What REALLY Happened In 2019...

Hi Sisters! Happy 2020! Today's video is a chit chat get ready with me. I wanted to talk about 2019 and finally close that chapter in my life, but also discuss 2020 while doing my Updated Makeup Routine! I got my eyebrows microbladed, I switched up my makeup routine & I finally found the perfect foundation match!! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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  • Can someone please tell me what he said on this vid bc I cab to watch it haha

    alexandra kennyalexandra kennyHour ago
  • Just how fast does James speak? :D

    Wetsou TaeTaeWetsou TaeTae2 hours ago
  • Love ya

    Munira AlqahtaniMunira Alqahtani2 hours ago
  • He cries harder than Laura Lee

    FrenZ TrueFrenZ True2 hours ago
  • My little brother thinks your a girl ....

    PeytonplayzPeytonplayz3 hours ago
  • James Charles is literally the best person ever❤️

    beautiful mebeautiful me3 hours ago
  • Jesus Christ, James ... Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour

    DrRushDrRush3 hours ago
  • James Charles view of the world is totally warped

    Sarah WSarah W6 hours ago
  • I think I missed every word he talks to fast

    Tahnee McMurchieTahnee McMurchie6 hours ago
  • i love you girl

    Honey MohiHoney Mohi7 hours ago
  • Facial Care vid please How do keep Pimples Gone??! I have 1 Pimple and i hate ittt

    鰟 Z3Đ. ʏκ鰟 Z3Đ. ʏκ7 hours ago
  • Lord nuxanor Said your a trap

    Javeon BurtJaveon Burt8 hours ago
  • You are cool

    Kylie LongKylie Long9 hours ago
  • Clickbait. All he does it talk about his boring self

    ru ruru ru11 hours ago
  • my 2020 is a bad start..it might be like that forever :c 😢

    xXARIANNAxX liza pxXARIANNAxX liza p11 hours ago
  • hola buenas noches, hay algo que no entiendo cuando llegue a tú canal me quedé ,no se inglés pero me encanta como te maquillas hermoso tengo 51 años nunca me he podido comprar todo lo necesario para poder Lucir como tú de bella pero seguiré viendo y soñando algún día poder Lucir hací de hermosa te mando bendiciones eres grande tú amiga Mary Anguiano Puebla México lo mejor para el 2020

    Marialuz CortesMarialuz Cortes13 hours ago
  • My 2019 was horrible. Some of my family passed away. But watching your videos make me smile! Your funny videos cheered me up! Love you!

    Midnight StarlightMidnight Starlight14 hours ago
  • Your looking sooooooo manly uh

    DERP-O- Saurus ReksDERP-O- Saurus Reks15 hours ago
  • There are a lot of negative step sisters in the comments. I get the world is kind of falling apart right now. All we can do now is at least try to be positive.💗

    ExoticButters * *ExoticButters * *16 hours ago
  • Love u SISTER James ❤❤❤❤

    Damion BomiaDamion Bomia16 hours ago
  • *aight bet*

    thatweirdhumanbeingthatweirdhumanbeing16 hours ago
  • Fakeass self absorbed disingenuous individual.....what an embarrassment to the world.

    paulypauly16 hours ago
  • Hey sister

    Coconut 505Coconut 50517 hours ago
  • Bro 2020 comin in with some good vibes tho, it’s been great.

    Yeet SkeetYeet Skeet17 hours ago
  • Hi I was on likee u commented back to me it may not be much to many but OMG to me I was screaming I was so happy it was actually today tysm that made my day!👋❤️❤️

    BLAh BLAhBLAh BLAh17 hours ago
  • James: I’m just feeling the energy and the vibes Me: That’s what you said last year and we all know how that went

    Avery PriceAvery Price18 hours ago
  • I'm 100% excited to be a brand new sister! I've seen your old videos and I'm so glad to see you grow!!

    Max HockMax Hock18 hours ago
  • James, You most likely wont read this. I'm not a fan I'm not a hater. I dont understand why anyone would hate. Your just doing what you love!

