YBN Cordae "Target" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Target" by YBN Cordae.
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Directed by: PplCallMeAce @PplCallMeAce
Shot: Simon David @SimonDavid__
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  • Tellin a story when he rap

    AlikaAlika14 hours ago
  • 19

    that youtube guythat youtube guy5 days ago
  • This shit fire

    DatNigga JeezusDatNigga Jeezus6 days ago
  • This song only furthers the reason why cops pull over young black males .. but fuck them right lul

    Typical GirlTypical Girl7 days ago
  • Grammy nominated 🙌

    LilPickleVEVOLilPickleVEVO11 days ago
  • This shit fire cus he came into it tryna make it a movie

    that youtube guythat youtube guy11 days ago
  • Dangggg😗

    Drake Julian71Drake Julian7115 days ago
  • This nigga said they all got Durags on but ain’t nobody got durays in the video

    Young EscoYoung Esco28 days ago
  • so nobody gonna talk about the fact that only half of his hair is done😭😂

    Cici ReneeCici ReneeMonth ago
  • nowadays it is hard to find newschool rappers who actually say a word in their musics

    Edd without YEdd without YMonth ago
  • YBN manny in the back tho

    thatsvenny musicthatsvenny musicMonth ago
  • J cole needs this kid.

    Isaiah  VasquezIsaiah VasquezMonth ago
  • That’s a 63 tho.

    ThetragicpreludeThetragicpreludeMonth ago
  • Cop got better bars lol 🤣

    dabby dabbydabby dabbyMonth ago
  • Fuck this I’m going to McDonald’s 😂😂😂

    Philosophy TopicPhilosophy Topic2 months ago
  • Dem jedi archives tho

    that youtube guythat youtube guy2 months ago
  • graminated 🤫

    hayden hershey squirthayden hershey squirt2 months ago
  • YBN manny

    Carroll HatesmodaysCarroll Hatesmodays2 months ago
  • Cordae was the only nigga who could rock tf out of that hairstyle😂💀

    DJ MetoyerDJ Metoyer2 months ago
  • Shiiit...had a smile on my face from the jump off. Dope...old school meets new

    FiddyFamilyFiddyFamily3 months ago
  • Was not expecting actual good storytelling from a trap song. Tapped this by accident and decided to give it a try cuz he’s one of them YBN fools. Came out surprised. Dude’s more than his homies.

    Bob PicklesonBob Pickleson3 months ago
  • 0:15-1:15 strait fire

    KAM XGOATKAM XGOAT3 months ago
  • what in tarnation hit the gas im car racing aye

    KAM XGOATKAM XGOAT3 months ago
  • Bro wtf is this intro oOOOOOoooOOoOoo

    Saron FentaSaron Fenta3 months ago
  • How is Cordea so smooth

    _Keoni Cole __Keoni Cole _3 months ago
  • Pay yo taxes!

    Mr.Wellington Von Duke IIIMr.Wellington Von Duke III3 months ago
    • Foo

      Mr.Wellington Von Duke IIIMr.Wellington Von Duke III3 months ago
  • "New bitch named Crystal" Now that, my friends, is a stripper name

    Leukemia SkywalkerLeukemia Skywalker3 months ago
  • he just said what in tarnation

    Cristian OrtizCristian Ortiz3 months ago
  • How does this only have 5.2m views?

    Jaime KingJaime King3 months ago
  • cordae forever!!!!!!

    Flora NalloFlora Nallo3 months ago
  • cruz through the 64 with all of my hoes white girl in the back she aint got on no clothes

    Spencer StoltzSpencer Stoltz3 months ago
  • “All y’all were suspects , you knew that homes. Five niggas in the car and y’all got due rags on.”

    Brandon McQueenBrandon McQueen3 months ago
  • 1 year later🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Logan AllenLogan Allen4 months ago
  • In a Chicago school, this is how they teach the Amendments.

    PiraxPirax4 months ago
  • Maybe you can put a old mind in a young person.

    RTF PLAYZRTF PLAYZ4 months ago
  • Ice cube..crack baby Temazo

    Darius stoneDarius stone4 months ago
  • this song reminds me of gucci mane and eazy E

    treyFNtreyFN4 months ago
  • Ft. Snoop Dogg ?

    Big Pac MixBig Pac Mix4 months ago
  • Yea but if he really did all this he'd either be in jail or dead get real come on . !!!! Good hype song though

    Marshall BMarshall B4 months ago
  • Why he say he cruising ina sixfoe when he’s in a 63?

    JoshhyJoshhy4 months ago
  • The McDonald's in the background tho

    Clorox KiddClorox Kidd4 months ago
  • My ni66a gave em dat eazy e flow lol 🔥

    kenbo Gkenbo G4 months ago
  • My sister work at target

    Obscurity610Obscurity6104 months ago
  • Me and cordae have the same birthday...

    Autumn WilliamsAutumn Williams5 months ago

    JRickJRick5 months ago
  • Damn

    Youpo1Youpo15 months ago
  • 1:41 hahahha

    Alex SpearsAlex Spears5 months ago
  • Is it just me or is the dude from the beginning ybn manny

    Youtube ManYoutube Man5 months ago
  • sound like he ripped this flow straight from Gucci mane

    Wyatt RossWyatt Ross5 months ago
  • 1:15 - 1:27 is fire

    Faded FlayFaded Flay5 months ago
    • Faded Flay 1:17 you in hand cuffs

      YaBoy KdosYaBoy Kdos5 months ago
  • 1:17 You in hand cuffs

    YaBoy KdosYaBoy Kdos5 months ago
  • Dope ass song but thats not a 64 impala 😂 car guy mode kicked in hard. Its a 63. 64s have a straight from across by trunk and lights. 63s have the trim that dips down.

    Zedlav ZedlavZedlav Zedlav5 months ago
    • *trim across

      Zedlav ZedlavZedlav Zedlav5 months ago
  • 63 Impala** not a 64

    Big NastyBig Nasty5 months ago
  • his best song in my opinion, shit was fire.

    Abraham GAbraham G5 months ago
  • Me my mom asks how school was today

    SaaviSaavi5 months ago
  • Whut in tarnation

    Alec DaltonAlec Dalton5 months ago
  • Nah they don't need a search warrant to search the car😁😂

    TheCree19godTheCree19god5 months ago
  • His album is out straight 🔥

    ShOShO5 months ago
  • He told a story that’s rhymes in 2 minutes

    Desmond DuncanDesmond Duncan6 months ago
  • He copied N.W.A “Boyz in the hood” song lyric about him in his 6-4

    Ethan CastanedaEthan Castaneda6 months ago
    • Not even close kid.

      Ziix on keysZiix on keys6 months ago