What is Memorial Day?

We will never forget.
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  • Since this is Memorial Day it’s therefore very appropriate to site the wisdom of the first Constitutional President of the United States of America, George Washington, who had, so well explained “To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.” Moreover President Washington stated that “However pacific the general policy of the nation may be ,it ought never be without an adequate stock of military knowledge for emergencies.” Furthermore, with this post- 9/11 USA it should likewise be remembered that one very good way to defeat the jihadists who compose the many brutal and deadly Islamic terror entities ,such as al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban, is by the means of a very strong power of US military might. As Thomas Jefferson had declared “With every barbarous people …force is law.”

    Walter SierukWalter SierukDay ago
  • This comment has benn posted in 2020's Memorial day We will never forget!

    Vinícius BuenoVinícius BuenoDay ago
    • Indeed.

      H KH K8 hours ago
  • Thank you All!

    Classy Chassey CARHOPTRAYSClassy Chassey CARHOPTRAYS2 days ago
  • this was for school...i never even knew this was on youtube. :(

    Olivia CressiOlivia Cressi2 days ago
  • I remember,my brethren Every day, yes every minute I remember And never will I forget. And my love for all of you will last, even unto the end of the world and beyond. R.L.T.W./A.T.W.

    brandoneigerbrandoneiger4 days ago
  • I hope everyone is staying safe

    Uni.Sophie.UnfilteredUni.Sophie.Unfiltered6 days ago
  • Thank You Soldiers! 😊

    Tishark, TheAwesomeTishark, TheAwesome6 days ago
  • Wow... we really will never forget. 😔Thank you for your service.

    Alycia Pardo-PaganAlycia Pardo-Pagan7 days ago
  • i have problem i'm write this my song about memorial day to hard today you well help me i learn memorial day.

    Emily CoffinEmily Coffin21 day ago
  • Haha- you know what’s funny? My birthday is on Memorial Day 25th lol.

    UwUUwU2 months ago
    • Cool

      Alberta StinsonAlberta Stinson10 hours ago
  • To all the young soldiers who can't get any older, we owe you a debt of gratitude that we can never repay.

    davete84davete84Year ago
  • Let me take this opportunity to thank and remember all of our Vets, Servicemen and Servicewomen. Hallelujah Veterans Version usproject.info/it/video/0G7Ub4B9vtusk20

    NitroExpressNitroExpressYear ago
  • Battle of the Bulge voice's of History USproject Richard H Wheeler never give up! Watch it! Thanks Dad.. Shàlom🕎✡️✝️

    Marty WheelerMarty WheelerYear ago
  • Battle of the Bulge voice's of History USproject... Richard H Wheeler... Never Give Up! Watch it thanks Dad!

    Marty WheelerMarty WheelerYear ago
  • Respect to Bulgaria

    Salomon AlvarezSalomon AlvarezYear ago
  • A chance to picnic on a sucker's grave and tell them, "Wish you were here." PAID HOLIDAY . . . for some. What a deal!

    Andre NewcombAndre NewcombYear ago
    • Andre Newcomb How crude. Time to grow up friend.

      Taffy KinsTaffy KinsYear ago
  • how bout we end war. that would probably honor the dead. or do we all get a memorial day because we are all dead

    The StudentThe StudentYear ago
    • @Taffy Kins how do i not have respect I said end war because of memorial day

      The StudentThe StudentYear ago
    • Kurt Richardson snide comment. clearly you have no respect and expect all of your desires handed to you on a sliver platter. I hope you get your attitude straightened out post haste.

      Taffy KinsTaffy KinsYear ago
  • ya

    Yobany CifuentesYobany CifuentesYear ago

    • GRUNGE ROCK YOU why do you say that? do you know what it means? It's a US holiday, you know that right?

      Taffy KinsTaffy KinsYear ago
  • Very grateful of veterans who fought in war.

    Lacrosse Bosse7Lacrosse Bosse7Year ago
    • Lacrosse Bosse Me too! Thanks for your heart felt comment

      Taffy KinsTaffy KinsYear ago
  • Magnifique vidéo mon ami Et bonne explication Magnificent video my friend And good explanation This is a pleasure for the eyes I am subscribed And I would be proud to have you as subscriber too

    Jean Marc GalzyJean Marc GalzyYear ago
  • The government brained washed people anyway.most of the time it's not nessary to go to war.like bush says Iraq had weapens of mass destruction.iraq didn't have them.bush killed 2 million people

    James HamnettJames HamnettYear ago
    • Since WW2 there has not been a legitimate war for this country to participate in.

