This is our first chatty video together (on my channel HAHA) about our keto journey and why we ended up stopping!
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  • Is he high?

    Bella BrownskinBella Brownskin3 days ago
  • Wow so relatable 🙌🏾

    Briana LovellBriana Lovell4 days ago
  • i’m human I bleed

    Kat GenaroKat Genaro6 days ago
  • I bleed

    Colin DunphyColin Dunphy12 days ago
  • I seriously felt it in my bones when she said “I hate that I don’t know if he’s making this up”. My boyfriend has so much random/useless knowledge that when I ask him questions like that he sometimes knows the answer but sometimes he makes shit up.

    Molly DudleyMolly Dudley12 days ago
  • Okay but where’s @katy coat from ?

    Selena HernandezSelena Hernandez12 days ago
  • I bleed and I'm back on Keto for the last week, going to try to go on for the month, but it's hard because I just love sugar, but the benefits are so great that it is worth the sacrifice!! Love you too! you're my favourtie couple by far!!!

    Jessika JJessika J13 days ago
  • skip tp 3:39

    Rheto12Rheto1215 days ago
  • When I was in keto my blood sugar was like low 60s. After I ate some carbs (not wildly eating for the record), it’s around stuck 80s. I didn’t say keto is bad for you. It’s just not for me for my daily diet and maybe I’ll do keto just 2 days/week in the future, if I want to.

    Tangchi PrathomoTangchi Prathomo16 days ago
  • 🩸

    GabriellaGlamourGabriellaGlamour18 days ago
  • Where is your top from Katy? And this is the first video I’ve watched of yours and I love you two! Look forward to watching more!

    Tiffany MohrTiffany Mohr19 days ago
  • Jon says a lot of good stuff.. he’s relatable and is very open. I appreciate his raw honesty.

    MrsLulubellLeeMrsLulubellLee19 days ago
  • I stopped for 14 days and I gained 22lbs. That’s how fast it creeps up on you. I’m back on track now. But I had the keto rash and it freaked me out so I took a break. Haha

    DesiraeDesirae19 days ago
  • 🩸 🩸

    Gloria PerezGloria Perez22 days ago
  • 🩸 💯 Sugar addict here! Had gotten off for 5 months last year then life happened. Need to refocus because I am a slave to sugar and flour for sure! 🩸

    Colyn JessicaColyn Jessica22 days ago
  • 🔴

    Air23Air2324 days ago
  • First Latina with no booty

    Mr. James CagneyMr. James Cagney25 days ago
  • I love these talks

    Francesca SelvaggioFrancesca Selvaggio27 days ago
  • Love these style videos with you two!

    d. Alexandra Torresd. Alexandra Torres27 days ago
  • Don't ever tell me that sugar and carbohydrates aren't addictive. 💯

    Douglas XDouglas X29 days ago
    • It depends on what you mean with "addiction" people use this words in way now a days that nearly everything can become an addiction.i agree that it has most to do with the person than carbs and sugar itself. Most people in my life can eat carbs and sugar moderately and i can't. I only know one other person like me. So how can that be carbs and sugar fault. I think that If it is addicting is not that much. Cause most don't actually get addicted to it

      justanotherpersonxojustanotherpersonxo21 day ago
    • Douglas X I know people that can have a piece of chocolate and leave it, while I once a have a piece I gotta have to whole bar

      Mr. James CagneyMr. James Cagney25 days ago
  • Once you have had a disease state you fixed thru keto you will never turn back🙋🏾‍♀️

    toyarj37toyarj37Month ago
  • I love keto. Been doing it for 8 months. I got to my goal weight about 3 months ago and I've just started incorporating small carby things like pop corn, peanut butter and beans. I havent even chewed gum until a few weeks ago because its 2 carbs per stick. I ate an apple the other day for the first time in 8 months. Definitely feel a guilt eating "regular" foods again. I rotate days now but love the low carb lifestyle.

    Tangled in ThoughtsTangled in ThoughtsMonth ago
  • adopting a proportionate, nutritional balanced lifestyle is what people need to start doing...Keto is never meant to be long term so its like a waste of time and not the most healthy way to lose weight in the first place

    shanialovexoshanialovexoMonth ago
  • low carb lifestyle will definitely create weight loss ~ the key is to integrate some carbs over time without overdoing it. in the first 3 months of low carb I always lose weight so it works. have done it many times with success.

    Lavender And HoneyLavender And HoneyMonth ago
  • Try strategic cheat days!

    SergeSergeMonth ago
  • “I’ll eat the plate if I have to” 💀😂 I felt that.

    Valerie CastanedaValerie CastanedaMonth ago
  • 🔴🔴🔴

    daniellepirtledaniellepirtleMonth ago
  • But Katy you're married so it's not ludacrise for people to assume you're pregnant

  • I really want to be friends with Katy and John!!!