    DoveKinzDoveKinz18 hours ago
  • I died when he said what happened in may...”MY BIRTHDAY” like 😂😂💀💞

    Ryleigh LuznarRyleigh Luznar18 hours ago
  • Brothers

    OV1MOHAWK The bestOV1MOHAWK The best19 hours ago
  • Si me entiendes quiero por favor que te maquilles la cara y los ojos porfavor saludos desde México

    Romina EspinozaRomina Espinoza19 hours ago
  • Hi james Charles I luv u and I want to date u

    Bh KlikzyBh Klikzy19 hours ago
  • Honestly LOVED the look James created! At first, watching the video, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical... But it ended up looking so amazing! Excited to see any new product James makes in the future! Glad to hear Jame's year has been starting great that's honestly amazing to hear! And for everyone else, sorry your year hasn't been all that great but I mean it could and most likely will get better, stay positive! Smile and live your best life because at any moment anything could happen. Take care, everyone (You too James Charles, much love for you)!

    anna armengoltanna armengolt20 hours ago
  • What

    Edith MixtegaEdith Mixtega20 hours ago
  • I really admire your strength and power. You inspire me to be a better person and I’m truly thankful for you! We love you James! Sending you big hugs and a lot of good energy! Hell yeah, 2020 is going to be your year, you totally deserve it!!

    ThePariselenaThePariselena20 hours ago
  • Microblading isn't a tatoo...so....WTF are you talking about?!?

    Sarah GrantSarah Grant21 hour ago
  • Talking. So. Fast. OUCH.

    Sarah GrantSarah Grant21 hour ago
  • Please take little breaths in between your words and sentences. I'm legit trying to catch up with what you're saying. Thank you.

    JBoogieJBoogie21 hour ago
  • love your channel. x

    booboo elainebooboo elaine21 hour ago
  • U r so O good at makeup Me:I'm a ten year old wh o has friends that way I'm good at makeup Also me:* jaw dropping at ur makup

    Eleanor GuestEleanor Guest21 hour ago
  • Okay, where is all my Scotland boi’s at? Like this if you’re from Scotland like me

    iiAestheticHannahii GachaiiAestheticHannahii Gacha21 hour ago
  • I have a question are you in escape the night

    Lawrence GutierrezLawrence Gutierrez22 hours ago
  • Je bent toch Nederlands? Ar you nederlands😁

    drommedaris van der Woerddrommedaris van der Woerd22 hours ago
    • Ik Kan geen engels😂😂😂

      drommedaris van der Woerddrommedaris van der Woerd22 hours ago
  • R u a boy or a girl

    Rowan AnstrutherRowan Anstruther23 hours ago

  • Try watching it at 2× Eminem is speachless😂

  • *i have a good feeling about 2020* .. me: my school caught on fire ;)

    Harley WannerHarley Wanner23 hours ago
  • James Charles: I’m not a rapper YET Me: looking through USproject sees James Charles saying RATATA gang gang

    Eyoel DanielEyoel DanielDay ago
  • Holy shit it looks so much better now that he used a lighter shade that matches him

    Ran RaeRan RaeDay ago
  • Did anyone else notice the makeup looks from his intro were the ones from when created when he released his original palette?👀🤷🏼‍♀️

    Emily WolfeEmily WolfeDay ago
  • Omg I saw you cry in the thumbnail yet you FOUND YOUR RIGHT SHADE OF FONDANTION!!

    Katy CathrineKaty CathrineDay ago
  • Why u talking so fast

    2good 4you2good 4youDay ago
  • James Charles Kissed You Like 2 Undo

    Parth OPParth OPDay ago
  • hello mada facker

    laporus TVlaporus TVDay ago
  • his intro was all in one word no breaths no nothing

    Lost AnonymousLost AnonymousDay ago
  • Am I the only one stuck on the fact that he’s asking for them to send him more lashes because he “desperately” needs some instead of just buying some and supporting the company???

    Audrey SAudrey SDay ago
  • He sounds like he constantly has a blocked nose

    Daniel HiltonDaniel HiltonDay ago
  • Wow I never thought this day would come 😂

    Samantha GonzalezSamantha GonzalezDay ago
  • Thats nice.... But did i ask?

    Ur MomUr MomDay ago
  • I’m new um but do you walk-in street in public like this and your a boy....

    1000 subscribers make me Happy1000 subscribers make me HappyDay ago