3 days ago
  • The first one is so stupid don’t people know that popcorn comes from corn kernels not corn on the cob

    Lucy TheBombLucy TheBomb3 days ago
  • Like your broken nail

    Martin BoydMartin Boyd3 days ago