    Lexi FarmerLexi FarmerMonth ago
  • 🔴

    Alejandra AlmarazAlejandra AlmarazMonth ago
  • 🔴

    Sabrina TischhauserSabrina TischhauserMonth ago
  • 🔴🔴🔴

    Samantha BorroelSamantha BorroelMonth ago
  • Your videos together are my fav mashAllah u guys are so cute

    Roah SirriyehRoah SirriyehMonth ago
  • One weekend away from a bad decision

  • Follow nature, eat carb In spring and summer and go keto winter/Fall....nothing grows in winter so naturally eating meat would be the only choice.if you have a causcaian genetic makeup

    NeilNeilMonth ago
  • Everyone just went keto bcuz it was in 🤷‍♀️ now everyone seems to be getting of the wagon until January 🤣🤣🤣

    Kassandra jadeKassandra jadeMonth ago
  • This shit is ridiculous and why MAKE UP INFLUENCERS need to stay in their dam Lane. Making keto look like a FAD! BULLSHIT!!! You're FAKE!!!

    carol williamscarol williamsMonth ago
  • "You're looking back at it in the mirror??" LMAO

    BeLoved BeautiqueBeLoved BeautiqueMonth ago
  • Katy looks amazing

    R KRR KRMonth ago
  • 🔴😬🖐🏼

    Tereza ŠobáňováTereza ŠobáňováMonth ago
  • Try wes watson_fit Instagram next. Balanced macros of carbs, fats, protein. Easy. If your insulin resistant, not very active then low carbs and sugar works. Keto it. If your not then you can eat more carbs and be fine. It's trying different things till you find your niche. And Full body workouts.

    Denise297_prophecyfitnessDenise297_prophecyfitnessMonth ago
  • i was on keto for a while weight loss stalled due to to much fat intake. i hated having to eat greens. i gave up keto went carnivore will never change this diet its the best for everything and its simple. been on it a year now.

    Yanuario AriasYanuario AriasMonth ago
  • Did anyone else have a Friends moment when she said PIVOT. . .

    Skyler BaumannSkyler BaumannMonth ago
  • 70 yrs young here..doing keto...loving it. You 2 are adorable

    Kat HockmanKat HockmanMonth ago
  • Love this

    jessica kaelinjessica kaelinMonth ago
  • Keep doing this please! I loved it!

    Amanda MorganAmanda MorganMonth ago
  • Keto is more about health than weight loss, don't understand why you would move away from health?

    Abdul MajidAbdul MajidMonth ago
  • You guys already succeeded with a lifestyle change, even though keto didn't work for you, but something else could. Have you considered intermittent fasting? Check out Autumn Bates if you aren't already familiar. She has great content on IF and feeling great again! High fat, moderate protein and fiber, and she's notanti-virus, but she does teach about nutrient timing so your hunger, satiety, stress, and sleep hormones all stay balanced. You guys look great, but if you're looking for a way to control your sugar addiction, IF is phenomenal! Same control you had on keto, but more flexible. And yes, I bleed too :) and I really wish I had known about IF and keto when I was your age!

    Laura GarofoliLaura GarofoliMonth ago
  • i bleed

    Geena WhittredgeGeena WhittredgeMonth ago
  • On keto 11 months. I have lost 46 lbs. No plans on going back to the SAD. I have occasional cheat days cause I'm human. It works for me

    Lynette PriceLynette PriceMonth ago
  • This guy is lit lol

    Tommy DrinkardTommy DrinkardMonth ago
  • What kind of diet would be good for a stay at home mother like me? I was always skinny my whole life until I got pregnant with my daughter. Now I weigh 146 pounds and I’m 5 ft . Would keto be ideal for me or what kind would help me lose weight, and stop having lightheadedness and dizziness? I just wanna lose weight and be healthy

    Alexandria LiraAlexandria LiraMonth ago
  • I've listened for a minute and a half and you haven't got to the point. Not interested in your ad plugs. Many of us viewers have limited time to spend and won't waste more time.

    Suzanne ItoSuzanne ItoMonth ago
  • One mistake that is easy to make on Keto is let the fats and oils slip, and gradually increase protein. The oils and fats control your appetite, you need to keep them up.

    Akane CortichAkane CortichMonth ago
  • 2 years keto, easy peasy, weight stable, blood sugar right down, HDL great, CRP nil Middle aged and doing well.

    Akane CortichAkane CortichMonth ago
  • 🔴

    TheculberTheculberMonth ago
  • Plant based you guys. It is life changing, NEVER have to worry about weight gain and something you will never have to leave

    Kelly MahKelly MahMonth ago

    Jaylove ArtistryJaylove ArtistryMonth ago
    • Eva L thank you!!!! 😭😭♥️♥️♥️

      Jaylove ArtistryJaylove ArtistryMonth ago
    • i think it's from prettylittlething 'OVERSIZED ZIP FRONT SWEATER'

      Eva LEva LMonth ago
  • Would you be willing to try carnivore?

    Harry SerpanosHarry SerpanosMonth ago
  • doing the keto and though I miss carbs and sugars I am relieved that I don't have to count that as a food source. No mental clarity yet, unfortunately. Still trying to get the Keto flu off my back. I know though that if a piece of cake floated by it would not stand a chance of survival

    Lois RippyLois RippyMonth ago