YOU vs BABY YODA - Who Would Win? (Disney Star Wars Mandalorian)

Now that Disney + has entered the streaming ring, there is a new show getting all the hype called "The Mandalorian" based off the Star Wars mythology, and one character has taken the internet and memes by storm; Baby Yoda. The Baby Yoda still has no name, but he has quickly brainwashed everyone into loving him, so how would you defeat such an innocent and lovable marketing gold mine? In today's funny video we will show you how to defeat this future Jedi and put an end to toxic fandom for good!
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  • His name isn’t baby yoda but it’s called the child

    Joey BoyJoey Boy41 minute ago
  • Do you hate Star Wars in general? Do you not know any Star Wars lore?

    Hero Motion PicturesHero Motion PicturesHour ago
  • **-6#** you

    Boys AccountBoys Account11 hours ago
  • Criticism much? I'm mad because star wars is nothing like that

    Wyatt BurnsWyatt Burns13 hours ago
  • Baby Yoda is a Jedi master in his later years so he's not evil and Mandilorian is a great show

    Jon MarkleJon Markle14 hours ago
  • This is even worse than what you think mandalorian is

    Gio CatimbangGio CatimbangDay ago

    Jon GaluJon GaluDay ago
  • I would lose because I would not fight him

    leo barkerleo barkerDay ago
  • you vs slendrina

    Brian ScullyBrian ScullyDay ago
  • Sure jar jarbinks is BAD but star wars is ok but atleast dont call it BAD

    Natasha PattugalanNatasha PattugalanDay ago
  • The infografic Show hates star wars or something what is his problema

    Natasha PattugalanNatasha PattugalanDay ago
  • Me listening to Infographics Show explain why Mandalorian is a bad show: “Amazing, everything you just said is wrong”.

    Ultim8 LifeformUltim8 Lifeform2 days ago
  • Your friken wrong it’s Disney who made the baby yoda

    Rachel WebbRachel Webb3 days ago
  • wth is this video

  • It wasn’t even badly written.

    Commander ECommander E3 days ago
  • Dat Darth Vader doh

    Batman lusky06Batman lusky064 days ago
  • Ok the prequels were ok but they were well better then the disney movies

    toxicsplash 123toxicsplash 1234 days ago
  • ah yes, baby yoda is comparable to all the other demons in the "you vs" series.

    pants poepants poe4 days ago
  • A V A C A D O S M O O T H I E ok nevermind.

    joejrljoejrl5 days ago
  • He's not a monster D:

    CowAnimations o.oCowAnimations o.o5 days ago
  • Baby Yoda is just gonna choke the people who made the infographic show and then choke me too if I can fight him

    Kyle & ChungKyle & Chung5 days ago
  • You could say so much about this stoopid but funny video

    FinDUNEFinDUNE5 days ago
  • Baby yoda is love baby yoda is life Tru tho

    FinDUNEFinDUNE5 days ago
  • He made them attack the walkers with spears sticks and stones Me: WELL IT WORKED WHEN THE EWOKS DID IT!

    FinDUNEFinDUNE5 days ago
  • it is impossible to hurt baby yoda without crying

    warx24warx245 days ago
  • How dare you try and hurt BABY YODA!

    SNAZ creator 555SNAZ creator 5555 days ago
  • what he’s telling you is the mandolorian is a bad show . baby yoda is evil . jar jar is a walking talking living breathing sales add . and gorge lucas sold his soul to saten

    ttv FrOg 1822ttv FrOg 18226 days ago
    • oh and he thinks non og trilogy star wars is bad

      ttv FrOg 1822ttv FrOg 18226 days ago
  • Baby yoda is not cute

    Alan AbendAlan Abend6 days ago
  • Well just bring him Chucky nuggies and you make yoda forfit for the nuggies

    lolcat [HGS]lolcat [HGS]6 days ago
  • Make a you vs palpatine video!

    Star Wars Fan 1# Epic Tornado StudiosStar Wars Fan 1# Epic Tornado Studios6 days ago
  • Why this tennis ball leaking?

    I love bendyI love bendy6 days ago
  • I'll get them to watch this video 😂

    Chaveendra DunuwilleChaveendra Dunuwille6 days ago
  • Imagining baby yoda starting a cult.

    John HardyJohn Hardy7 days ago
  • So The Infographics Show hates baby yoda? * Casually loads disintegrator gun *

    StickyTnt DymaniteStickyTnt Dymanite7 days ago
  • You're wrong infographics is correct

    Raiyanul Alam NibirRaiyanul Alam Nibir7 days ago
  • I like the yoda but otherwise is trash

    FBIFBI7 days ago
  • I think the mandolardian is a cool charcter

    Kringy KlipsKringy Klips7 days ago
  • You: *hurt baby yoda* Me: "so you choose death"

    TGD mappingTGD mapping8 days ago
  • Is this satire?

    CuriousBenchCuriousBench8 days ago
  • I hate this. The Mandalorian is not poorly written at all. You just need background info to know what is going on. This guy clearly does not understand Star Wars, Just like in his video for you vs Darth Vader. I mean, sure I can see how people do not like the Sequel Trilogy, but stop picking on random Star Wars media just because. Get yo facts straight

    Batman lusky06Batman lusky068 days ago
  • I need you vs shrek

    Grady LGrady L9 days ago
  • What do you have against George Lucas

    TheMythicWaffleTheMythicWaffle9 days ago
  • So I’ll have to wait till 2039 till the New Trilogy

    TheMythicWaffleTheMythicWaffle9 days ago
  • It makes sense if you know the lore

    TheMythicWaffleTheMythicWaffle9 days ago
  • Baby yoda is the frog

    Kal KKal K9 days ago
  • I would just do this to baby yoda 😀🤜🐸

    Kal KKal K9 days ago
  • Answer to this question a ballistic weapon. Never mind.

    J wJ w10 days ago
  • Bruh

    Sir MemesSir Memes10 days ago
  • I’m unsubscribing

    Richie OcampoRichie Ocampo10 days ago
  • Its not baby yoda its `The Child`

    lego Bobba Fettlego Bobba Fett10 days ago
  • I love baby Yoda and he just cute but they get a lot of money and do not make scenes

    MLG LifeMLG Life11 days ago
  • Baby yoda does not have a name it's the child

    Dominator 88Dominator 8811 days ago
  • What’s funny is that he acts like all Star Wars fans blindly love it when most of the time that ain’t the case

    Kye JacobsKye Jacobs11 days ago
    • Exactly

      Batman lusky06Batman lusky064 days ago
  • Wow I loved this channel until now now I quit watching and unsubscribing I hope I never see this channel again

    KrfluggsKrfluggs11 days ago
  • Something tells me the man who wrote this somehow got his feelings hurt

    Armoredman10 .02Armoredman10 .0212 days ago
  • Mandos not dumb stupied

    super jax434super jax43412 days ago
  • you guys are one to talk about bad content

    LampOwlLampOwl12 days ago
  • I unsubscribed when you dissed on baby Yoda and the mandolorian

    SpaceWaferSpaceWafer13 days ago
  • I like star wars and marvel

    Thanos beanThanos bean13 days ago
  • die

    V00MERV00MER13 days ago