  • She's sorry .lies.ruined alot of lies

    James HamnettJames HamnettYear ago
  • I don't give a flip about the troops.because of Nancy grace I turn me back on everything.i hate this women procecutor.our government won't put her in chair.i hope if we get in another war we lose.nancy is a scum bag.

    James HamnettJames HamnettYear ago
  • For freedom 🇺🇸

    Khalid NahasKhalid NahasYear ago
  • I hope T26E6 Patriot will be up on sale again this coming july :)

    Mark E.Mark E.Year ago
  • Is memorial Day basically rememberance day?

    BassBanjoBassBanjo2 years ago
    • Liam Kennedy yes

      Taffy KinsTaffy KinsYear ago
  • Yes finally!! I now know what it means and why its so important #WeWillNeverForget

    FiercelyPolygonsFiercelyPolygons2 years ago
  • Never have been a joiner in the tribalistic worship of a secular flag. Vatican Flag is different and worthy of respect.

    Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 years ago
  • ty WoT

    Scott CarterScott Carter2 years ago
  • Oil war is just

    Sergio GarciaSergio Garcia2 years ago
    • to Sergio Garcia: I WILL FINISH YOUR SENTENCE **FOR** YOU: ""another excuse to kill our loved ones and promote more wars"" Did I finish your sentence right?

      belly tripperbelly tripper2 years ago
  • Those who commented here and served. Thank you for your service!

    • You are welcome. Vietnam Veteran 1967-68.

      DoowopLover 1946DoowopLover 1946Year ago
    • Thank you, John winger, USA Private.

      Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 years ago
  • There are 17 dislikes... what is wrong with those 17 people...

    Jason BayerJason Bayer2 years ago
    • Chicken hawk Jared and Donny Jr can investigate and find out. At Your service. John Winger, Private US Amry.

      Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 years ago
  • Great explanation!! Bravo Zulu! Thank you Wargaming! Thank you Jason, this is a really good video. ~Veteran USCG

    Bush PigBush Pig2 years ago
    • Great Video. God Bless Ameriecia John Winger Private US Amry

      Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 years ago
  • Press F to pay respects

    the true eatthepigsthe true eatthepigs2 years ago
    • Press #4 to thank Adolf for saving half of Europe from communism.

      Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 years ago
  • We will never forget your deadth is not for protecting your country and your family,you being fooled by the politicians after the WW2.

    Patrick LiPatrick Li2 years ago
    • @Roger Clemons Thanks Stalin for your sacrifice. I will hold my hand over my heart for you any day and not the hundreds of thousands sacrificed their life's for real freedom and not your cold gulags.

      Bad CornflakesBad CornflakesYear ago
    • WW2 battles in Europe were won by Russians. Ameriecians came to the party to claim they won it. Stolen Valor from the start.

      Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 years ago
  • Thank you for your service veterans. May God guide your soul to heaven.

    ST.Victor GarciaST.Victor Garcia2 years ago
    • Faint Monday

      Taffy KinsTaffy KinsYear ago
    • When is memorial

      oSokyoSokyYear ago
    • Fatima Apparitions show they went , not to Heaven.

      Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 years ago
  • Anyone who make the ultimate sacrifice for his country should be remember, soldiers are soldier not politician. You can have a dictator or tyrant but those who serve in their army are constricted to fight, they still serve their country. The majority of soldier are not bad people, an example ww2 Wehrmacht soldiers were common soldier who fought for their country even if the SS and the Nazi regime was one of the most brutal regime. And please I am not german.

    Marco FluminoMarco Flumino2 years ago
    • Marco Flumino Thank you for your heart felt comment. It is much appreciated. 🙏

      Taffy KinsTaffy KinsYear ago
    • Roger Clemons You are clearly Ill informed. Time to revisit those history books my friend.

      Taffy KinsTaffy KinsYear ago
    • Whoever makes the ultimate sacrifice to rescue cat in a tree, should be remembered.

      Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 years ago
    • NAZi is wrong word and is a pejorative used by American Military. Germany military was considered the most humane in the world. Ask any American POW in German POW camp. it was easy. Or ask a brain damaged Guantanamo detainee. SMH.

      Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 years ago
  • JOE717THEMARKSMn. That movie makes me feel just like a Vet. It brings tears to my eyes. That guy speaking don't I know him. That's right grow a beard slightly. Oh my father ain't there an American flag at his grave.

    John DillonJohn Dillon2 years ago
  • Today US military personel are hardly more than conquering mercenaries who deserve to be spit on.

