UNDISPUTED - Skip Bayless: What's next for Antonio Brown?

UNDISPUTED - Skip Bayless: What's next for Antonio Brown?




  • AB needs his ass beat, fuck him

    QuackAttackQuackAttack7 days ago
  • I said yea AB in the last video smh I take that back this mf dum asl my niggaaa wtfffff

    Nellz O NellzNellz O Nellz7 days ago
  • This is because of the previous generation who joked about those dealing with mental illness and didnt help them but actually made the situation worse by picking or laughing at them.

    JIB23JIB237 days ago
  • It's a shame cause my Eagles could definitely use him. A game changing player wasting away by his own doing.

    LG3LG37 days ago
  • if he can’t get a nfl team he just sign with the xfl better than nothing and if a team gets desperate next year they might snag him if he can manage to behave for longer than 20 minutes

    Steven MartinezSteven Martinez7 days ago
  • Okay, if I delete this tweet then it means nobody saw it and I'll be good. If I insult my former boss and since he has to pay me anyway, he'll take me back on the team. Me me me me me.

    MasterMaster7 days ago
  • I used to clown him and say he's crazy and he doesn't deserve anymore chances b/c he trippin. But now I seriously think he is bipolar. Like, there's no joke in there. AB needs mental help and medication.

    Bougs SlimBougs Slim7 days ago
  • That CTE is no joke

    Wisest OwlWisest Owl7 days ago
  • Anything you say can and will be use against you unfortunately he will find that out the hard way.

    RespondingResponding7 days ago
  • He said people who slow 😂😂

    Thomas LatelyThomas Lately7 days ago
  • He messed up when he went against Shay. That's the guy you want in your corner

    SaikoSaiko7 days ago
    • Yea I'm sure out of all the fuck ups, that's the one he regrets the most.

      Rafii GuaspRafii Guasp7 days ago
  • I hope he don’t make it back to the league sick of hearing about this dude and he not even playing ball 🏈, he just want attention and we giving it to him.

    naji ruckernaji rucker7 days ago
  • I was just thinking this yesterday as I was playing madden 19 with him on the cover as a Steeler. Madden curse takes another one

    SaikoSaiko7 days ago
    • Mahomes fucks up his knee cap on a QB sneak too. Glad he recovered but the curse is real lol

      BigDad138BigDad1383 days ago
    • Duetorotomy 27:15

      JIB23JIB237 days ago
  • guy is a straight clown, wont be long before we see him on dancing with the stars or some reality show when the money starts drying up. he made the ultimate mistake of thinking he was above the game, that the league needed him but there's always another hungry player waiting for their shot and if there's one thing we know about sports is that it waits on no one, it's just a constant moving machine that will never run out of parts

    Los Be BeastLos Be Beast7 days ago
  • usproject.info/it/video/qpzHgm6N2LqunLA YK Osiris must watch💔🔥

    KimPressurEKimPressurE7 days ago
  • AB lingerie football is looking for a wr since you keep whining 😂

    Mw3881Mw38817 days ago
  • AB said..his next move is to Subscribe to [Get Sum Chicken]🤣😂😁

    Get Sum ChickenGet Sum Chicken7 days ago
  • Based off da racist nfl he should be back off racism alone fuck da NFL

  • AB needs to return to football. He will not be able to sustain his lifestyle haha.

    Nai XoNai Xo7 days ago
  • UNC Not the crazy House.

    GUNNY HATGUNNY HAT7 days ago