    N CarN Car2 years ago
    • I'm a Vietnam Veteran. Try to spit on me and see what happens.

      DoowopLover 1946DoowopLover 1946Year ago
    • that because we don't have a war to fight.

      Nick LamgamerNick LamgamerYear ago
    • Ladies and gentlemen the face of a true coward, N car.

      Aggressive SewerPipeAggressive SewerPipe2 years ago
    • You mean like what the did in Libya? And are allowing their allies, israeli and saudi to do against their neighbors? Pull your head out of your ass, you blindly patriotic lemming. They kill for a paycheck.

      N CarN Car2 years ago
    • N Car I hope dear in my heart that one day you will experience the true unhinged horrors of war fist hand, and relize how wrong your statement is.

      the true eatthepigsthe true eatthepigs2 years ago
  • Great video. Thanks!

    Tracy RawleTracy Rawle2 years ago
  • My respect USA... Here in Brasil we have cervejas day, means beer's day, to memorial of drunks...

    MAD_MAX__BRMAD_MAX__BR2 years ago

      belly tripperbelly tripper2 years ago
  • Beautifully done, and I much appreciate the mention that for vets, everyday is Memorial Day. Not a day goes by that I do not think of those who surrendered their dreams on the altar freedom so my dreams could be pursued.

    Tim WallaceTim Wallace2 years ago
    • Freedom is free.

      Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 years ago
  • This is why we serve.

    Chivalrous VeteranChivalrous Veteran2 years ago
  • Semper Fi

    Nick YoungNick Young2 years ago
    • Freedom is free.

      Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 years ago

      belly tripperbelly tripper2 years ago
  • This is a great video! Well done and Thanks!

    pish180pish1802 years ago
  • What are ya'l doin on Memorial Day?

    Spotter LexingtonSpotter Lexington2 years ago
    • Doing the graves

      UkrainianUkrainian2 years ago
  • Amazing video, thanks for this honorable creation.

    Gutemberg SczcepanikGutemberg Sczcepanik2 years ago
  • Who are the 12 people who disliked?

    JumboJumbo2 years ago
    • @DoowopLover 1946 Thank you for your service. 🇺🇲🦅

      Bad CornflakesBad CornflakesYear ago
    • @Bad Cornflakes no problem....thank you.

      DoowopLover 1946DoowopLover 1946Year ago
    • @DoowopLover 1946 I was being sarcastic. I actually support this videos message

      Bad CornflakesBad CornflakesYear ago
    • @Bad Cornflakes I just disliked your reply. Vietnam Veteran 1967-68.

      DoowopLover 1946DoowopLover 1946Year ago
    • @Bad Cornflakes or your communist. .

      No Future 68No Future 68Year ago
  • Ty for your service sir

    KelethoKeletho2 years ago
  • USA USA thanks to the solders who gave their lives for our freedom and to those who served/currently serving!

    Mysterious Nuclear objectMysterious Nuclear object2 years ago
  • Respect to USA :(

    _Vicho_On_Blitz __Vicho_On_Blitz _2 years ago
  • This day is special to me because almost my hole family line have served in wars

    Imperial HamsterImperial Hamster2 years ago
  • Murica

    I drink bleachI drink bleach2 years ago
  • 🇺🇸 freedom isn’t free....

    Commander AppoCommander Appo2 years ago
    • Freedom is Free. Maintaining a Fascist oligarch is expensive.

      Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 years ago
    • because of our government but we still honor our dead.

      joey8062joey80622 years ago
  • "Freedom"

    ToadToad2 years ago
  • First

    Lauri TörniLauri Törni2 years ago
  • I'm in the old gaurd. I planted those flags yesterday. Thank you for all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

    D KennedyD Kennedy2 years ago
    • And thank you for honoring us. Vietnam Veteran 1967-68.

      DoowopLover 1946DoowopLover 1946Year ago
    • Prove it.

      N̷o̷r̷t̷h̷z̷y̷N̷o̷r̷t̷h̷z̷y̷Year ago
  • Respect to USA From Singapore

    ShiJie 12311ShiJie 123112 years ago
    • Thank you

      Taffy KinsTaffy KinsYear ago
    • I from Singapore too! Whats your IGN?

      Lee Hong JinLee Hong Jin2 years ago
    • ShiJie 12311 eeyyyyyyyy

      StaliniumStalinium2 years ago
  • To all who did it for us

    Marijn Van Der LugtMarijn Van Der Lugt2 years ago
    • Freedom is free.

      Roger ClemonsRoger Clemons2 years ago
  • I love it

    Juraj ŽivickýJuraj Živický2 years ago